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🌏 | Soccer = Frankfurt defeats Bayern, Kamada scores


Soccer = Frankfurt defeats Bayern, Kamada scores

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Union Berlin, to which Keita Endo belongs, also beat Freiburg 1-0.

[Frankfurt (Germany) XNUMXth Reuters] – Germany's first division of soccer, Bundesliga on the XNUMXth, each ... → Continue reading


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Gota Endo

Gota Endo(Penetration was done,1997May 11 -) isKanagawa横 浜 市Asahi kuFromProfessional soccer player.Kanagawa Prefectural Seya High Schoolgraduate.Bundesliga-1.FC Union BerlinBelongs. Position isMidfielder.Representation from Japan.


ク ラ ブ

2016, from a subordinate organizationYokohama F. MarinosJoined the. Sync isMasashi Wada.. March 3, Section 12Albirex NiigataIn the battle, he entered the professional field and made his first appearance in the game. April 4Shonan BellmareAttendance time of 450 minutes or more required for contract A in the battle.

The second year of 2 is April 2017thLevan cupMarked the first professional score in the match against Albirex Niigata in Section 3[1].. March 9, Section 30Gamba OsakaIn battleKen MatsubaraHe suddenly appeared due to his injury,J1 leagueContributed to the victory by deciding the first score[2].. March 10, Section 14Omiya ArdijaPlayed the first start this season. October 10, Section 21Kashima AntlersHe contributed to the victory by deciding the final score in the battle. December 12,Emperor's cupSemi-finalKashiwa ReysolContributed to the victory by assisting the final points from the middle appearance in the battle[3].

In 3, the third year, he was from Yokohama FM sub-organization like Endo.Saito ManabuChange his jersey number to 11 that he wore in the past[4].. On October 10, he was selected for the New Hero Award for his success in the Levan Cup.[5].

2019 season is 8th of August 24thNagoya GrampusIf you record a score of 1 goals in total for J22000 in the battle[6], Round 8 on August 31stGamba OsakaDemonstrate success by scoring goals in two games in a row[7]. Section 34FC TokyoIn the battle, I scored a third goal that decided the victory from the middle appearance[8]. In the end, J1 recorded a season-high score of seven, contributing to the team's first league victory in 7 years.

August 2020, 7, Section 12FC TokyoAchieved a total of 1 J100 league appearances in the battle and scored himself in that match[9].. Aug. 7,Bundesliga, Germany Of1.FC Union BerlinA transfer with a deadline (with purchase option) was announced. Limited transfer period until June 2021, 6[10][11][12].. Aug. 11,BielefeldAfter playing the first starting lineup in the game, he scored his first goal after the transfer.[13]


2017 year 5 month,FIFA U-20 World CupElected as a member of. October 5th,U-20 ItalyWhen you are selected as a starting member in the battleDoanContributed to the final tournament by assisting[14].. July,AFC U-23 Championship 2016 (Qualifying)And scored two consecutive games[15].

In October 2019EAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2019To participate inRepresentation from JapanFirst selected as a member[16][17], China's first appearance in the December 12 match against China.


  • August 2016, 1,Nissan StadiumParticipated as a new player in the new system presentation held at. In the self-introduction, he said "I'll do one shot art", and together with Masashi Wada, the representative of Rugby Japan.Goro MaruhoDoPlace kickI showed off one trick performing "bowling" from the imitation of the routine[18][19].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
2016Yokohama FM18J12305020300
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2020-21Union berlin18Bundes Part 1-
GermanyBundes Part 1-

Other official games

International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore
2020Yokohama FM1121


ク ラ ブ

Yokohama F. Marinos Youth
Yokohama F. Marinos


U-19 Japan National Team


Representative history

Number of matches

  • International A Match 2 games 0 points (2019 -)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


No.DatesHost cityStadiumOpponentResultConvention
1.2019/12/10Republic of Korea flagBusanBusan Kutoku StadiumFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku○ 2-1EAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2019
2.2019/12/18Republic of Korea flagBusanBusan Asia Domain StadiumRepublic of Korea flag South Korea● 0-1EAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2019


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