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🌏 | US Human Rights Report Condemns China's Persecution of Uighurs and Russia's Opposition Attacks


U.S. Human Rights Report Condemns China's Persecution of Uighurs and Russia's Opposition Attacks

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In addition to Islamic minorities such as the "more than 100 million" Uighurs who were said to have been detained, "an additional 200 million people are undergoing're-education'training only during the day."

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] – The US State Department announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX on the human rights situation in about XNUMX countries around the world ... → Continue reading


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minorityWhat is (ethnic group)?People,CountryWhen some kind of framework such as or region is composed of multiple ethnic groups, it refers to an ethnic group consisting of a relatively small number of people.


Japanese"Ethnicity" is an ambiguous and ambiguous concept.English Ofethnic groupSometimes points tonationSometimes refers toGerman OfvolkMay also refer to. The term ethnic minority is often confusing because the meaning of "ethnicity" is ambiguous.The concept of ethnic minorities does not make sense unless it sets what is the whole and shows that it is a relatively minority within its framework.

The most common when using the concept of ethnic minorities isNation-stateThe nation state is used as a framework to refer to the "whole", and a minority ethnic group is called an ethnic minority compared to the dominant majority, which is often treated as an average nation.These minoritiespopulationIt can be a group of hundreds of people or a million people.However, there are many cases in which differences are found in various cultural attributes and institutional differences with the average people or ethnic groups that occupy the dominant majority, and there are many common issues.

Ethnic minorities have various cultural attributes (common to all ethnic groups)History,言语Etc.).However, it is the majority ethnic group that surrounds them, and the national system and education are often based on it.Under such circumstances, how to maintain our own uniqueness is also a common problem for many ethnic minorities.

The relationships between ethnic minorities and the majority and nation-states are diverse.KurdishEven though it boasts a population that is not strange to have a nation, and it occupies the majority in a specific area.Ethnic nationSeeking independence to not haveConflictMay cause.Boasting a similarly large population but lacking cohesionMiaoIn some cases, they coexist under the influence of the majority ethnic groups of each country.JapanInAinu, In ChinaManchurianWhile some ethnic groups are gradually losing their uniqueness due to the overwhelming influence of the majority ethnic groups, such as before the founding of Israel.JewSome ethnic minorities, such as the ones, have maintained their uniqueness without being assimilated into the majority ethnic groups, and have had a strong social influence even in the minority.

First ResidentIs a minority in the nation-state in many cases.These were often dismissed as "pagan" or "barbaric" along with cultures and histories other than the dominant ethnic group, but in recent years the need for protective policies has begun to be recognized.However, when the unique culture is being lost, there may be a problem that it is difficult for the bearer to appear regardless of the policy of the nation-state.

Current situation in Japan

JapanIt is,YamatoWhile the majority of people are said to be ethnic minorities, there are also groups that are said to be ethnic minorities.Each group[1]The problem that he has is "Japanese ethnic problemsAnd see each article.The Japanese government officially recognizes it as an indigenous people of Japan.AinuIs only[2].

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