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🌏 | Attack on Microsoft mail, patch does not solve = US official


Attack on Microsoft mail, patch does not solve = US official

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CNN reported on the same day that the Biden administration would set up a response headquarters on the issue.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -The White House on the XNUMXth, to Microsoft's e-mail system ... → Continue reading


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Biden administration

Biden administration (British: Presidency of Joe Biden) Is2020 presidential electionThrough2021May 1ToJoe Biden PresidentInaugurated by taking officeThe United States of America OfadministrationPoint to[1][2]..In the Biden administrationKamala Harris Vice PresidentAct as[3][4].

2020 United States Presidential Election

Biden20194TovideoAnnounced to run for the presidential election.Biden in the past1988Election campaign was held in Japan, but it was lost[5].

Inauguration and transition from Trump administration to Biden administration

If all goes well, the transition to power will take place on January 2021, 1 at 20:0 (Local time), But over alleged postal voting fraud in some statesPlaying cardsIf the court struggle in the United States results in recounting votes in multiple states, important steps for a transition to power could be delayed by weeks.[6]..Inauguration(English edition)And popular artists, then Biden and Harris respectivelyChief Justice of the United States Supreme CourtUnderOath of inaugurationPlayed.The subject of the inaugurationPreamble to the United States ConstitutionNamed after, "Our firm determination for democracy: towards perfect unity" (Our Determined Democracy: Forging a More Perfect Union).

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  • [1] --The official website of the Biden administration


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