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🌏 | China's March exports are strong, imports increase sharply for the first time in 3 years Trade surplus shrinks unexpectedly


China's exports are strong in March, imports increase sharply for the first time in four years Trade surplus shrinks unexpectedly

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According to trade statistics, March exports increased 3% year-on-year.

[Beijing XNUMXth Reuters] – According to the March trade statistics released by Chinese customs authorities, the new coronavirus vaccine ... → Continue reading


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Trade statistics

Trade statistics(Boueki Tokei Customs statisticsAlso called)Japan OfTradeSummarized aboutstatistics..Since it knows most of the types, quantities, and amounts of traded goods, it is a basic material for investigating the trade situation.Once a monthMinistry of FinanceWill be announced from.

How to make

JapanExported and reshipped and imported fromcargoabout,CustomsIt is created based on customs clearance declarations such as export declarations, reshipment declarations, import declarations, etc. submitted when passing through.

(However, small-value cargo of 20 yen or less, sample goods, passenger portable goods, cargo related to the stationed army / UN military, cargo exhibited at expositions / exhibitions / trade fairs, etc., container for repeated use for freight transportation Classes are excluded from the statistical amount.)

The recorded price is for exportFOB(Free On Board: FOB) Price and importVAT/Fiscal Code(Cost Insurance and Freight: including fare and insurance) The price is.

The creator is the Investigation Division, Customs Bureau, Ministry of Finance.

(The above is an excerpt from the Foreign Trade Overview (Japan Customs Association))

Item revision

The items of import and export of trade statistics are revised every year.this is

  • Consolidation of items with little track record
  • Imports and exports have increasedProductSplit from existing items to figure out

For some reason.

The Ministry of Finance will revise the itemsOfficial gazetteIt is announced several times a year, but it is often revised in April and December.

Trade overview

Japan's trade trends
1992 Year43 billion yen29 billion yen
1993 Year39 billion yen26 billion yen
1994 Year40 billion yen28 billion yen
1995 Year42 billion yen32 billion yen
1996 Year46 billion yen39 billion yen
1997 Year51 billion yen39 billion yen
1998 Year49 billion yen35 billion yen
1999 Year48 billion yen36 billion yen
2000 Year52 billion yen42 billion yen
2001 Year48 billion yen41 billion yen
2002 Year52 billion yen43 billion yen
2003 Year56 billion yen44 billion yen
2004 Year61 billion yen50 billion yen

* However, since it is a preliminary figure in 2004, it may be revised in the future.

Source: "Outline of 16 Trade Statistics (flash report)" (Ministry of Finance)

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