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🌏 | NFL = Invite vaccinated healthcare workers to the Super Bowl


NFL = Invite Vaccinated Healthcare Workers to Super Bowl

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The venue, Raymond James Stadium, can accommodate 6 people, but the Super Bowl will have a maximum of 5000 people, including invitees.

[Reuters] – The US Professional Football League (NFL) is scheduled for February XNUMXnd and February XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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Super bowl

Super bowl (English: Super Bowl) IsNFLChampionship deciding match.American FootballIs the best tournament inAmericaThe biggest sporting event. Two NFL conferences,American football conference (AFC) andNational football conference (NFC) will be contested among the winning teams.

Held every Sunday in early February, the day of the Super Bowl is called Super Bowl Sunday or Super Sunday, and is effectively an American holiday.[1][2], In a yearThanksgivingIt is also known to be the second most consumed food after[3].. It is televised in more than 200 countries and regions[4]Especially in the United States, it has become an extremely high-profile content, such as recording the highest audience rating on TV programs every year.


Born in 1960American football league In June 1966, the NFL Commissioner's (AFL) grew into a rival league that threatened the NFL in a few years.(English edition)And the founder of AFLKansas City ChiefsThe ownerLamar HuntA meeting was held with the two leagues, and an agreement was reached on the merger of the two leagues.Along with that, until the leagues are integratedMLB OfWorld seriesIt is also decided that the winning teams of AFL and NFL will play against each other after the end of the season.19671/15To1 timesWas done.And in 1970, both leagues were integrated.5 timesSince then, the NFC representative, to which the former NFL team mainly belongs, and the AFC representative, to which the former AFL team mainly belongs, have been competing against each other.

The godfather of the Super Bowl is Lamar Hunt.The official name at the time of the first game was "AFL-NFL World Championship Game".Hunt is a toy that his kids were in fashion at the timeSuper ballSeeing playing with thisCollege football"In the postseasonBowl gameWe devised the name "Super Bowl" by combining the words "" and proposed it at the meeting to decide the name of the tournament.Lozere, on the other hand, is said to have been reluctant to use the word "super" too much.[5]..However, because the "Super Bowl" has become more popular in the world,3 timesWill be the official name from2 timesIt came to be called the Super Bowl as far back as it was.

For the team that won the Super BowlTiffanyManufactured byVince Lombardi Trophyと 呼 ば れ るTrophyIs given.Being namedVince Lombardi TheGreen Bay PackersKnown as a famous coach, he has won the 1st and 2nd Super Bowl in a row.Also, for the members of the winning teamSuper bowl ringと 呼 ば れ るChampion ringIs given.Having this ring is the highest honor for an NFL player.The Super Bowl wins the mostPittsburgh SteelersとNew England PatriotsThe most frequent appearances are the New England Patriots' 6 times.

Until the 1980s, the content of the game was often one-sided,Salary capSystemWeber method Ofド ラ フ トThe system has also been successful, and since the 1990s, the number of games in which the whereabouts of victory are unknown has increased until the end of the game.

The Super Bowl winning teamWhite HouseIt is customary to be invited to.However20 timesWonChicago BearsTwo days laterChallenger explosionDid not make a visit to the White House[6]. Also45 timesOf the Green Bay Packers who won the championship(English edition)Couldn't go inside because he forgot his ID[7].

The scale of the economy is very large because it is the largest festival in the United States, which is the world's largest economy.For example47 timesThe average ticket price for resale is $ 3278, and the price for watching a game in a special room is $ 31, which is comparable to the purchase price of an apartment.[8].. Known for being the most expensive commercial slot in the world, TV station advertising revenue is estimated to have exceeded $ 2 million.[9]..Economic magazine "ForbesAccording to the 2015 announcement, the Super Bowl brand value is $ 5 million, if that's the case per day.Summer olympic,FIFA World CupSurpass[10].


Befitting its name, it has a capacity of more than 6.StadiumThere is a stipulation that it should only be used.However, even in the regular season, tickets for the Super Bowl are even more difficult to obtain, as it is difficult for some teams to obtain tickets for the NFL.Tickets will not be sold to the general public, and will be distributed to each participating team by about 20%, by the team based in the state where the stadium is held, about 10%, and to all teams by about 1%.The rest is sold by the league to business partners, distributors and sponsors.The distributed team will not sell to the general public, but will give priority to sponsors and season ticket purchasers.Due to such difficulty in obtaining, some people have requested exchange for cruisers and villa usage rights, and notifications of winning lottery have been used as decoys to lure wanted criminals.

In addition, the Super Bowl is said to bring enormous economic effects to the host city, not only by TV crews, news media, and spectators from each country, but also by tourists and American football fans who want to enjoy the atmosphere. Many cities want to hold it.The venue will be decided several years ago by the owners' meeting.

In addition to the capacity of the stadium mentioned above, the cities that can run for the event are required to have facilities such as accommodation facilities and transportation networks that can accommodate that many tourists, so tourist destinations and metropolitan areas are selected. Often (the smallest so far isJacksonvilleThe population of the metropolitan area is about 135 million).And since it is held on the first Sunday of February every year, it is a warm climate with an average temperature of 2 degrees Celsius or more in February, or it can withstand wind and snow.Dome StadiumMust also meet the condition that there is[11]. for that reason,Florida,California,ArizonaSomewhat warm areas such asNew Orleans,Atlanta,Minneapolis,DetroitOne of the drawbacks is that the venues are biased toward cities with dome stadiums.Especially when it is held in cold regions, it has been an absolute requirement that the dome stadium already exists or be built by the time it is held.In fact,44 times Theニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,49 times TheKansas CityThe former was scheduled to be held atNew York JetsNew dome stadium, the latterKansas City ChiefsHome ofArrowhead StadiumAll of them have been withdrawn and changed to another venue because the renovation of was blank.However48 timesThe venue is near New YorkNew JerseyEast RutherfordWas built inMetLife StadiumIt became.The average temperature around the stadium in February was close to -2 degrees Celsius, which was an extremely unusual decision considering past examples.[12]..In fact, many NFL officials have said that "holding in cold climates is a one-time exception."[13].

Super bowl curse

For many years, the Super Bowl stadium-based team had never played in the Super Bowl that season, which was a famous jinx for the Super Bowl. By the 2019 seasonMiami DolphinsThree times,New Orleans SaintsAlthough the home stadium was held 10 times[14], Never advanced to the Super Bowl held at the base[15].. In addition,CaliforniaPasadenaIt is inRose bowlHeld at11 times,14 timesIn the Super BowlAuckland Raiders,Los Angeles RamsParticipated in each, but allAuckland,Los AngelesAlthough the team is franchised, Rose Bowl is not home.19 timesToSan Francisco XNUMXersIs in an adjacent cityStanford StadiumI participated in the Super Bowl at, and this is also the case.48 timesIs the only NFL at the time to be home to two teamsMetLife StadiumThe possibility that the jinx will be broken is higher than usual because it will be held inNew York Giants,New York JetsBoth couldn't even advance to the playoffs. 2017 season,Minnesota VikingsHas recorded 13 wins and 3 losses in the regular season, the highest ever for a team based at the Super Bowl venue, and has won the NFC second seed.But that Vikings is also in the NFC ChampionshipPhiladelphia EaglesI was defeated by and couldn't advance to the Super Bowl.However, he won from NFC 2020th seed in the 5 season.Tampa Bay BuccaneersIs in the NFC ChampionshipGreen Bay PackersDefeats and is homeRaymond James StadiumAt55 timesThe jinx was defeated by deciding to advance to, and Tampa Bay has won the tournament.

Half time show

It takes place between the first half and the second halfHalf time showEntertainment represented by is also famous, especially in 1993.Michael jacksonSince then, mini-concerts by famous singers have been held every time, and many famous singers have been appointed to sing the national anthem before the match. I was entrusted with the 2005 halftime showPaul McCartney"There is nothing more honorable than being asked to live in the Super Bowl," he said in a statement.[16], It is a very authoritative stage for world-famous artists.

The half-time show itself had been held since the establishment of the Super Bowl, but until the 1980s, there were many performers such as country musicians, and there was a problem that the audience rating dropped by nearly 10% when entering the half-time show.The NFL side who wants to improve this asked Michael Jackson to appear, and although Michael side was initially reluctant, the Super Bowl is being broadcast all over the world and is stationed all over the world.U.S. ForcesIt was said that the deciding factor was that the people involved could see it live, and finally they agreed to appear.As a result, Michael's half-time show was higher than the audience rating of the first half, and it was a great success.After the appearance, when he presented the guarantee to Michael, Michael said, "It doesn't cost money to dream."guaranteeI refused.After that, the artists who appear in the half-time show will be no gala (transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. will be paid. Also, the singer will payCharityIf you are supporting activities, etc., you may donate to a foundation or fund that conducts charity), and appearing is a "proof of success"[17].

Recently, there have been cases where some kind of broadcasting accident occurred, which caused a commotion of compensation (2004).Janet JacksonBreast exposure, 2012MIAInappropriategestureSuch).Therefore, in order to prevent broadcasting accidents in live broadcasting,Delayed delivery systemIt is supposed to be broadcast with a delay of several seconds.

Regarding the half-time show, "It is done to prevent problems such as water pipe rupture due to the load on the water and sewage at once when viewers use the toilet all at once during half-time."urban legendExists up to[18].. Sometimes the name of the city is specifically mentioned as "the water pipe actually ruptured in Salt Lake City in 1984", but although it is true that the water pipe ruptured, between the Super Bowl and the water pipe rupture There is no causal relationship[19]..But in 2007Miami cityIn some cases, city officials have called on residents to refrain from using the toilet during half-time.[20], Some cities are actually at risk.

Counter-terrorism measures

By terrorists due to a large eventterrorismProbability of being targeted by. 20019/11Occurred inAmerican terrorist attacksSince then, particularly strict measures have been taken, and about 60 organizations have cooperated and gathered at the countermeasures headquarters on the ground.Surveillance is carried out on the ground, in the air and at sea.[21]

Relay broadcast

tv set

US Open Ratings for Major Championships in 2015
NFLSuper bowl47.5%[22]
College American footballCollege football playoffFinal game18.6%[22]
College basketballNCAA Men's Basketball TournamentFinal game16.0%[22]
NBANBA FinalRound 613.4%[22]
Women's footballFIFA Women's World CupFinal game12.9%[23]
MLBWorld seriesRound 510.0%[22]
NHLStanley cupFinal Round 604.4%[22]

The broadcast of the Super Bowl4 major networks in the United StatesOf these, the network with the NFL broadcasting rights will take turns to acquire the broadcasting rights and broadcast live.

The Super Bowl is America's most popular professional sports league championship, and continues to record the number one annual rating on the country's television shows.In American television history, the Super Bowl occupies nine of the top ten viewers of all time.[24].Ace Nielsen調べによるテレビ中継の視聴率は1991年以降25年連続で40%を超えている。第49回大会(2015年)ではアメリカのテレビ史上の最多視聴者数を更新した。第50回大会(2016年)では、視聴率が46.6%、視聴者数が1億1190万人であった[25]..In addition, the number of viewers, including those who partially watched the game, is estimated to be about 1 million.[26].

For this reason, it will be broadcast on TV.CMThe price of the slot is the most expensive in the world, and it is also known that you can see commercials that have generously invested a lot of money from major companies. As of 2013, the price of the CM frame is said to average $ 30 million in the 380-second frame.[27]..In the early days, this commercial frame had almost the same content as a general TV commercial, but as an example of a CM dedicated to the Super Bowl that had a great influence on the United States, 19748th Super BowlIn(English edition)of"Tough Under Fire'[28][29],1980 Of14th Super BowlAtCoca ColaWas aired(English edition)Starring "(English edition)'[30]And so on.afterwards,Apple computer 1984 Of18th Super BowlでMacintoshRelease announcement commercial "1984'[31]The flow became decisive as it aired and became known.Also, after the broadcast endsWalt Disney World Resort(Florida) CM in 198721th Super BowlIt is aired every year from, and it is customary for the main players of the winning team to appear in the commercial.[32]..However, this CM frame has a huge impact on consumers, both good and bad.[33]For this reason, the undulations of the production are more extreme than those of general commercials.

In TVCM in the United States since the 2000s, it occupies the videoユ ー モ アOn average, the percentage of commercials is about 2%, while the percentage of commercials dedicated to the Super Bowl frame reaches more than 5%, and while many of them are listed in the top 10 of the annual CM, many of them are in the worst 10 at the same time. Can be seen.A company specializing in advertising analysis(English edition) OfCEOAccording to Peter Dabor, "The worst thing about advertising is that it doesn't provoke viewers' anger, it doesn't attract anyone's attention. Neutrality, which is neither favor nor dislike, is for advertising. It's equal to death. "As a result, some people may feel uncomfortable,Boycotts of JapaneseExtreme includinghatredAs a technique that does not lead toユ ー モ アIt is said that the element of is supposed to be poured excessively.Still, in recent years companies haveBurningIt is said that video expression is becoming more and more modest for fear of negative spillover effects such as[34].

Outside the United States, it will be broadcast live in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.It is the second most watched TV viewer in the world.The first place isUEFA Champions Leaguefinal[35]..In CanadaCTVIs broadcast simultaneously with an American television station.However, the CM will be replaced.In Japan, initiallyTBSIn series, moreNippon TVIt was broadcast exclusively live in the series.After 2012 due to the spread of satellite broadcasting and the decline in audience ratingNHK BS1とNippon TelezitasIs broadcasting live (until the 50th)GAORAWas also recording and relaying).In the terrestrial broadcasting, it was broadcast on the Japanese TV series by a recorded broadcast edited in 2 hours in the early morning and early morning (Monday midnight) of Japan time, but the terrestrial nationwide net broadcasting ended in 2012, and the terrestrial broadcasting after 2013 Wave broadcasting became a local broadcast in the Kanto region. The terrestrial broadcasting in 2014 was netted only in a small part of the area other than Kanto by the sales net.


Broadcast on major radio stations in the United States and abroad.In Japan, in 2015J-WAVEThe first radio broadcast was made by.

Successive match results

AFL-NFL Championship
1196701/15Kansas City Chiefs10 - 35Green Bay PackersBurt Star (QB)Los AngelesCBS
2196801/14Auckland Raiders14 - 33Green Bay PackersBurt Star (QB)MiamiCBS
3196901/12New York Jets16 - 07Baltimore Colts[36]Joe Namath (QB)MiamiNBC
4197001/11Kansas City Chiefs23 - 07Minnesota VikingsLen Dawson (QB)New OrleansCBS
NFL Championship
5197101/17Baltimore Colts16 - 13Dallas Cowboys[37] (LB)MiamiNBC
6197201/16Miami Dolphins03 - 24Dallas CowboysRoger Staubach (QB)CBS
7197301/14Miami Dolphins14 - 07Washington Redskins (S)Los AngelesNBC
8197401/13Miami Dolphins24 - 07Minnesota Vikings (RB)HoustonCBS
9197501/12Pittsburgh Steelers16 - 06Minnesota VikingsFranco Harris (RB)NBC
10197601/18Pittsburgh Steelers21 - 17Dallas Cowboys (WR)MiamiCBS
1119770109 DayAuckland Raiders32 - 14Minnesota Vikings (WR)PasadenaNBC
12197801/15Denver Broncos10 - 27Dallas CowboysHarvey Martin (DE)
New OrleansCBS
13197901/21Pittsburgh Steelers35 - 31Dallas CowboysTerry Bradshaw (QB)MiamiNBC
14198001/20Pittsburgh Steelers31 - 19Los Angeles RamsTerry Bradshaw (QB)PasadenaCBS
15198101/25Auckland Raiders27 - 10Philadelphia EaglesJim Plunkett (QB)New OrleansNBC
16198201/24Cincinnati Bengals21 - 26San Francisco XNUMXersJoe Montana (QB)PontiacCBS
17198301/30Miami Dolphins17 - 27Washington Redskins (RB)PasadenaNBC
18198401/22Los Vegas Raiders38 - 09Washington RedskinsMarcus allen (RB)TampaCBS
19198501/20Miami Dolphins16 - 38San Francisco XNUMXersJoe Montana (QB)StanfordABC
20198601/26New England Patriots10 - 46Chicago Bears (DE)New OrleansNBC
21198701/25Denver Broncos20 - 39New York GiantsPhil Simms (QB)PasadenaCBS
22198801/31Denver Broncos10 - 42Washington RedskinsDoug Williams (QB)San DiegoABC
23198901/22Cincinnati Bengals16 - 20San Francisco XNUMXersJerry rice (WR)MiamiNBC
24199001/28Denver Broncos10 - 55San Francisco XNUMXersJoe Montana (QB)New OrleansCBS
25199101/27Buffalo bills19 - 20New York Giants (RB)TampaABC
26199201/26Buffalo bills24 - 37Washington Redskins (QB)MinneapolisCBS
27199301/31Buffalo bills17 - 52Dallas CowboysTroy Aikman (QB)PasadenaNBC
28199401/30Buffalo bills13 - 30Dallas CowboysEmmitt Smith (RB)AtlantaNBC
29199501/29San Diego Chargers26 - 49San Francisco XNUMXersSteve Young (QB)MiamiABC
30199601/28Pittsburgh Steelers17 - 27Dallas Cowboys (CB)TempeNBC
31199701/26New England Patriots21 - 35Green Bay Packers (KR / PR)New OrleansFOX
32199801/25Denver Broncos31 - 24Green Bay PackersTerrell Davis (RB)San DiegoNBC
33199901/31Denver Broncos34 - 19Atlanta FalconsJohn Elway (QB)MiamiFOX
34200001/30Tennessee Titans16 - 23St. Louis RamsKurt Warner (QB)AtlantaABC
35200101/28Baltimore Ravens34 - 07New York GiantsRay Lewis (LB)TampaCBS
3620020203 DayNew England Patriots20 - 17St. Louis RamsTom Brady (QB)New OrleansFOX
37200301/26Auckland Raiders21 - 48Tampa Bay Buccaneers (S)San DiegoABC
3820040201 DayNew England Patriots32 - 29Carolina PanthersTom Brady (QB)HoustonCBS
3920050206 DayNew England Patriots24 - 21Philadelphia Eagles (WR)JacksonvilleFOX
4020060205 DayPittsburgh Steelers21 - 10Seattle SeahawksHines Ward (WR)DetroitABC
4120070204 DayIndianapolis Colts29 - 17Chicago BearsPeyton Manning (QB)MiamiCBS
4220080203 DayNew England Patriots14 - 17New York GiantsEli Manning (QB)GlendaleFOX
4320090201 DayPittsburgh Steelers27 - 23Arizona Cardinals (WR)TampaNBC
4420100207 DayIndianapolis Colts17 - 31New Orleans SaintsDrew Breeze (QB)MiamiCBS
4520110206 DayPittsburgh Steelers25 - 31Green Bay PackersAaron Rogers (QB)ArlingtonFOX
4620120205 DayNew England Patriots17 - 21New York GiantsEli Manning (QB)IndianapolisNBC
4720130203 DayBaltimore Ravens34 - 31San Francisco XNUMXersJoe Flacco (QB)New OrleansCBS
4820140202 DayDenver Broncos08 - 43Seattle SeahawksMalcolm Smith (LB)New York/
New jersey
4920150201 DayNew England Patriots28 - 24Seattle SeahawksTom Brady (QB)GlendaleNBC
5020160207 DayDenver Broncos24 - 10Carolina PanthersVon Miller (LB)Santa ClaraCBS
5120170205 DayNew England Patriots34 - 28
Atlanta FalconsTom Brady (QB)HoustonFOX
5220180204 DayNew England Patriots33 - 41Philadelphia EaglesNick Foles (QB)MinneapolisNBC
5320190203 DayNew England Patriots13 - 03Los Angeles RamsJulian Edelman (WR)AtlantaCBS
5420200202 DayKansas City Chiefs31 - 20San Francisco XNUMXersPatrick Mahomes (QB)Miami GardensFOX
5520210207 DayKansas City Chiefs09 - 31Tampa Bay BuccaneersTom Brady (QB)TampaCBS
5920250209 DayNew OrleansCBS

■ Taizi The winning team

Record by team

AFC team (27 wins)NFC team (28 wins)

[Note 1]

  • The numbers for the seasonTaiziThe one is the Super Bowl championship season
  • Meaning of alphabets and symbols behind numbers
    n = Former NFL affiliation, N = NFC affiliation, a = AFL affiliation, A = AFC affiliation, † = Super Bowl participation from wild card
Number of appearancesTeam nameWinDefeatWin rateSeason
11New England Patriots65. 5451985A †, 1996A, 2001A, 2003A, 2004A, 2007A, 2011A, 2014A, 2016A, 2017A, 2018A
8Pittsburgh Steelers62. 7501974A, 1975A, 1978A, 1979A, 1995A, 2005A †, 2008A, 2010A
8Dallas Cowboys53. 6251970N, 1971N, 1975N †, 1977N, 1978N, 1992N, 1993N, 1995N
8Denver Broncos35. 3751977A, 1986A, 1987A, 1989A, 1997A †, 1998A, 2013A, 2015A
7San Francisco XNUMXers52. 7141981N, 1984N, 1988N, 1989N, 1994N, 2012N, 2019N
5Green Bay Packers41. 8001966n, 1967n, 1996N, 1997N, 2010N †
5New York Giants41. 8001986N, 1990N, 2000N, 2007N †, 2011N
5Washington Redskins32. 6001972N, 1982N, 1983N, 1987N, 1991N
5Auckland Raiders32. 6001967a, 1976A, 1980A †, 1983A[Note 2], 2002A
5Miami Dolphins23. 4001971A, 1972A, 1973A, 1982A, 1984A
4Indianapolis Colts[Note 3]22. 5001968n[Note 4], 1970A[Note 4], 2006A, 2009A
4Los Angeles Rams13. 2501979N, 1999N[Note 5], 2001N[Note 5], 2018N
4Minnesota Vikings04. 0001969n, 1973N, 1974N, 1976N
4Buffalo bills04. 0001990A, 1991A, 1992A †, 1993A
4Kansas City Chiefs22. 5001966a, 1969a, 2019A, 2020A
3Seattle Seahawks12. 3332005N, 2013N, 2014N
3Philadelphia Eagles12. 3331980N, 2004N, 2017N
2Baltimore Ravens201.0002000A †, 2012A
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers201.0002002N, 2020N
2Chicago Bears11. 5001985N, 2006N
2Cincinnati Bengals02. 0001981A, 1988A
2Carolina Panthers02. 0002003N, 2015N
2Atlanta Falcons02. 0001998N, 2016N
1New York Jets101.0001968a
1New Orleans Saints101.0002009N
1Los Angeles Chargers01. 0001994A[Note 6]
1Tennessee Titans01. 0001999A †
1Arizona Cardinals01. 0002008N
0Cleveland Browns00—N/A
0Detroit Lions00—N/A
0Jacksonville Jaguars00—N/A
0Houston Texans00—N/A
  1. ^ Includes former AFL teams and former NFL teams.
  2. ^ From 1982 to 1994, "Los Vegas Raiders. "
  3. ^ Of the three teams (Steelers, Colts, and Browns) that were incorporated into the AFC from the former NFL, only Colts has participated in the Super Bowl even when he was a member of the former NFL.
  4. ^ a b Until 1983, "Baltimore Colts. "
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