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🌏 | The Nikkei Stock Average has fallen back, and the spread of infection is heavy, so semiconductors are small.


The Nikkei Stock Average has fallen back, and the spread of infection is heavy, so semiconductors are small.

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Prices have risen in four industries, including precision equipment, information and communications, and other products.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – The Nikkei average is down XNUMX yen from the previous business day to XNUMX ... → Continue reading


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4 industries

Precision machinery

Precision machinery(Seimitsukikai) is fineparts(Machine element) Consists ofMachineryThat thing. The English name is literally translated as "high precision machine".

The definition of precision machinery is ambiguous. In the old daysclock,カメラ,Music boxIt refers to all complicated and delicate mechanical devices, but as an academic / technical field that integrates and develops mechanical devices and electronic engineering devices.Mechatronics(mechanismとelectronicsThere is a compound word of), and advanced precision electronic equipment, etc.high techField ofProductIs also a type of precision machine.

Metaphorical expression

It is described as a "precision machine" by referring to a person who has extremely high and accurate motor and processing abilities even in humans.
As an example of the baseball world, show excellent and exquisite pitching controlpitcher(Masaaki Koyama,Kitabeppu studies,Greg Maddux,Satoru Komiyama,Yoshimi KazukiEtc.) are called precision machines.
Also advancedCraftsShow technologyCraftsmanEtc. are imitated as precision machines because of their accurate movements.

Precision machinery industry

The industry that produces precision machinery is called the precision machinery industry. For example, automobiles, ships, electrical appliances, cameras / watches, etc. Manufacture of precision machinery requires advanced processing technology and high-quality materials (where the water quality is good).

EuropeInスイス,GermanyIt is popular with such people.

JapanInLake SuwaIt is thriving in the surrounding cities. The Suwa region is also called Eastern Switzerland and is positioned as a "supply base" that supports next-generation industries.[1].



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