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🌏 | Chinese President Participates in Video Conference of Climate Change Summit on 16th = Xinhua News Agency


Chinese President participates in video conference of climate change summit on 16th = Xinhua News Agency

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Xinhua News Agency reported as a statement by a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hua Chunying.

BEIJING (Reuters) - Xi Jinping Jintao of China, and Germany and France on the video conference of the climate change summit of XNUMX days ... → Continue reading


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Hua Chunying Foreign Affairs

Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency(Shinkasha) isPeople's Republic of ChinaNationalNews agencyIs. The official name isXinhua Trading Company.. in JapanXinhua News AgencyKnown as (Shinka Shatsushin).


In addition to distributing general Chinese news overseas, it often exclusively distributes the remarks of government officials, and in fact, the personnel affairs of government executives are announced through Xinhua News Agency. In addition, Xinhua News AgencyChina Central TelevisionAlong withPeople's Republic of China State Council, De factoCentral Communist Party of the Chinese Communist PartySince it is an institution that reports directly to us, when the Japanese media says, "According to Xinhua News Agency," the Chinese government andChinese Communist PartyOfficial view ofAnnouncementIt is considered to be doing.

2006In September, according to the decision of the State Council (Cabinet), Xinhua placed the distribution of foreign news agencies in China under the control of Xinhua, and stipulated that restrictions should be placed on the content of the distribution. Issuance. It came into effect on the same day. The law requires foreign news agencies and similar news agencies to go through Xinhua agents when contracting with domestic users. In addition, the contents of 9 items such as national unity and impairing the integrity of sovereign territory are prohibited for distributed articles, photographs, and charts. If this is violated, the qualification of the news agency may be revoked after a warning. Similar restrictions have been put in place when domestic media use articles from foreign news agencies.

In 1997returnBefore being doneHong KongThen,The United KingdomChina does not approve Hong Kong rule byConsulateFormal such asOverseas missionBecause I did not putXinhua News Agency Hong Kong BranchWas also functioning as a de facto permanent mission to replace it. Even after the return, the system was the same for the time being, but on January 2000, 1, a government representative organizationCentral Government Office in Hong KongThe original function of the news agency was left in the Hong Kong branch office.

pluralNews (Chinese)We publish media andReference NewsBoasts the largest circulation of 300 million copies in mainland China.


1931January,Soviet Republic of ChinaWith the establishment of a caretaker governmentCrimson Chinese News AgencyEstablished as, and became the current name in 1937.

1944,EnglishStarted broadcasting on.

2018November, the world's firstAInews casterAnnounce[1].

Foreign language Ateji

In the People's Republic of China, the foreign proper noun "" that is not written in Chinese charactersNotation of foreign proper nouns in Chinese", Xinhua News AgencyJapanese alphabetThe one used is the standard, and it is said that Xinhua will decide (example:Pikachu→Pikachu(In Hong KongPikachu).Southern All Stars→ "Southern All Stars"(TaiwanIn such cases, "Southern sky star")[2].

Evaluation by the United States

In September 2018, the United States takes a forcible anti-Chinese routeTrump administrationXinhua News AgencyForeign Agent Registration ActCertified as a "foreign agent" based onNews agencyNot the Chinese governmentPolitical activity groupCertified as[3][4].


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