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🌏 | China reduces CO5 emissions per GDP by 18.8% in the last XNUMX years


China cuts CO5 emissions per GDP by 18.8% in the last five years

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The five-year plan for 2021-25 presented at this month's National People's Congress (NPC, equivalent to parliament) will include new targets for CO5 emission intensity and climate change-related targets such as energy consumption management. Outlook.

[Beijing XNUMXnd Reuters] -China's Ministry of Ecological Environment released a report on the XNUMXnd, per unit gross domestic product (GDP) ... → Continue reading


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National People's Congress

People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China Politics

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National People's Congress(Zenkokujin Mindai Hyotaikai,Chinese: National People's Congress,pinyin: Quán guó Rén mín Dài biǎo Dà huì) IsPeople's Republic of China OfLegislative office..NationalHighest power agencyandLegislative bodyPositioned asUnicameral systemParliamentIs.Abbreviation: National People's Congress, People's Congress.

in JapanNPCIs often abbreviated as[1][2].


The National People's CongressLegislative powerIn addition to exercising, as the highest authority of the nationAdministrative power-Jurisdiction-ProsecutionSuperior to the right.President of the People's Republic of China(Head of state)andVice chairman,State Council(Supreme administrative agency),National Central Military Commission(Supreme Military Guidance Agency),Supreme people's court(Supreme Judiciary),Supreme public prosecutor's officeMembers of the (Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office) are elected by the NPC, responsible for the NPC, and supervised by the NPC.

The NPC is for the People's Congress of provinces, autonomous regions, directly controlled cities, and special administrative regions.Chinese PLAIt is composed of representatives (members) elected from.General public (citizen) Does not directly elect the representative.Since the general public can directly elect only the People's Congress of the county level or lower, the selection of the NPC representative isIndirect electionWill be.People's CongressChinese Communist PartyFor candidates nominated byConfidence voteHowever, in direct elections of county-level or lower, "" may be selected from multiple candidates.In any case, no one who fundamentally deviates from the principle policy of the leading party, the Communist Party, will be elected to the People's Congress.

Tiananmen SquareAt the western end ofGreat Hall of the People CapitolWill be.During the tournament, traffic around Tiananmen Square and entry to the square will be restricted.NPC is every yearChina People's Political Cooperation ConferenceOpened at the same time, togetherBoth sessionsIt makes important political decisions at the national level, but unlike the NPC, the Political Consultative Conference is an advisory body.

The National People's Congress is the leader of the convention, centered on the Communist Party.Standing Committee of the National People, Deliberation of bills and budgets submitted by the State Council.Occasionally, a certain number of negative votes and abstention votes will be issued, but there has never been a case in which a bill or budget was rejected.


currentConstitution of the People's Republic of China(1982According to Article 59 of the Constitution, the National People's Congress is composed of representatives elected by provinces, autonomous regions, directly controlled cities, special administrative regions, and the military.Ethnic minoritiesSatellite partyIsDemocraticAlthough non-Chinese Communist Party members such as party members are also included, about 70% of the seats are occupied by the Communist Party.

The NPC representative election is hosted by the NPC Standing Committee.

In addition, Article 60 sets the term of office of each term of the National People's Congress to five years.The number of representatives should not exceed 5.The number of members of the 3,000th NPC is 12.It is composed of representatives of each province, autonomous region, municipality, special administrative region, and military representative.TencentChairman'sSoaring horse,Zhejiang Geely Holding GroupChairman'sLi ShufuIt is also called a "super millionaire club" because wealthy people like this are also listed as representatives.[3].


National People's Congress Standing Committee

Permanent organization of the National People's Congress.Legislation and policy decisions are mainly made here.In addition, during the closing of the NPC, it will act on behalf of the highest state power and legislative power exercised by the NPC.About 1 members of the Standing Committee will be selected from among the representatives of the NPC at the first meeting of the NPC every term.The term of office is 200 years.The chairman of the managing committee is the chairman of the Diet.

Expert committee


Constitution of the People's Republic of China(1982The following powers are stipulated in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

  • ConstitutionAmendment.
  • ConstitutionEnforcement supervision.
  • Enactment of criminal law, civil law, national institutions and other basic laws.
  • President of the People's Republic of China・ Election and dismissal of Vice President.
  • President of the People's Republic of ChinaBased on the nomination ofPrime MinisterSelect (Prime Minister).Based on the nomination of the Prime Minister of the State Council, the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, the State Councilor (Deputy Prime Minister level), the department managers (Ministers), the committee chiefs (Minister level), the Audit Chief (Accounting Inspection Chief), and the Secretary General are selected.In addition, the Prime Minister and below will also dismiss the members of the State Council on the left.
  • Election the Chief of the National Central Military Commission.The members of the Central Military Commission will be selected based on the nomination of the chairman of the Central Military Commission.The chairman and below will also dismiss the members of the committee.
  • Election and dismissal of the Supreme People's Court Director and the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office Director.
  • Review and approve reports on national economic and social development plans and plan execution status.
  • Review and approve the national budget and budget execution status.
  • Amendment or abolition of inappropriate decisions by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.
  • Approval for the establishment of provinces, autonomous regions, and directly controlled cities.
  • Establishment of special administrative regions and determination of their systems.
  • Determining issues related to war and peace.
  • Other ex officio to be exercised as the highest state authority.


The National People's Congress1954Was established inConstitution of the People's Republic of China(1954It was established based on the Constitution).Cultural RevolutionPeriod1966から1974It was not held at all until the end of the turmoil (1975から1978) Was held only once, and there was a time when the NPC was dysfunctional,1978It has been held every year since the revision of the Constitution.

currentConstitution of the People's Republic of China(1982The Constitution) also states that it will be held once a year. It has been held in March every year since the latter half of the 1s, and started on March 1980 every year since 3.[4].. In 2020(Chinese version) TheNew coronavirus infection OfSpread of infectionThe event was postponed in March to reduce the risk of[5], Opened on May 5nd[6].

It may be convened on an extraordinary basis if the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress deems it necessary, or if more than one-fifth of the representatives of the National People's Congress make a proposal.

List of sessions

Each periodTermManaging Committee Chairman (Chairman)Number of representativesNumber of tournaments held (results)
1 period19549 month - 19594Liu Shaoqi12265 times
2 period19594 month - 19651Zhu De12264 times (not held in 1961)
3 period19651 month - 19751Zhu De3040Once (held only in 1)
4 period19751 month - 19782Zhu De (died in July 1976),Song Qing(Acting)2885Once (held only in 1)
5 period19782 month - 19836Ye Jianying34975 times
6 period19836 month - 19883Sympathy29785 times
7 period19883 month - 19933Wanli29705 times
8 period19933 month - 19983Takaishi29785 times
9 period19983 month - 20033Lee Peng29795 times
10 period20033 month - 20083Kure country29775 times
11 period20083 month - 20133Kure country29855 times
12 period20133 month - 20183Zhang Tokue29875 times
13 period20183 month -Chestnut book2980(Temporarily postponed in 2020 due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus)


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  • Kazuyuki Takahashi, "New Edition of the World Constitution" (Iwanami Shoten <Iwanami Bunko>, 2007)


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