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🌏 | 150 missing children found, Tennessee, U.S.A. in a two-month search


150 missing children found, two-month search in Tennessee, U.S.A.

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In response, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (TBI), the United States Marshals Service, and the State Children's Services Department have teamed up to support the national organization, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Police in Tennessee have found and protected 2 missing children in a two-month investigation.This much ... → Continue reading


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MissingWhat is "Fukui"?disaster,ACCIDENTIt refers to the state where the whereabouts, destination, fate, safety, etc. of the person are unknown due to other circumstances.


Legal definition

(December XNUMX, XNUMX)National Public Safety Commission(Regulation No. 2) Article 1, Paragraph XNUMX defines "missing person"

Those who have left their home and their whereabouts are unknown, and who have been notified under the provisions of Article XNUMX, paragraph XNUMX.

Is defined as[1].. The same rule defines activities for discovering missing persons and measures to be taken when they are discovered.

General usage

Missing means literally "I don't know where I went", but there is no way to contact them, or I have not searched for the destination I was informed in advance, and there is a record about the movement. If you don't do it, or if there was a record but you can't find it, you'll be missing.

It is also used for things as well as people[2].

Figurative usage

Also, figuratively,talent,Professional athlete, And the person who became the person at the time of the break in the news etc.RetirementIt is also sometimes used when people forget about what they are doing and have been forgotten by the public. In this case, the current state of affairs is not generally known as information because the degree of social attention has decreased,IndividualI don't know where I am, and it has no legal meaning. Meanwhile,Photo weekly magazineな どgossipIn some cases, the celebrity of the time disappears, avoiding the presence of those who overheat scandals and scandals. In this case, although the parties concerned know the whereabouts and contact information, activities such as protecting the privacy of the parties by keeping it confidential are also carried out, but this also has a legal meaning. Unlike missing, it only means that a third party does not know the whereabouts.


The reason is that if the person moves without their knowledge (disappearance/destination), they are forcibly taken away by the intention of another person (Kidnapping), I'm willing to go back, but I don't know how to go back (Lost child-Distress), I died at the destination (Death), etc., and there are also cases where “nobody knows where we went” due to the social turmoil caused by a disaster. In any case, there is no way to confirm the whereabouts of the person.

Missing handling

CurrentJapan OfCivil law, It is legally considered to have already died if this condition continued for a certain period of time.DisappearanceMay occur. This kind of mechanismA human 社会Living in a relationship with another person in a room means that one person is left missing and another person is not improperly restricted due to their absence. ..Family register,Resident cardPublicly records their individual dwellings, but if the records do not match the facts, they cannot expect to fulfill their obligations as residents, and vice versa.Individual 社会 保障It will be difficult to receive public services.

Missing in history

JapaneseEdo PeriodIsmissingAre called relatives,quintetHad an obligation to bring it back, and if they couldn't, they were punished. This is aimed at avoiding problems such as a decrease in agricultural productivity as workers engaged in cultivation leave the land on their own. It should be noted that if the search is abandoned and removed from the personal account bookAbsenteeI called him (homeless).

Missing during operation

戦 争Lost during a military operationSoldierMay be treated as missing during operation or missing during combat. Abbreviations are Missing In Action to MIA.The United States of AmericaThen,Vietnam WarSometimes dealing with missing soldiersmoviesAre produced in large numbers[3]And so on,2010 eraAlso inUS Department of DefenseHas a department in charge and continues to collect and search information[4].


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