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🌏 | US National Security Adviser Sullivan talks with Japanese and European officials over the phone


US National Security Adviser Sullivan talks with Japanese and European officials

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A spokesman for the National Security Council (NSC) said in a statement yesterday.

[Washington, XNUMXnd Reuters] – US National Security Adviser Sullivan said on the XNUMXst, Japan ... → Continue reading


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National Security Council

National Security Council(Koka Anzen Hokaikai,British: national security council, NSC) And manyCountryIs installed in外交Problems orNational defenseproblem,Security policyAn organization that deliberates, plans, and coordinates (decides whether to use force).


OftenPresident,prime minister,CabinetBelong to and give advice.FranceSome countries do not set up a National Security Council.JapanIn the case ofCabinetBelongs toNational Security CouncilCorresponds to this.

The chairman is often the president or the prime minister. Other membersVice PresidentOr deputy prime minister,Interior Minister,Minister of Foreign Affairs,Minister of Defense,Minister of FinanceIn many cases, important ministers such as Also,MonarchyIn a nation where the authority of the monarch is strong, the monarch participates.

Military personnel such as the Navy Minister and the Army Minister may participate as members of the Diet, but there are also efforts to curb the influence of the military, such as not participating in verdicts.

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