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🌏 | Dollar depreciation, shift of funds to high risk currency = NY market


Falling dollar, shifting funds to high-risk currencies = NY market

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The pound sterling hit a new high for the first time in about three years due to favorable impressions such as the progress of new coronavirus vaccination.

[New York XNUMXth Reuters] – In the New York foreign exchange market, funds flow into high-risk currencies and the dollar falls ... → Continue reading


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Sterling pound

Sterling pound[5](British: pound sterling) IsThe United Kingdom Ofcurrency.

As a currency unitlbOld homeSovereign countryToBritish CommonwealthUsed in countries,EgyptAlthough it is still used in the, etc., simply pounds usually refer to British pounds.

Currency symbol £, International currency code (ISO 4217) IsGBPIn Although,STGAlso abbreviated.

In addition to pound and sterling, quid may be used as the name.JapanThen.British pound, ま た はGBP(Ei pound),UK PoundOften called.

As of July 2021, 2, 1 Sterling pound = 1 yen[6]


Auxiliary unit Thepenny (penny / plural: pence = pence),1971One more pound is 1p (see "Past Pound" below).

US dollarBefore was used as the world's payment currency,British EmpireIt was used as an international payment currency against the economic power of. BritishEuropean UnionWith the membershipEuropeIs the common currency ofEuroThe focus was on whether or not the United Kingdom would participate, but there are many opposition within Britain,Currency integrationWas forgotten.

versusJapanese yenでFloating exchange rateHas been adopted. previousFixed exchange rate systemAt that time, it was initially 1 yen per pound (1,008-1949) and later 1967 yen (864-1967).

Still more2007In late January, £1 for 1Yen40銭だったが、2007年3月2日には226円95銭と、1ポンドあたり約14円も下落しているように、為替変動の幅の大きい通貨である。2007年6月は約240円 - 246円で推移し、7月に入ってからは一時251円に達した。その後Sub prime loanThe impact of the shock was great, and it gradually fell to the 2008 yen level on March 3, 17. From September to where the pound weakenedWorld financial crisisAs a result, the price dropped sharply, and temporarily dropped to the 2008 yen level in October 10.

January 2009, 1 (GMT), The lowest price in history in April 1995 was updated for the first time in 4 years, and it rushed to the 14 yen level for the first time. In 118 months, the pound / yen rate fell to 18 yen, less than half the price.2016 OfNational referendum asking whether Britain should leave the European UnionSo, the number of secessionists increased, so we canceled the exchange of pounds and home currencyMoney changerHappened a lot.

Issuing bank

Bank of EnglandThe pound currency issued byEnglandas well as the WalesInFiat currencyIs. However,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs a commercial bank ofBank of Scotland,Royal Bank of ScotlandThe Clydesdale Bank has historically been authorized to issue tickets, and is also approved for distribution in Scotland, although it is not a legal currency. AlsoNorthern IrelandCommercial banks such as the Bank of Ireland are also issued, and are valid in all four kingdoms that make up the United Kingdom. furtherIsle of Man,Channel Islands,Gibraltar,Falkland IslandsBut it issues its own pound currency. These are not legal tenders in England or Wales, but they are not illegal.


Bank of England is currently issuing £ 1 or 2 as coins, so there are only four types in the market: £ 5, £ 10, £ 20, and £ 50.All are heads of state of the United Kingdom "Queen ElizabethIs printed on the surface.

The current banknotes are "Series E" issued in July 2005. A historical figure is drawn on the back.

  • 5 pounds (turquoise blue): Winston Churchill(Winston Churchill, 61st British Prime Minister),Big ben,Westminster Palace.
  • 10 pounds (Orange): Charles Darwin(Charles Darwin, a natural scientist who advocated evolution),HummingbirdAnd flowers and magnifying glass,Beagle
  • 20 pounds (purple): Edward Elgar(Edward Elgar, composer), Worcester Cathedral, which has a deep connection to him. In "Series F" published from 2007Adam Smith.
  • 50 pounds ("Red"): (en: John Houblon, Founder of the Bank of England, First Governor), his mansion on Threadneedle Street (now the location of the Bank of England). In "Series F" published from November 2011,James Watt,Matthew Boulton.
  • There is a 1 million pound note used only within the bank (from the Bank of England, to the Bank of Ireland and the Bank of Scotland) as an ultra-high-value note[7].. It is mainly used to prove the ability to issue banknotes.


Royal Mint (Royal mint) にて発行されている硬貨は、1ペニー・2・5・10・20・50ペンス、1・2ポンドの8種類である。2008年より2ポンド硬貨を除いた7種類を、統合的にデザインしたものに一括変更する旨が発表され、2008年夏から順次流通する。British coat of armsIt is designed so that each coin is drawn separately and then lined up to form a single image. Before the current £1 coin was issued, the coin had a big picture.

The design on the back side is different for each coin, and the issues issued until 2007 are as follows.

  • 1 penny (surface: copper,internal: 鉄): Castle gateFalling gridCoat of arms
  • 2 pence (surface: copper, inside: iron): Prince of Wales Featherbadge
  • 5 pence (White copperCoins, surface from January 2012: nickel, Inside: iron): ア ザ ミCrown emblem (national flower of Scotland)
  • 10 pence (white copper, since 2011 surface: nickel, inside: iron): crownedLion(This lion is the Crest of the English Royal Family)
  • 20p (white copper coin): Roulo's heptagonCoins. CrownTudor rose(Tudor morning Ofrose).
  • 50p (white copper coin): HeptagonCoins.Britannia(British EmpireA goddess and a lion.
  • 1 pounds (nickelbrass(Currency): The design is changed every year, and the United Kingdom emblem,England,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Wales,Northern IrelandThe designs representing each of these have been used in sequence.
    • (Example) National flower = Rose of England, Thistle of Scotland, Leak of Wales, Hemp of Northern Ireland. Royal coat of arms = England's "Three Lions", a Scottish Lion, a Welsh Dragon, a Northern Irish Celtic Cross. 2004-2007 bridges from these four countries were used.
    • For the first time in the currency that has been circulating since March 2017, 3Bimetal coinThe portrait of Queen Elizabeth is on one side, and the other side is designed with a crown along with roses from England, thistle from Scotland, reek from Wales, and shamrock from Northern Ireland.[8].
  • 2 pounds (inside: bronze, outside: nickel brass coin bimetal coin): A coin that appeared in 1997Isaac Newton"Standing on the shoulders of the giants (STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS)” is stamped. Also, every year, a commemorative design depicting the commemorative event of the year is issued and distributed to the general public like the regular version.

The head of state is on the surface of all coinsElizabeth IIOf the titleLatinTranslation, "(English edition)Queen,Guardian of faith, Elizabeth II” (DEI.GRA.REG.FID.DEF Or DGR FD.Dei Gratia Regina Fidei DefensorIs abbreviated).

In addition to this, the old currency systemCrown silver coins,Sovereign gold coins, And it may be called Monday money, a set of 1 coins from 4 penny to 4 pence, but all are items for collectors, not for distribution. Immediately after the Decimal System was implemented, a small pennies of 1/2 penny (the back of the coin) was in circulation.

Past pound

Previously 1 pound = 20Schilling= 240PenceHowever, it is easy to get confused when calculating, so19712/13Switched to £1 = 100p. In England and IrelandCurrency sub-unitThis day when the change was made "" (en: Decimal Day, Decimal Day).

The old supplementary currency isク ラ ウ ン (crown),Florin (florin),Grote (groat),Guinea There is (guinea). 1 crown = 5 shillings, 1 florin = 2 shillings, 1 groat = 4 pence, 1 guinea = 21 shillings. In the UK,1817ToSovereign gold coinsWas coined as a standard gold coin, and this gold coin was circulated to 1 pound, making it the only unlimited legal tender that allows free casting and free melting, but Guinea gold coins will continue to circulate, and at this time, the value will be 21 shillings. It was decided.By the way, 1 pound was 20 shillings as mentioned above.World War IlaterUnited States dollarMost trusted in the world until superseded byInternational currencyMet.

The currency name comes from the mass of ancient silver coins. In the 8th centuryMerciaOfa (en: Offa of Mercia)ButFrank kingdom OfDunierFollowing money 1Penny weightStarting with the casting of silver coins containing (1/1 of a pound) silver. However, 240 pound at that time has a different mass from 1 pound at present.

Symbol representing pound £ Is worth one poundLatin"pound(Libra, Originally derived from the acronym "balance" and "scale").

Sterling SilverIs used to describe silver of the same grade as silver coins in the United Kingdom (silver content 92.5%).

Position in Forex Margin Trading (FX)

The pound/US dollar currency pair has the third largest trading volume in 2016 after the euro/US dollar and US dollar/yen, but most of the pound is traded speculativelyReal economyIn addition to the low demand for foreign exchange, the value is likely to fluctuate due to the small amount of money circulating.FXIn the market, the market is famous for its rapid development, price fluctuations, and irregular price movements.LossIt is said to be a "currency for skilled workers" that requires quick and reliable Surviving this market is difficult, with only one transactionbankruptcyThere are many cases where the殺人Currency" (or "DevilIt is also called the currency of.

In the actual transaction, I hit a surprise called "damage" that invites a mistake in judgment of trading timing, such as a sharp drop after updating the daily maximum price and updating the lowest price (and vice versa). Because there are many price movements and irregular price movements,gamblingThere is a high tendency. In normal times, the fluctuation range of the US dollar-yen price is at most 1 yen a day, but the pound-yen price is sharp, and it is not uncommon to move about 1-1 yen a day.National referendum asking whether Britain should leave the European UnionThe fluctuation range is also large when a big event occurs.

Although the risk is great for trading purposes like this, some people prefer to trade pounds because they can expect larger returns in a shorter period of time than other currencies if they can cut losses thoroughly.

Basically, the price movement is highly irregular, but since the price of the pound yen is calculated via the dollar yen, there is some correlation with the price movement of the dollar yen (the pound yen chart is different from the dollar yen chart Random noise is added, and the amplitude is amplified to about 2 times).

Exchange rate

Current GBP exchange rate

Foreign currency reserve

The Sterling Pound is used in foreign currency reserves around the world. The changes in the ratio with the major currencies of each country are as follows.

Foreign currency reserveOf major currencies in Japan (1965-2018)


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