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🌏 | Large-scale rally across Myanmar, blaming demonstrators for firing mourning victims


Large-scale rally across Myanmar, blaming demonstrators for firing mourning victims

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According to human rights groups, 569 people have been detained in connection with this coup.

[Reuters] – Security to protesters against military coup in Mandalay, Myanmar's second largest city ... → Continue reading


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Human rights organization(Jinkendantai) is in a special situationA humanOf those who think that their basic human rights have been trampledhuman rightsFor the purpose of advocacy etc.Group.HealthOr家族Discrete,poverty,Medical,Senior citizens,Spouse violenceThe purpose is to support victims of. On the other hand, it also includes organizations that label their opponents as discriminators with human rights as a shield, hang them up and denounce them, and fill their stomachs. The Japanese Communist Party has long been in conflict with the Buraku Liberation League, which has obtained a large amount of money and interests from Dowa interests, instilled fear and aversion, and reproduced and fixed discrimination. Takashi Watanabe, who belongs to the Japanese Communist Party and has been a member of the Takahama Town Assembly since the first election in 1979, said that when Eiji Moriyama, a human rights activist, reigned over the town administration, he said, "I was able to win the election in 30nd place. Maybe there was a public desire to change the dark atmosphere. " He was appointed as the chairman of the town's education committee, saying that he had a great influence on human rights even after retirement.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7].


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