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🌏 | FRB Chairman, Watching the Arquegos Problem Systemic Risk Not Invited = CBS


Fed Chair, Watching Alkegos Issues Systemic Risk Not Invited = CBS

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Powell said in an interview on the CBS show "11 Minutes" that aired on the night of the 60th in a relatively well-understood business, although the Arquegos issue does not affect financial institutions or the financial system. He pointed out that it was "concerned" that a bank suffered such a large loss by one customer.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said US investment firm Arquego ... → Continue reading


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60 Minutes

"60 Minutes』(Sixty Minutes)AmericaCBSTV broadcastdocumentaryTV program.


Broadcast start1968..It is a long-lived program that has been broadcast for over 50 years.America's most popular TV news show and the only news showAce NielsenCompany annual averageAudience ratingHas a track record of leading the survey[Note 1].JapanAs described laterTBS News BirdAnd it is being broadcast on AFN-TV.

It is a "Magazine Style (News Magazine)" program that takes up three themes in 60 minutes, and with that in mind, the studio corner is recorded with the "cover" that fills the screen as the back.


Mike Wallace had appeared since the show started, but retired in 2006 (after that he became an honorary reporter and died in 2012).Had appeared with Mike Wallace at the beginning of the show1991Died in.Long time agoDan RatherWas also appearing (1975 - 1981).He also said that he ended with the words "Good Night Good Luck" on the last show.

The founder of the "60 Minutes" program is.Don Hewitt20046Jeffrey Fager will replace him as executive producer of "60 Minutes".

60 Minutes II

In 1999, it became a sister version of "60 Minutes".60 Minutes IIBegan broadcasting ("In 2005"60 Minutes Wednesday』Renamed to). In the program in 2003U.S. Forcesby"Iraqi abuse problemScoop.

Broadcast ended in September 2005.The main reason for the end was at that timePresident of the United StatesMetGeorge W. BushIt was a report of alleged misrepresentation of military history, and we interviewedDan RatherIs leaving CBS.The performers and staff have joined "60 Minutes".

Broadcast in Japan

In Japan from October 1988 to March 10TBSEtc"CBS documentWas broadcast in the program. Broadcast at midnight on Wednesday (dawn on Thursday) as of 2009.The moderatorPeter BalakhanとMikawa Yoshikawawas.

After April 2010, a news channel broadcast on CS / cable TV stationsTBS News Birdso"CBS60 ​​minutes], But it ended in March 2014.Broadcast time is every Wednesday from 3:23 to 00:23.The moderator is Peter Barakan, who continued to cast from the previous program, and newlyNana KurokiWas in charge.

In addition,AFNComprehensive channelAFN | prime PACIFICBut it's broadcast every Monday from 19:00 to 20:00.

Impact on the Japanese broadcasting industry

"60 Minutes" is JapaneseNews programAlso affected, on April 1974, 4, "News Center 9:XNUMX''(NHK)Midnight prime frameAtwideStarted as a news show.1980 eraTo enter the,Commercial broadcastKey stationBut"First year of coverage”, And began to organize news wide programs.1980ToJNN news feature』(TBS TV), "TV / EYE』(Nippon TV),But"BIG NEWS SHOW The world is now』(TV Asahi) Etc. have started.This groundwork is said to have followed this program[2].


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  1. ^ He has been at the top of the year four times. 4/1980, 81/83, 84/92, 93/93.


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