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🌏 | China mine accident rescues 11 workers for the first time in 2 weeks Search for the remaining 10 people continues


China mine accident rescues 11 workers for the first time in 2 weeks Search continues for the remaining 10

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The speed of rescue operations has increased significantly, as it was expected to take weeks to dig to the point where there were workers trapped in the underground mine.

An explosion occurred at a gold mining mine in Shandong Province, China, trapping 22 workers, 11 of whom were 24 ... → Continue reading


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tunnel(Koudou) is a passage built underground.mainlymineIt is excavated for mining.In the mine, it is dug along the deposit,FriThe price is highresourceThen, there is an example of digging up to 3000m or more underground (Republic of South Africa OfTautona Mine).

JapanAlso known as: Mabu / Mabu / Maho[1][2].


金属 OfOre,jewelryEtc. are exposed on the surface of the earthOpen pit diggingで採取できたりする場合以外で、人類は坑道を掘ることで地下深くの資源を入手してきた。日本では、Wakasugiyama Ruins(Tokushima),cinnabarTheYayoi PeriodA tunnel that may have been mined in[3].


Cave-in / collapse accident

Inside the mine, the mine collapsesFallTo prevent accidentsMining woodIt is supported by.Mining wood decays quickly in high humidity environments and should be replaced at a reasonable frequency.[4]And the mine shaft itself will be repaired, but if the mine is abandoned, the internal maintenance will not be performed as long as the wellhead is closed.Fukiya Copper Mine OfSasaune mine tunnelIt is preserved for sightseeing likeKamioka Mine OfSuper KamiokandeFacilities and (welling outSpaIt is rarely reused like (pooling water in the mine).For this reason, unbackfilled tunnels have been around for many years.FallAccidents often occur in which the ground surface is sunk on a large scale due to the burial.In addition, in a mine with a large amount of flood water, it is rare that the drainage that does not accumulate in the mine is ejected from the ground due to pressure and the roads and buildings around the mine are flooded.

In Japan, blockade of wellheads is obligatory for closed mines.Facilities such as mine tunnels that have been minedMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryHad set up a mine security supervision office in each region to monitor2005å¹´Further rationalized regulations and incorporated / reorganized into the Industrial Security Supervision Department.A shift is being made to ensure security by taking advantage of the independence of the private sector.

Dangers in abandoned mines

Remained in the mine tunnel where mining was completedZuriMania and enthusiasts who collect minerals fromruinsThere are examples of enthusiasts attempting to invade.But in the mineエ レ ベ ー タ ーIt is not uncommon and dangerous that there are innumerable vertical holes after removing pipes and pipes, and that they are in a pit state.In addition, the mine has three-dimensional and complicated branches, and it may get lost, and there is also a risk of generation of flammable gas and toxic gas, hypoxia, collapse, and inundation.

Military tunnel

EnemyBase,cityTo the basement to capturetunnelTo digSappingCall.

またNuclear test siteThe passages used for the entry and exit of personnel to underground military facilities and the loading and unloading of weapons and supplies are also referred to as tunnels.[5].


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  • Sapping --A strategy to dig a hole like a mine just below the enemy and blow it up
  • Qanat -Groundwater channel (called Mambo in Japan. "Mabu (Maho / Mafu)" has become a stigma and has come to be called so.)


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