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🌏 | US President announces promotion of democracy Clear break from former Trump administration


U.S. President announces promotion of democracy Clear break from former Trump administration

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Immediately before attending the Munich Security Conference, he participated in the Summit of the Seven Major Countries (G7) for the first time.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -US President Joe Biden held online on the XNUMXth in Munhe ... → Continue reading


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Immediately before attending the Munich Security Council


G7(G Seven)English: Group of Seven Stands forFrance,America,The United Kingdom,Germany,Japan,イタリア,カナダOne of[1]Major ofDeveloped countryThat is.


G7 leaders at summit in Ise-Shima, Japan 5.26.16.jpg
2016 yearsIse Shima SummitCommemorative photo at

Before the addition of Italy and Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom,West Germany、日[2]5 countries participateG5It was called (G Five).1975Italy participated inThe 1th Summit of Developed CountriesIs heldG6(G-Six).afterwards1976Canada joinsThe 2th Summit of Developed CountriesIs heldG7It became.Today, all meetings of leaders and ministers are in the G7 framework.Six countries other than Canada until the first half of the 6th centuryImperialismIn the timesStrong lineHit[3][4].

19982014 from the summitTransfer of Crimea Sevastopol by RussiaUntilRussian FederationAlso participated in the summitG8Was called (G-Eight)[5].

Even in an era when the summit and ministerial meetings were in the framework of the G8 with the participation of Russia.Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the Seven Advanced CountriesWas working within the framework of the G7.Therefore, it is said that it was used as an abbreviation for "G7 = Finance Ministers of Developed Countries, Central Bank Governors' Meeting" for a while.

For details on the circumstances and a list of the summit meetings held, see "Major countries summitSee


TimesdateHost countryvenueRemarks
1September 1975-11, 15FranceRambouilletCanada / Russia (at that timeSoviet Union) Except for 6 countries.
2February 1976, 6, 27The United States of AmericaSan JuanCanada will participate and become seven countries.
3February 1977, 5, 7The United KingdomUK
4February 1978, 7, 16West GermanyBonn
5February 1979, 6, 28JapanTokyo
6February 1980, 6, 22イタリアヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アJapan isMasayoshi OhiraThe prime ministerSame day electionBecause he died suddenly insideSaburo OraiForeign MinisterIs a substitute attendance.
7February 1981, 7, 20カナダOttawa
8September 1982-6, 4FranceVersailles
9September 1983-5, 28The United States of AmericaWilliamsburg
10September 1984-6, 7The United KingdomUK
11September 1985-5, 2West GermanyBonn
12September 1986-5, 4JapanTokyo
13September 1987-6, 8イタリアヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ ア
14September 1988-6, 19カナダToronto
15September 1989-7, 14FranceLa Defense"Arche・ It is called "Summit".French Revolution200 year festival (Paris festival).
16September 1990-7, 9The United States of AmericaHouston
17September 1991-7, 15The United KingdomUKSoviet Union OfMikhail GorbachevPresidentGuest participation
18September 1992-7, 6GermanyMunich
19September 1993-7, 7JapanTokyo
20September 1994-7, 8イタリアNaples
21September 1995-6, 15カナダHalifax
-February 1996, 4, 19ロシアMoscowA special summit for nuclear safety. ※informal
22September 1996-6, 27FranceLyon
23September 1997-6, 20The United States of AmericaDenver
24September 1998-5, 15The United KingdomBirminghamThe first G8 official summit and the UK's first regional summit.The name was changed from "Developed Country Summit" to "Group of Eight" due to the addition of Russia, which was difficult to say as a developed country.
25September 1999-6, 18GermanyCologne
26September 2000-7, 21JapanNagoKnown as the "Kyushu / Okinawa Summit".Japan's first regional summit
27September 2001-7, 20イタリアGenoa
28February 2002, 6, 26カナダKananaskis
29February 2003, 6, 2FranceEvian
30September 2004-6, 8The United States of AmericaSea Island
31September 2005-7, 6The United KingdomGlen EaglesLondon simultaneous bombingHas happened, and the schedule has changed significantly.
32September 2006-7, 15ロシアSt. PetersburgFirst held in Russia.
33September 2007-6, 6GermanyHeiligendam
34September 2008-7, 7JapanToyako TownKnown as "Hokkaido Toyako Summit"
35September 2009-7, 8イタリアL'Aquila2009 year 4 month 6 dayL'Aquila EarthquakeAiming for international support for the disaster area, the venue was set up.La MaddalenaSuddenly changed to L'Aquila.
36September 2010-6, 25カナダHuntsvilleFollowing G8G20(20-country / regional summit) was also held there. Also known as the "Muskoka Summit".
37February 2011, 5, 26FranceDeauville
38February 2012, 5, 18The United States of AmericaCamp David
39February 2013, 6, 17The United KingdomRock Earn
-2014/3/24 NetherlandsThe HagueNuclear Security SummitAn urgent event regarding the incorporation of Crimean into Russia at the same time as the event.
40February 2014, 6, 4ベルギーブ リ ュ ッ セ ルRussia·SochiIt was scheduled to be held at.At the extraordinary summit held in The Hague, Russia's eligibility for participation was decided, and the official summit will change from G8 to G7.
41February 2015, 6, 7GermanyEllmau
42February 2016, 5, 26JapanShima cityKnown as "Ise-Shima Summit"
43February 2017, 5, 26イタリアTaormina
44February 2018, 6, 8カナダCharlevoix
45September 2019-8, 24FranceBiarritz
-June 2020-6, 10 (cancelled)[6]The United States of AmericaIt was supposed to happen in June,Global pandemic of the new coronavirusWas postponed because of[7]..After that, consider holding it in the suburbs of Washington[8]However, it could not be realized, and as will be described later, there was no agreement on the issues of the participating countries, and in November, the change of government in the United States (Donald Trump → Joe Biden) was confirmed, and the spread of the new coronavirus also occurred. It didn't fit and wasn't held after all.However, the G11 Summit Video Conference is being held on March 3th and April 16th.[9].
September 2021-6, 11[10]The United KingdomCornwall・ Carbis BayAustralia,India, South KoreaIs invited as a guest[10]

The future of the G7

In recent yearsChugoku,IndiaSuch asEmerging countriesOn the other hand of the rapid economic development of the G7, the economic power and influence of the GXNUMX declined[11][12]As for the world economy, the EU, Russia and 7 emerging economies have been added to the G11.G20Is often discussed within the framework of[13][14][15].

2010From February 2th to 5th in Canada with a two-day scheduleIqaluitAt the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting, which opened in, after a dinner to exchange opinions on the current state of the world economy, a "fireside dialogue" was held to discuss the situation in France.Christine LagardeThe Minister of Finance proposed the future of the G7, but no conclusion was reached and the discussion continued.From japanNaoto KanWith the Finance MinisterFumiaki ShirakawaBOJ Governor attended[16].

Nowadays, with the merger of Crimean by Russia and China's advance into the ocean, the G7's cohesion, which advocates the rule of law and sharing of basic values, is increasing.[17]..However, in 2019, the first summit declaration was postponed after the birth of President Trump, who insisted on national interest diplomacy rather than value diplomacy.

January 2016, 5, JapanFumio KishidaAt a press conference, the Foreign Minister (at that time) responded to the "rise of the G20" by saying, "The G7 is a framework of major countries that share basic values ​​such as freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. "I think." "As the international community becomes uncertain, including the economy, I am aware that the significance and presence of this framework will continue to grow." (XNUMX) Part excerpt)[18].

2020In June, US President Donald Trump, the host country of the same year, criticized the G6 framework as "obsolete" and RussiaAustralia,India, South KoreaIndicated that he would like to expand to G10 or G11 by addingNew coronavirus epidemicIt seems that there is also a consciousness of "siege against China" against the background.However, the United Kingdom and Canada opposed Russia's participation on the condition that approval from all G7 countries was required, and Russia also disliked the mechanism of excluding China as meaningless.[19][20][21]..Regarding South Korea, Chinese media criticized it as "Korea itself has no national power or influence."[22][23]Was done.A senior Japanese government official told the U.S. governmentnorth koreaRefused to participate in South Korea due to problems[24][25][26]The Japanese media reports that it reported.Also, of the EU Foreign MinisterJosep Borrell"The United States (President Trump) has no authority to change the G7 framework," criticized the United States.[27][28][29]are doing.Then on July 7, Germany criticized the expansion of the G27.[30].

Current leader


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