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🌏 | North Korea has no famine, trade will soon resume = Russian ambassador


North Korea has no famine, trade will soon resume = Russian ambassador

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Relief supplies from the international community remain in the closed Chinese warehouse on the border, but North Korea is building a large disinfection building, which is expected to be completed by the end of April.

[Seoul, XNUMXth Reuters] – Russian Ambassador to North Korea, Mazegora, said that life in North Korea is difficult, but famine is not ... → Continue reading


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Warehouse on the Chinese side

International community

International community(Well,English: International community) Is世界 Of政府And a rough group of people,国際 関係Is a phrase used about. Generally, specifichuman rightsIt is used to imply the existence of a common point of view on problems etc. Activists, politicians, and commentators often use this term to seek the action needed. For example, in the target countryPoliticsUsed for what is said to be oppressive.

This term is generally used to imply a consensus on the point of contention. For example,United Nations General AssemblyUsed to increase the credibility of the majority of votes in.

Example of interpretation

Noam ChomskyIs about the use of this word,The United States of AmericaAnd itsDependent countryAnd means an ally,[1][2][3].

ScholarMartin Jacques"We all know what the word'international' means," of course,WesternSo, neither more or less. Using the term "international community" is a way to make the West dignified, global, sound more respectable, more neutral, and superior to others. "they said[4].

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