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🌏 | Interview: Central Bank Digital Currency, Convincing to Discuss Holding Restrictions = Director of Bank of Japan Payment Organization


Interview: Central Bank Digital Currency, Convincing to Discuss Holding Restrictions = Director of Bank of Japan Payment Organization

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He said the Bank of Japan has pointed out the importance of international standards at various conferences.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – The Bank of Japan's Director, Kazushige Kamiyama, in an interview with Reuters, said in an interview with the Bank of Japan Digital → Continue reading


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International standard

International standard(Kokusai Iki,British: international standard) IsInternational standards bodyFormulated byspecification.International standardAlso called.By definition, international standards are suitable for general use worldwide.


International standards are nations established independently by each country.Standards bodyThis is one way to break the technical barriers to international commerce.Technical barriers arise when groups meet who are widely using established and incompatible methods.The establishment of international standards is one way to prevent such problems.Doing business related to import and export in multiple countriesCompany consumerIn many cases, they claim to comply with international standards in order to gain the trust of their products.OrHACCPFood safety standards such as are examples of this.AlsoBioFuelFuel cellAnd so onEnergyIt is also used to efficiently promote the spread of.

International standards may be used as they are, or they may be modified and used according to the actual conditions of each country (each region).The adoption of international standards means the establishment of technically equivalent national standards.However, international standards and national standards may differ in the following points.

  1. Differences in editorial appearance.adoptunit,symbolDifferences, differences in symbols that represent decimal points, etc.
  2. The climate, terrain, technology of the area,InfrastructureDifferences that come from inconsistencies with policy (or as an industry) policy that arises from such situations.Also, there is a difference in the way of thinking about how strictly the standard should be applied.

Examples of international standards

Types of international standards

An international standard in a narrow sense is called IS (International Standard).In addition, there are organizations that issue TR (Technical Report), TS (Technical Specification), etc.In addition, there are various types of documents under discussion, such as WD (working Draft), CD (Committee Draft), and DIS (Draft International Standard).These are deliberation documents, not official international standards, so care must be taken when handling them.

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