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🌏 | Large-scale demonstration in Myanmar on weekends, union calls for economic closure


Large-scale demonstration in Myanmar on weekends, union calls for economic closure

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According to the United Nations, security forces have killed more than 50 people in demonstrators since the coup d'etat.

[Reuters] – In Myanmar, where protests against a military coup continue, large-scale demonstrations are held in various parts of the country on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Strike suppression activity

Paramilitary organization

Paramilitary organization(Jungunjisoshiki) is "Paramilitary"(English), "Paramilitär"(German), "Paramilitary"(French), Which is a translation of English and European languages, and has the same organization and equipment as the military.National armySays an organization that is not part of.

JapanThen,politics-SociologyandJournalismIn the world ofLatin AmericaWhen translating related English and European literaturemilitia,Warlord"Private army" etc.Paramilitary"Paramilitary" has been used as a translation of "".


From border security to traffic control, etc.Administrative police activities-SecurityMaintain (Riot control),crimeinvestigation(Judicial police),disasterAt the timeSearch and rescueSuch,PeacetimeWhile being widely used fromWartime regimeIn軍隊,Department of DefenseWhen it is incorporated into the chain of command ofNorwegian Coast GuardSometimes it is part of the military from peacetime, like the militaryPolicemenAlthough it is often discussed in the middle position withMilitary powerIt cannot be said that it is a small component of.

PossessionTo claim the rightConflictThere are politically delicate areas such as国境In the vicinity of such places, when police activities and paramilitary operations are carried out in Japan, if the main force of the military is deployed and put in, the neighboring country may be wary of invasion and criticize it, which may create a state of tension. Often the organization is located to serve as a kind of buffer zone.

List of major existing paramilitary organizations

Border guard

Coast Guard


Paramilitary organization of political parties and political groups

Political instabilityCountryThen.Political partyAnd political groups with political opponentsConflictAnd party dignitariesPersonal bodyguard, Party related facilitiessecurityAn armed group that can be called a de facto "paramilitary organization" for such reasons (Private soldierA group) may be organized under its umbrella.Weimar RepublicOf the eraGermanyThe armed groups of each political party are famous.If it is illegal, the administration willTerrorist organizationSometimes called (eg of the Communist Party of the Philippines)New People's Army).

What later became the armed forces

other than that

Weimar Republic

Postwar East Germany

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