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🌏 | 25 Chinese military aircraft invade Taiwan's air defense zone, the largest ever


25 Chinese military aircraft invade Taiwan's air defense zone, the largest ever

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed concern over China's increasing pressure on Taiwan and warned that trying to force a change in the status quo in the Western Pacific would be a "serious mistake."

[Taipei XNUMXth Reuters] -Taiwan's Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defense) announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX aircraft, including fighters and nuclear-armed bombers ... → Continue reading


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Secretary of State

Secretary of State(Kokumuchokan) orSecretary of State(Kokumudaijin,British: Secretary of state).


United States Secretary of State (United States Secretary of State
Established in 1789The United States of AmericaA minister in charge of diplomacyUnited States Department of StateSecretary.
States of the United States OfSecretary of State (Secretary of state
In each stateSecretary of stateThere is a position called.
United States Secretary of State (Confederate States Secretary of State
Civil WarSouthern part (1861-1865)United States of America), The minister in charge of diplomacy.

The United Kingdom

(English edition) (Secretary of State for ~
Great Offices of StateMinister of State in.


Secretary of State for External Affairs (Secretary of State for External Affairs
Until 1993カナダHe is a minister in charge of diplomacy and was newly established by the reorganization of ministries and agencies in 1993.(English edition,French version)Was taken over by.
Secretary of State for Canada (Secretary of State for Canada
In 1867Self-governing territoryカナダWas a minister who was set up as a coordinator with Britain's home country,World War IThe rest is mainly domesticRoyal Canadian Mounted Police,Civil servant,公 文書,registration,Letters patent,National seal,First Resident(First nation) And other general affairs and internal affairs (-1993).
Secretary of state(1993-2003 / 2007-2008) (Secretary of State (Canada)
Following the reorganization of ministries and agencies in 1993, there was a time when he became a deputy minister-class title (the above period).

Roman Pope

(English edition,Italian version) (Cardinal Secretary of State
Roman Pope Of(English edition,Italian version)Secretary of


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