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🌏 | Nikkei average has fallen back, material is scarce and we see off Yaskawa Electric softening also cools investor sentiment


Nikkei average falls back, material is scarce and sees off Yaskawa Electric softening also cools investor sentiment

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On the other hand, Toshiba was bought and Nippon Steel also performed steadily.

[Tokyo 29538.73th Reuters] – Closing price Closer than the previous day Low / high Nikkei average 2 -XNUMX… → Continue reading


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Nippon Steel

Nippon Steel Corporation(Nippon Steel, English: NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION)TokyoChiyoda WardHeadquartered in Japan, Japan's largestSteel manufacturer(Blast furnace manufacturer)Engineering business,Chemical business,System solution businessHas 5 businesses such asNippon Steel GroupPlay a central roleBusiness holding companyIs. Abbreviation isNSC.TOPIX Core30It is one of the old constituent stocks ofTOPIX Large 70It is one of the constituent stocks of.

Crude steelJapan's largest producer in terms of production, in the worldArcelor Mittal(Luxembourg),Hobu Steel Group(Chugoku) Is the third largest in the world.

Government-operated Yawata WorksDraw the flow ofNippon SteelWhen,Sumitomo GroupSteel makerSumitomo Metal Industries 2012Merged with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, and on April 2019, 4, the trade name was changed from Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal to Nippon Steel.


Nippon SteelNippon SteelとSumitomo Metal Industries OfmergerThe trade name was changed by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, which was established by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal.Nippon Steel (Nippon Steel) isNippon Steel Co., Ltd.It was a steel manufacturer whose predecessor was (Nippon Steel).Nippon Steel1934ToGovernment-operated Yawata WorksIt was a semi-governmental and semi-private national policy company with a high degree of publicity, whose management is stipulated by the "Nippon Steel Stock Companies Act", which was jointly established by several ironmakers.

Later Nippon SteelPacific WarAfterExcessive Economic Force Concentration Exclusion LawDivided into 4 companies byZaibatsu Demolition) But of theseYawata Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.とFuji Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.Two steel makers1970Nippon Steel was established by merging with.At the time of inaugurationHitachi, Ltd.Japan's largest manufacturer by far, in the 1980sToyotaHe was in that position for many years before being overtaken by.Also,2010 OfCrude steel productionIn Japan, it was the first in Japan and the fifth in the world.

On the other hand, Sumitomo Metal Industries (Sumikin)1935It was a steel manufacturer that was established by the merger of Sumitomo Copper Steel Pipe and Sumitomo Steel Works (formerly Sumitomo Steel Works).Sumitomo Metal Industries is a major figure in the Kansai business world (Kansai business world three families) and is the cornerstone of the Sumitomo Group.Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,Sumitomo ChemicalIt was also called "Sumitomo Group Misanke".The main business isSteelIs a karmaSteel pipe,sheet,Thick plate,Building materials,Railway carSupplies,Titanium,Strip steelEtc. were being produced.In the business, "パ イ プIt is called a seamless steel pipe, as it is called "Sumikin".crudeSteel pipes for excavation boasted the top share in the world.In addition, it has the third largest crude steel production in Japan and the 2010th largest in the world in 3.

2012May 10, The above-mentioned Nippon Steel has made Sumitomo Metal IndustriesAbsorption mergerThen Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal was established.In the domestic steel industry,2002 OfKawasaki SteelとNippon Steel Pipe Due to the management integration of (NKK)JFE HoldingsIt was the first major reorganization in about 10 years since the inauguration of.

Until then, the purpose of the reorganization was to adjust production, but at Nippon Steel & Sumitomo MetalSouth Korea-People's Republic of ChinaStartedEmerging countriesThe main purpose is a strategic merger with an awareness of the rise of steel makers.It is a large-scale transaction over survival in global competition, and this was allowed at the time of the merger announcement.Fair Trade CommissionThe change in attitude became a hot topic.

The background of the merger is the consolidation and abolition of overlapping divisions in Japan.costReduction orManagement ResourcesConcentrate and cost a huge amount of moneyblast furnaceEstablishing a system to expedite construction, and steelneedChallenges in overseas expansion with a view to emerging countries where輸送Cost andAppreciation of the yenDue to the decrease in price competitiveness), due to scale expansionCompetitivenessSeems to have been determined to be inevitable[3].

Based on crude steel production, the total of Nippon Steel, which is the fourth largest in the world, and Sumitomo Metal Industries, which is the 4th largest in the world, totals 19 million tons, which is the second largest in the world.Baosteel Group(3,130 million tons) and 3rd placePOSCOExceeds (3,110 million tons) and runs alone at the topArcelor MittalIt became the first to chase (7,750 million tons) (Production figures are for 2009World Steel AssociationResearch)[3]..In addition, Sumitomo Metal Industries, which disappeared due to the business combination,Sumitomo GroupHowever, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal after the integration has not joined the Sumitomo Group Public Relations Committee.

2013As a steel maker for the first time in 7 yearsMarket capitalizationBecame the best in the world[4].

May 2018, April 5, 2019 ``Nippon SteelAnnounced that the company name will be changed to.Zaibatsu DemolitionByYawata SteelとFuji SteelTrade name before being divided intoNippon Steel"(に ほ んI will return to (Seitetsu), but "Iron"New fontIt becomes "iron" of, and the reading is also "に っ ぽ んIt becomes "Seitetsu".The English company name will return to "Nippon Steel" before the merger, and "& Sumitomo Metal" will be removed.Takao ShindoThe president said he was not aware of "Nippon Steel"[5]However, after the general meeting of shareholders in June, the representative director from the former Sumitomo Metal Industries was wiped out, and all eight representative directors were from the former Nippon Steel.[6].

The corporate slogan is "To become the world's No. 1 steel manufacturer. "

The company devised and realized a high cross angle expansion pipe drilling method to produce seamless pipes.[Annotation 1].

Business locations

Headquarters / Branch

Manufacturing base

16 domestic bases are being developed as XNUMX steelworks.Pig iron integrated steel millThere are 7 locations in Muroran, Kashima, Kimitsu, Nagoya, Wakayama, Yawata, and Oita.

The factory, its location, and the main production items are shown below.[Annotation 2][Annotation 3].

Factory nameLocation & Main production items
Nippon Steel Muroran Works
Muroran WorksHokkaidoMuroranNakamachi 12Steel bar-Wire
Nippon Steel East Nippon Works
Kamaishi districtIwateKamaishi23-15 SuzukochoWire
Kashima districtIbarakiKashima CityLight 3Thin plate / thick plate /Shaped steel-Steel pipe
Kimitsu districtChibaKimitsuKimitsu1Thin plate, thick plate, wire rod, shaped steel, steel pipe
Naoetsu districtNiigataJoetsu City2-12-1 MinatomachiStainless steel-Titanium
Nippon Steel Nagoya Works
Nagoya WorksAichiTokai City5-3 TokaimachiThin plate / thick plate / steel pipe
Nippon Steel Kansai Works
Steelmaking areaOsakaOsakaKonohana WardShimaya 5-chome 1-109Railroad wheels / axles
Amagasaki districtHyogoAmagasakiHigashimukojima Nishinomachi 1Steel pipe
Wakayama districtWakayamaWakayama CityMinato 1850 (Wakayama district (Wakayama))Steel pipe / sheet
OsakaSakai CitySakai WardChikkoyawatamachi 1 (Wakayama district (Sakai))Shaped steel
260-100 Funoo, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture (Wakayama District (Kainan))Steel pipe
Nippon Steel Setouchi Steel Works
Hirohata districtHyogoHimejiHirohataFujimachi 1sheet
Kure districtHiroshimaKureShowacho 11-1Ordinary steel, high carbon special steel, alloy steel
Hanshin district (Sakai)OsakaSakai CityNishi-wardIshizu Nishimachi 5Cold-rolled steel sheet, high-grade surface-treated steel sheet
Hanshin district (Toyo)EhimeSaijo CityHojo 962-14High corrosion resistant hot dip galvanized steel sheet
Hanshin district (Osaka)OsakaOsakaKonohana WardSakurajima 1-chome 26-XNUMXCold-rolled steel sheet
Hanshin district (Kanzaki)HyogoAmagasakiTsugiya 3-1-XNUMX
Nippon Steel Kyushu Works
Yawata districtFukuokaKitakyushuTobata1-1 Tobihatacho (Tobata / Yawata district)Thin plate / shaped steel /Rail・ Steel pipe
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka PrefectureKokurakita WardKonomimachi 1 (Kokura district)Steel bars and wires
Yawata district (light titanium)Yamaguchi Light cityShimada 3434Titanium
Oita districtOitaOita CityNishinosu 1 (Oita district (Oita))Thin plate / thick plate
Yamaguchi Light cityShimada 3434 (Oita area (light steel pipe))Steel pipe

R & D base

  • Hasaki Research and Development Center-Sunayama, Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • RE Center (Futtsu) --Futtsu City, Chiba PrefectureShintomi
  • Amagasaki R & D Center-Fuso-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo

Overseas office

Main business

Steelmaking business


Products,ShipAnd largeStructureUsed forThick plate,Automobile-Electric appliances-can-TransformerUsed forHigh strength steelincludingsheet-surface treatmentSteel plate,building-Civil engineeringUsed in the fieldH-section steel-Steel sheet pile-RailSuch asBuilding materials, Auto parts andBuildingUsed forSteel bar-Wire, Used in the energy field and mechanical parts, etc.Steel pipeIs the main one.In the manufacture of transportation equipmentRailroad wheels / axlesAnd for carsForgingCrankshaftIn Japan for railway wheels and axlesshareBoasts almost 100%.Other,Titanium,Stainless steelAlso manufactures.

Engineering business

Chemical business / new material business

System solution business


The history before the business integration dated October 2012, 10 isNippon SteelとSumitomo Metal IndustriesSee.

  • 2011(Heisei23 years)
    • February: Announcement of basic merger plan
    • March:Fair Trade CommissionFirst screening
    • June: Japan Fair Trade Commission Second Examination
    • September: Announced new company name and merger ratio (9 shares of Nippon Steel shares allocated to 1 share of Sumikin shares)
    • December: Fair Trade Commission approves merger
  • 2012(24)
    • April: Concluded a merger agreement
    • June: Merger approved at shareholders' meeting of both companies
    • May 10: Nippon Steel merged with Sumitomo Metal Industries after making Sumitomo Metal Industries a wholly owned subsidiary through a share exchange.Changed the trade name to "Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation".
  • 2017(29)
  • 2018(30)
    • June: Made Swedish specialty steel maker Ovako a subsidiary[7]
  • 2019(31/First year of Reiwa)
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • February: Decided to close Setouchi Works Kure area and suspend one blast furnace in Kansai Works Wakayama area[13].
    • March: Of the two blast furnaces at the Yawata Works, one in the Kokura area will be suspended and integrated into the Yawata area, and a new railway transportation tunnel from the Yawata area to the Kokura area will be put into service.[14].
    • April: A wholly owned subsidiaryNippon Steel Nisshin SteelAbsorption merger[15][16].
    • April: A total of 4 steelworks and factories nationwide, including the subsidiary Nippon Steel Nissin Steel Works, are listed as "East Nippon Steel Works", "Kansai Steel Works", "Setouchi Steel Works", "Kyushu Steel Works", Integrated and reorganized into 16 steelworks systems of "Muroran Steelworks" and "Nagoya Steelworks"[17].
  • 2021(3nd year of Reiwa)
    • February: Announced that one of the two blast furnaces in the Kashima area of ​​Nippon Steel Works will be closed within a few years.[13].

Past Chairman/President

An industry group in the steel industryJapan Iron and Steel FederationChairmanship1948Since its inauguration (23), it has been customary for the president of its predecessor, Nippon Steel (before the inauguration of Nippon Steel, Yawata Iron & Steel or Fuji Iron & Steel).But,2006(18) Nippon Steel's in MayAkio MimuraFrom the presidentJFE Steel OfHajime BadaAfter changing the chairmanship to the president, both companies have been chairman in rotation every two years.

List of presidents

  1. Hiroshi Tomono --Inaugurated in October 2012, retired in April 10 (transferred to Vice Chairman)
  2. Takao Shindo --Inaugurated in April 2014, retired in April 4 (Vice Chairman of Nippon Keidanren)
  3. Eiji Hashimoto --Inaugurated in April 2019

List of chairpersons

  1. Shoji Muneoka --Retired in October 2012 and April 10
  2. Kosei Shindo --Inaugurated in April 2019

group Enterprise

As of March 2019, 31 (Heisei 3), Nippon Steel Group is under the umbrellaConsolidated subsidiary286 companies,Equity method affiliateIt is composed of 125 companies.

Designated wholesaler

Among the designated wholesalers, an organization called "Tokakai" is organized by leading companies.The organization has been organized since its predecessor, Nippon Steel, and has continued since the inauguration of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (currently Nippon Steel).The constituent companies are as follows.

2019(First year of Reiwa) Currently

Mitsui,Sumitomo Corporation,Mitsubishi Corporation,ITOCHU Corporation,Marubeni,Sojitz,Toyota Tsusho,Hanwa Kogyo,Okaya Koki,Nippon Steel Bussan,Kanematsu,Tsukamoto Sogyo

Culture / Sports Business


Human resource development


  • One of the employees of Hirohata Works is a raw material for steel materials.Iron scrapAssuming that a total of about 700 million yen was deceived from the steelworks in the form of pretending to have delivered20188ToHyogo Prefectural PoliceWith two people involved in the scrap companyscamArrested on suspicion.The company hired this employee in February of the same year.Disciplinary dismissalIs trying[18].
  • 2021å¹´6月18日、茨城県鹿島地区の採用担当男性社員が入社予定の女性に性的関係を迫っていたことを明らかにした。日本製鉄は男性社員を懲戒解雇処分とした[19][20].


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注 釈

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  3. ^ Due to the reorganization and integration in April 2020, it has become a steelworks in Muroran, East Japan, Nagoya, Kansai, Setouchi, and Kyushu under the direct control of the head office.
  4. ^ Only Kashima and Hirohata are directly managed baseball clubs.Others are club teams (Wide area conglomerate teamCrown sponsor (including registration)


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