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🌏 | US Employment Statistics Accelerates Increase to 2 in February Unemployment Rate Drops to 37.9%


U.S. employment statistics accelerate to 2 increase in February Unemployment rate drops to 37.9%

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Jobs with jobs are high-growth industries such as information technology, engineers, construction, customer support, manufacturing, accounting and finance.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -The US Ministry of Labor released February employment statistics on the previous month when the number of non-farm payrolls was ... → Continue reading


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Customer support

Customer support(British: Customer support),Customer support, ま た はCustomer supportTo help customers use their products cost-effectively and correctlyCustomer serviceIt is a kind of.Assist in product planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal[1].

For technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products and other electronic and mechanical productsTechnical supportと 呼 ば れ る[1].

Customer support is one of the main ways to get data onCustomer retention rateIncrease (Cancellation rateIs considered a way to lower).

Support automation

Of the service organization自动化For exampleMean time to recoveryWe are aiming to shorten (MTTR).

Customer support automation has known issuesKnowledge BaseBuild and oftenExpert systemBy delivery mechanismincidentContains solutions to support.The service automation platform includes a set of support solutions such as proactive support, assisted support, and self-support.

With automated support, service organizations canalarmBy monitoring, identifying problems early, and resolving problems before they occur, 24 hours a day, XNUMX days a weekCan provide services to customers.Automated assisted support gives you remote access to where the problem should be resolved immediately.By automating information gathering for devices and applications that coexist with supported applications, problems can be quickly detected and fixed.

Automatic self-support automates the self-support process and allows users to self-help diagnostics andOnline libraryOr free yourself from troubleshooting from the knowledge base.Support automation solutionsCustomer relationship management(CRM) system andNetwork management systemIntegrates with (NMS) to provide complete customer reports to administrators who aggregate mechanically resolved issues and incidents. Sarbanes–Oxley , 21CFR Part 11, etc. to ensure compliance with industry regulations


  • Proactive Support AutomationMeans that downtime is minimized, 24 hours a day, XNUMX days a weekUsabilityRefers to a support automation solution that realizes.This is achieved through continuous health check tracking using diagnostic procedures that enable problem monitoring and problem resolution.New analytical techniques such as machine learning and machine inference make proactive support features even more effective.
  • Preemptive support automationIs a support solution that utilizes information generated or screened from an application or service, such as log files, database queries, and configuration changes.Use this information to predict service degradation or interruptions.As a result, the service / application availability of the underlying application is improved.Look-ahead activities bring best-in-class organizations to new levels of cost control and customer experience, trustCustomer loyaltyTo build.Look-ahead has a positive effect on service continuity and performance of the target product.
  • Self-support automationProvides online libraries and tools for self-help and easy troubleshooting solutions to automatically and accurately diagnose and resolve problems and incidents.New technologies include chatbots and digital virtual assistants.
  • Assist support automationIs software that allows support personnel to remotely access a customer's desktop or server for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Dialogue method

The dialogue methods that companies provide to customers for support are as follows.

Phone support
Customers talk directly to customer support personnel over the phone.In the case of incoming call (inbound call) IVR (Integrated Voice Response)The goal is to route incoming calls in different ways and resolve customer requests / problems as quickly as possible.
Telephone support is often used for order acceptance, pre-sales inquiries, additional purchases, troubleshooting, and more.
Calls (outbound calls) to provide or obtain informationCall centerIs a call sent from to a customer.
Online chat
For online chats where web visitors seek help, click a link on the provider's website to start a text chat session.Customer support personnel interact with web visitors, understand requirements, resolve questions, and end the conversation.Alternatively, based on your requirements, a customer support representative can initiate a chat session with a web visitor.Both parties involved in the chat session can communicate using online translation services, allowing support in different languages.It's also designed to be less intrusive than phone support.Live chat support is often used for lead generation and fulfillment, campaign management, pre-sales and post-sales inquiries, complaint registration, technical support, and more.
Email support
Email is used as the primary means of providing web-based assistance to customers when the problem does not require an immediate response.The advantage of email-based communication is that it is low-cost, unobtrusive, and accessible anytime, anywhere.With the trouble ticket systemCRM applicationHelps track a series of follow-up communications with a particular customer.Services provided through email response management include billing, polling / media analysis, subscription services, troubleshooting, and complaint registration.
Remote support
It's a way to solve a computer problem in one location from a computer in another location.Companies can save significant capital investment through remote support. IT engineers use tools that allow them to access their customers' computers in different parts of the world.They can access and repair software-related issues from a distance, reducing the need for technicians to visit customers' facilities.As applications move from the desktop to the cloud, new forms of browser-based remote support such as Cobrowsing have been developed.
Onsite support
Onsite support is the opposite of remote support and provides certain types of assistance that cannot be provided remotely, such as TV repairs, spare parts replacement, and hardware-related issues such as air conditioning maintenance.The device may be ordered for repair.
Social media
Facebook,TwitterSince the advent of social media platforms like, service providers have noticed that many of their customers spend a lot of time on them every day.For the convenience of customers, many service providers have set up social-enabled teams as support channels for social media profiles.Customers can ask questions, make complaints, and clarify questions by interacting with company personnel through these social media platforms.Now that millions of users have access to social media, the platform is as used as traditional media such as phone, live chat, and email.

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