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🌏 | US SolarWinds costs more than $ 1800 million in hacker attacks


US SolarWinds Costs Over $ 1800 Million in Hacker Attack

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SolarWinds shares rose 13% in the New York stock market on the 2.1th.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] – US government agencies and private companies are vulnerable to US SolarWinds software ... → Continue reading


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New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange(New York Shokentori Hikijo,English: New York Stock Exchange, NYSE) IsIntercontinental ExchangeUnder the umbrella of (ICE)America Ofニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThe largest in the world inStock exchangeIs[4].. Commonly known as "Big board(Big Board) ".


2018XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Bank of AmericaOriginally from Stacy CunninghamStacey Cunningham)が社長に就任した。女性がトップになるのは初めてになる[5].

Intercontinental trading

2005May 4, Announced plans to acquire Archipelago Holdings Inc. (AX), which operates an electronic stock exchangeSecurities and Exchange CommissionFollowing the approval of the (SEC), NYSE invested $ 66 billion to acquire AX.Procedure2006The holding company "NYSE Group" was established after the end on March 3, and the following day.May 3Listed on the NYSE.As a result, NYSE ended its 213-year history as a non-profit membership organization and relaunched as a joint-stock company under the NYSE Group.

2006May 6, Stock exchange operating companyEuronextAnnounced merger with. New company on April 2007, 4, with approval from regulatory agencies and shareholdersNYSE EuronextWas established.

201311, The parent company of the New York Stock ExchangeNYSE EuronextTheIntercontinental ExchangeAcquired by[6].

201710,Intercontinental Exchange Royal Bank of ScotlandからEuro clearIt was reported that concrete negotiations were underway to acquire a 4% stake.[7]..DTCC (DTCC) originating from the New York Stock ExchangeDepository Trust & Clearing Corporation) Has been operating as a de facto central international securities depository.Asking for capital participation in Euroclear means that DTCC is out of control.Arca(NYSE Ark)soListed investment trust(ETF)Market makeThe system is incomplete. May 2018Dodd-Frank methodAnd the adoption of "Volcker Rule 2.0", a large bank and its affiliatesShadow banking systemWill be easier to participate in the market making system.

ETFs and arca

The issues surrounding ETF market making are explained by the history of ETFs and arca.Pacific Stock Exchange (Pacific Exchange) Operated the spot stock and listed options market, but lost its share of trading volume since the 1980s.So Pacific is piloting an ETF market maker.Securities and Exchange CommissionI applied for registration at.It was approved as a permanent system in September 1997.Pacific to Archipelago in July 9Electronic trading systemAnnounced an alliance that it will take on the self-regulatory function. In January 2005, Archipelago Holdings acquired Pacific completely and became a market maker of physical stocks including listing options and ETFs.[8]

NYSE Euronext, which was launched in 2006, was launched in January 2008.American Stock ExchangeAcquired (Amex).Amex has lost its trading share with the development of Nasdaq, and as a breakthrough in January 1993State Street OfSPDRThe ETF was listed, and other ETFs were also invited to go public. Since NYSE Euronext's acquisition of Amex was one of the purposes of acquiring the ETF market, NYSE Euronext consolidated its own listed ETFs and those listed on Amex and transferred them to Aka.Also, in July 2005, Barclays Global Investors (currently)Black rock) Is 19 brands, Vanguard (Vanguard () in August 2008Vanguard) Transferred 34 ETFs and State Street transferred 12 ETFs to Arka in December of the same year.World financial crisisBelow, we succeeded in rationalizing market making.[8]

Even in the crisis, the cumulative amount of ETFs set did not stop rising. In June 2013, Arka sponsored an ETF market maker (big banks andInstitutional investor) Was applied for trial operation of the system (EIP).VanguardConflict of interestの問題を指摘したものの、証券取引委員会は承認した。2017年4月の報告書は、試験結果を示すにはデータが不足していると述べた。試験はスポンサーがいなくなったので中断されたが、ボルカールール2.0で試験は再開される見込みである。[8]

Japan on July 2018, 7Tokyo Stock ExchangeIntroduced a market-making system in the ETF market[9]..If EIPs are institutionalized in the United States and imported into Japan, the liquidity supplied by the Bank of Japan to the shadow banking system will further institutionalize the Japanese ETF market in the form of market-making sponsors. ..


New York Stock ExchangeLondon Stock ExchangeIt is a stock exchange with the oldest history next to[10].

Stock index

Originally composed of New York Stock Exchange stock pricesStock index TheDow Industrial Co., Ltd. 30 types average(Dow Jones Industrial Average)Dow JonesAnnounced by Dow Jones & Company.However, nowadaysNASDAQPublicMicrosoft,IntelNon-NYSE listed companies also now make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In addition, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has few constituents, should reflect market conditions more.1970 eraDeveloped in the middleNYSE Composite IndexThere is. NYSE itself calculates it, and all constituents are NYSE listed companies.

S & P 500Consists of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, the stock index-linked ETF is the most traded ETF, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S & P 500 trends are reflected in global market developments.

Trading time

Trading hours are as follows including after-hours trading[13].

  • opening session: 4:00〜9:30 [日本標準時 18:00~23:30(冬時間)、17:00~22:30(夏時間)]
  • core trading session: 9:30〜16:00 [日本標準時 23:30~6:00(冬時間)、22:30~5:00(夏時間)]
  • extended hours: 16:00〜20:00 [日本標準時 6:00~10:00(冬時間)、5:00~9:00(夏時間)]

Public holidaysexcept forMondayからFridayThe United StatesEastern Standard TimeAnd the United StatesEastern Daylight Time.. The core trading session is a "one-place system" from 9:30 to 16:00.[14], There is no distinction between "front" and "back" like in Japan.


The main building isWall streetHorn,Broad StreetIt is located at 18.The venue is located in the 11th Wall Street building adjacent to the main building and consists of 21 trading rooms.The trading room, once located in the building at 30 Broad Street across from the main building across Exchange Place, was closed in February 2007. 2 Broad Street and 18 Wall Street buildings in 11United States National Historic LandmarkRegistered in[3][15][16][17].

20世紀において、ニューヨーク証券取引所のアイコン的存在として知られていたのが、取引開始時と終了時に打ち鳴らされる発会の鐘(Opening bell)と納会の鐘(Closing bell)である。立会人が立会人席から作動させると、鐘が9回連続で打ち鳴らされ、場内に取引開始や終了を告げる。立会人は、企業人や各界の著名人が招かれるのが常であり、外部の人間としては1956年に10歳の少年がクイズ番組の賞品として発会の鐘を鳴らしたのが初めてとされる[18]。企業の株式新規上場や企業名変更などを祝うセレモニーの一環としても行われており、発会の鐘を鳴らす企業のイベントが取引所前で盛大に行われることもある。2002年にはHonda OfASIMOが人間以外では初めて、発会の鐘のボタンを押している [19].

Although it is a mechanized NYSE, the auction system also exists and the venue is used.

Listing of Japanese companies

It is said that the world's most rigorous listing examination[20],Listed companiesThe number is about 2,300 companies.Of these, about 460 foreign companies (47 countries / regions)Listingare doing.Nihon Keizai ShimbunWeekly with around 100 major overseas companies on the overall market sideTuesdayからSaturdayThe stock price, which is one day late, will be posted on.

Japanの証券取引所とは異なり、企業規模などによる市場指定(第一部・第二部など)は行ってはいない。大規模企業の上場が多く、日本企業では1970ToSonySince its listing, 2021 companies have been listed as of December 4.Also,Symbol code (also known as ticker)The 1- to 4-digit alphabet that represents each company is used as the securities code in NYSE.[20].


(As of December 2020)

No.Company nameTicker symbol
外部 リンク
Listing date
2Honda Motor Co., Ltd.HMC1977/2/11
3Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupMUFG
MTU until March 2018
(At that time, Mitsubishi Bank)
7Nomura HoldingsNMR2001/12/17
8Mizuho Financial GroupMFG2006/11/8
NineSumitomo Mitsui Financial GroupSMFG2010/11/1
10Takeda PharmaceuticalYES2018/12/24

Listed in the past

(As of December 2020)

No.Company nameTicker symbolListing dateDelisting date
3Hitachi, Ltd.HIT1982/4/142012/4/27
(Kubota Iron Works at that time)
6Konami HoldingsKNM2002/9/30
(Konami at that time)
9Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneNTT1994/9/292017/4/3
10NTT DoCoMoDCM2002/3/12018/4/13

Since 1998, more than one Japanese company has been listed every year,2002I haven't had Konami for the last four years.Behind this is the United States, which was enacted in July 4.Listed Corporate Accounting Reform and Investor Protection ActThere is (commonly known as the SOX method). Enron,World comThe law, which was enacted in response to the fraudulent accounting case, is not only for US companies but also for the United States.Stock exchangeStrict for foreign companies listed on the stock exchangeCorporate governanceThe listing was avoided because it required a lot of money and time to deal with this.

Mizuho Financial Group, which cleared this,Public fundsAs a Japanese company, it was listed on the NYSE for the first time in four years.Mizuho PresidentAkinori MaedaSpent 100 billion yen to comply with the SOX Act and immediately after listingInterviewTalking in.

In addition, NYSE is approaching major Japanese companies to list.BusinessIt is rumored that several more companies will be listed due to the recovery of the company.on the other hand,Ito-Yokado(CurrentlyHolding companySeven & i HoldingsWholly owned subsidiary of.Stocks in the United States at that timeADRSome companies declined the invitation, such as (the NYSE even offered the securities code name IYG).In addition, the stock has been listed since 1976.pioneerWas delisted on the NYSE in late January 2006 due to "rationalization of stock affairs".Similarly, it has been listed since 1.TDKHowever, it was delisted in late April 2009 because "the transaction volume was small and the economic rationality to continue listing became weak". A veteran who has been listed since 4PanasonicHowever, it was delisted in late April 2013 as part of cost reductions associated with worsening business performance.

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