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🌏 | Dollar depreciation, pay attention to US inflation statistics within the week = NY foreign exchange


Small dollar depreciation, pay attention to US inflation statistics within the week = NY foreign exchange

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However, he said there is still a lot of room for recovery in the labor market.

[New York, XNUMXth Reuters] -The dollar has fallen slightly in the New York foreign exchange market.Expectations for rising prices are rising ... → Continue reading


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Labor market

Labor marketIs the labor forceProductsAs a result, a trade involving supply and demand is carried out.MarketIs. The existence of the labor market資本主義Is one of the features of.

In the labor market, supply and demand adjustments are made through wage adjustments[1].. Excess labor supply meansunemploymentAnd unemployment is a phenomenon closely linked to "downward wage rigidity".[2].


Labor force population(Labour force, Workforce),Economically active population(Currently active population) isEmployer(General employment and military personnel) andUnemployedAnd satisfy the following conditions[3].

  • Private Employment: Working more than one hour a week (or working, but not working due to illness or vacation).
  • Unemployed: There is no job at present, but he is actively looking for a job and can work immediately.

Labor participation rate(Labour force participation rate, LFPR),Labor force ratio.Labor force ratio,Economic active rate(Economic activity rate, EAR) is the ratio of the working population to the working age population (working age, 15-64 years)[4].

Labor market in Japan

(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, FY2019Labor force survey)[5]
Employment statusTen thousand people
Board Member335
Labor contract with no fixed term3,728
Over a yearFixed-term contract451
Fixed-term contracts for one month to less than one year (temporary employment)763
Fixed-term contract less than 1 month (Day labor)15
I don't know the period239

The Japanese labor market has tight dismissal regulations (for thisDeregulation of dismissal of regular employees,Understanding(See also) and the corporate culture has become rigid, but there are many demands for those who have the ability to utilize their skills outside the company, such as technical and professional jobs, to change jobs easily. Such occupationsEngineers(EspeciallySystem Engineer) Andtrader,DesignerAnd so on.

In recent years,Rikunabi,My naviWith the advent of the “new graduate recruitment in the labor market”, it is becoming more prominent.


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