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🌏 | Declaration of emergency to 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures, extension required for about 2 weeks = Prime Minister Suga


Declaration of emergency to 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures, extension required for about 2 weeks = Prime Minister Suga

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I responded to a reporter's interview at the Prime Minister's Office.

[Tokyo XNUMXrd Reuters] -Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is urgently releasing a new coronavirus in the Tokyo metropolitan area on the evening of the XNUMXrd. → Continue reading


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Prime Minister's Office

Prime Minister's Office(It's very different[1],British: Prime Minister's Official Residence) IsJapan OfPrime Minister Ofofficial residence.

The location isTokyoChiyoda WardNagata TownIt is 3-1-XNUMX.The Prime Minister lives adjacent to the official residence sitePrime Minister's official residenceThere is[2].. The official residence and official residence are connected by a folding screen.


Prime MinisterIs a public office ofJapan OfExecutive branchIsCabinet OfCabinetIs the place where[3].

In Japan, this is the only facility with the name "Government Residence".

Formal name

Since there are multiple names of official residences, there are some typographical variations in official documents.

Prime Minister's Office
Act on Prohibition of Flight of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, etc. Above the Area around Important FacilitiesArticle 2 paragraph 1 b[4]In addition to the notice from the Cabinet Secretariat,Member of Parliament OfQuestion formGovernment response to[5][6],Ministry of Foreign Affairsnotice[7], Display of events held by other ministries[8][9]There is an example in.
Prime Minister's Office
1952After that, the organization that manages the official residence as a building (Reorganization of central ministriesbeforePrime Minister's Secretariat, After the reorganizationCabinet SecretariatOrdinance that defines the details of[10]This notation is consistently used in the[11],2002Comprehension of the Cabinet on the development plan of the completed new official residence[12], There is an example to display the location of events organized by other ministries.The Constitution of JapanAll the official residences appearing in the orders below (such as government ordinances and ministerial ordinances) are referred to as the "Prime Minister's official residence".
Prime minister's residence
There are few examples in official documents,News agencyIt is an expression often used in.Also official of the official residenceサイトFrom the time it was openedPrime Minister's official homepageIs displayed.

Popular name

Foreign Head OfficeIsThe United States of Americaof"White House"Franceof"Elysee Palace"ロシアof"Kremlin"The United Kingdomof"Number 10"フィリピンof"Malacanian PalaceWhile there are many things that have unique names such as ", there is no such thing in the official residence of the Japanese Prime Minister.

In many cases, official residences in each country are given official names, such as legal names, and more friendly names such as nicknames. In fact, in those countries, the common name is more commonly used in general, and there are countries where the official name is not specified in the clear or even unknown. Also, there are many cases where the popular name was promoted to the official name.[13].. There is no such popular name, and it is rather minority that a hard official name such as "Prime Minister's residence" is generally used.[14][15].

HoweverKoizumi administrationFrom the old days Prime Minister's Office Or a literal translation Official Residence of the Prime Minister Free translation[16]Instead of, the word "kanjo", which is a general noun changed to a proper noun, is used as it is.RomajiMade a notation Kantei Began to actively send out to outside of Japan. Today, Kantei is such a generic term that it frequently appears on the official White House website in the United States.

History of the official residence

The site of the current official residence is17st centuryIn the latter half, the south side of the siteEchigo Murakami DomainNaito familyNakayashikiAnd the north side of the site isFlag bookFrom the mansionShinano Iiyama Clan Honda FamilyUpper house,Tangomine Mountain ClanKyogoku familyIt moved to the upper mansion.Meiji RestorationLater, temporarily,Hitotsubashi Tokugawa familyUsed byMeiji 3 YearToNabeshima familyBecame the property of. Nabeshima HouseGreat Kanto EarthquakeSuffered more damage fromReconstruction BureauSold to.1926(15th year of Taisho), former Nabeshima mansion (former site of former Nabeshima House)Kojimachi WardThe first residence of the prime minister will be newly established in 1929-chome, Nagatacho. The old official residence was completed in 4. At that time, it was called the "Prime Minister's Office," and had a nameplate on its gate.

Early official residence

On the current homepage of the Prime Minister's office,MinisterGovernment building.CabinetIt was used from the inception of the system until 1929 when the old official residence was completed. Western style wooden two-story"[17].. The floor area was 723.229 tsubo (approximately 2,390 ㎡), boasting one of the largest ministerial buildings around 1890.[18].. 1923 (Taisho 12)Great Kanto EarthquakeSo next toRepublic of ChinaAlthough the legation was hit by fire, the government building escaped[19].. However, a paper investigating the details of the Taisei Ministerial Office (Fujiki, 2007)[20]Then, the Prime Minister's office was the Prime Minister since 1878 (Meiji 11)Mimi SanjoWith the establishment of the Cabinet System in 1885 (Meiji 18)MinisterBecame a Sanjo official residence, and from 1888 (Meiji 21)Privy CouncilIt was said to have been used as an office of. In the first place, it is known that the Taisei Ministerial Office is a "Japanese-Western style parallel type style consisting of a two-story brick-built Western-style building and a later-built Japanese-style building," with different architectural styles.[20], The current locationHouses of ParliamentWas located near the front yard of[20].

For this reason, there are many uncertainties about the buildings used before the construction of the old residence.

Former residence (1929)

TaishoFrom the endShowaIt became popular in the early daysア ー ル デ コ,表現 主義Architecture that is said to have cultural value that incorporates architectural styles such as. OldImperial HotelKnown for designing the main buildingFrank Lloyd WrightIt was called the light style because it was similar to the design of, but the actual design was at that timeMinistry of FinanceWas the chief of the second drafting sectionShimomotoren.

The old official residence building is on the premisesHikiyaFrom 2005 (Heisei 17) after moving and repairing due to constructionPrime Minister's official residenceIs used as.[21]

Outline of the old official residence

  • Completed on March 1929, 4
  • 4 stories reinforced concrete (3 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground)
  • Total floor area: 7000 square meters
  • Design: Ministry of Finance, Management and Administration Bureau (Person in charge: Shimomotoren)

Anecdote of the old official residence

In front of the Prime Minister's Office, a reporter was interviewed (in the current residence,securityDue to the relationship, the coverage space and work area are separated). Also,Deputy Prime MinisterThere was also an office for business, but it was rarely used because it had a low ceiling and a feeling of pressure, and most of the successive deputy prime ministersPrime Minister's OfficeHad an office in.

When a serious incident occurred, the small dining room inside the official residence was used as a "crisis management center". A special “crisis management room” is set up in the current official residence.

The west stairs on the first floorCabinetIt was widely known as a place for ministers to take commemorative photographs. 1993, the first time in about 40 yearsRegime changeBecame the owner of the official residence inHosokawa GokiIt is,LDPadministrationWe brought various new styles to the prime minister's residence, which was the stronghold of the castle. During the Cabinet Minister's memorial photo after the formation, I did not look at the red carpet on the first floor west stairs as usual, after the new minister talked with the wine glass with one hand on the lawn of the courtyard, the ministers lined up in front of the hedge and commemorated Took a picture[22].. In the office of the Prime Minister, the walls are made to repaint from corner to corner, assuming that the walls are dead landscape. The Prime Minister,Chief Cabinet Secretary OfPress conferenceWhile standing behind the podiumprompterIt was Hosokawa who switched to the Western style of using.

Tojo HidekiDuring my tenure, there was a room for a radio speech.Pacific War(Greater East Asian War)It is said that the speech at the outbreak of the war was also held here. There was an underground tunnel for the Prime Ministers to escape from the official residence during the war.60 years securityWhen the official residence was surrounded by demonstrators inShinsuke KishiEscaped from this tunnel,Inagawa Tobuof"Novel yoshida school] Is written. There was a theory that some of them were "remained after excavation", but in realityHigh growth period OfsubwayConstruction and surroundingUrban redevelopmentIt had been demolished in.

Unlike other government offices, there was no room name display, and because the inside of the official residence had a maze-like structure, successive Prime Ministers often got lost in the official residence.

The current official residence

The current official residence was built between 1999 and 2002 and has been in use since April 2002, 4.

Steel reinforced concrete structure with 5 stories above ground and 1 story below ground,Seismic intensity 7Can also withstand. On the 5th floor, which is the top floor, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister,Chief Cabinet Secretary,Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatOffice, on the 4th floorCabinetThere are a room, a cabinet office, and a special reception room, and office functions are concentrated in these two layers. The office and entrance hall are on the 2rd floor, and the reception hall (large and small halls) and the guest room are on the 3nd floor. There are public relations facilities such as a press conference room and a press club on the first floor. The basement is a crisis management center. Also,Cabinet OfficeThere is an underground tunnel leading to the government building, and a heliport is installed on the rooftop.[23]In August 2014, the circulation type artificial pond in the front yard of the official residence was reclaimed due to the deterioration of the equipment, and became a green area that can also be used as a heliport.[24].

The entrance on the west side is on the first floor because it is built on a sloping ground, but the front door on the east side is on the third floor. The stairs for taking a commemorative photo of the minister after the formation are the stairs from the 1rd floor to the 3nd floor. There are also the official residence of the Chief Cabinet Secretary and lodgings on the same site.

During construction work,Sanno Park Tower,Capitol Tokyu Hotel such asHigh-rise buildingIs adjacent to the new official residence, and from the official residence, a design change was made to remove the window from the side facing the skyscraper, and a request was made for the skyscraper to prevent the window facing the official residence from opening. did. furtherCounterterrorismAs a result, the site is surrounded by a concrete protective wall with a height of 5 meters or more.

The surrounding roads areMetropolitan Police Department OfPolice officerIt is blocked by pedestrians, but pedestrians can basically pass, but the passage of ordinary vehicles is restricted. Prime Minister's residencesecurityIs on the premisesMetropolitan Police Department Prime Minister's Official Residence GuardIs in charge, the Metropolitan Police Department around the siteriot policeThe nine battalions are in charge of rotation (the 9th battalion cannot handle the heavy machinery and special vehicle equipment because it is a "special course vehicle corps").

Decorated in the official residenceA painting,彫刻Is not only the collection of the official residence office,Agency for Cultural AffairsBorrowed free of charge viaDay exhibitionSelected works are included.

There is a dining room inside the official residence where you can have a meal.

Crisis Management Center

As mentioned above, the Crisis Management Center is located in the basement of the current official residence and has been in operation since April 2002, 4.[25].Official Residence Crisis Management Center,Cabinet Crisis Management CenterIs called[26].. Countermeasure headquarters meeting room, countermeasure office (operation room), information gathering room, etc.[25].

It operates 24 hours a day, and in the event of an emergency,Cabinet Information Research OfficeReceived the bulletin from the Cabinet Information Center ofCabinet Crisis Management,Assistant Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet Secretariat (in charge of situation response and crisis management),Crisis Management CouncilorReport to and receive instructions[27][28].. Depending on the situation,Information contact room,Official Residence Contact Room,Government office measures roomDetermine the installation[28]..After installation, it may be reorganized depending on the situation (for example, reorganization from the information communication room to the official residence countermeasures room).[27].. After establishing a countermeasure room, etc., depending on the situation, the government's countermeasure headquarters will be established in the cabinet.



Emergency residence

TokyoTachikawaIt is inTachikawa wide area disaster prevention baseInside, there is a preparatory facility for the disaster response headquarters of the Cabinet Office.[29].. Large-scale disaster (most likely to be in northern Tokyo Bay)Southern Kanto Earthquake) A national emergency headed by the Prime Minister at the time of occurrenceDisaster Countermeasures HeadquartersAnd when setting up the secretariat,Central Joint Government Building No. 8,Ministry of Defense(Central command postIf any of the above is damaged and cannot be used as an emergency disaster response headquarters, the emergency disaster response headquarters will be installed at the disaster response headquarters backup facility approximately 30 km west of the city center and will serve as a temporary base for countermeasures. The function of the official residence may also be temporarily evacuated[30].



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