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🌏 | Indonesian Navy, disappeared submarine sank off Bali with multiple parts found


Indonesian Navy sank off Bali, disappearing submarine found multiple parts

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The Indonesian Navy claims that the submarine was in good condition, but fuel oil slicks that appear to have leaked have been found in the waters where the submarine was submerged, raising concerns about damage to the fuel tank.

The Indonesian Navy announced on the 24th that it had sunk a submarine that was unknown in the north of Bali.For submarines ... → Continue reading


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Fuel tank

Fuel tank(Nenryo Tank) isfuelFor storage, transportation, storage, etc.container.

Indonesian Armed Forces

Indonesian Armed Forces(Indonesia Kokugun,English: Indonesian National Armed Forces, Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia, Abbreviation:TNI) IsIndonesia Of軍隊.army(TNI-AD) ・Navy(TNI-AL:Marinesincluding)·air forceIt consists of three services (TNI-AU) and has 3 personnel.

Long time agoIndonesian National Armed Forces(Indonesia Kokukokugun,Indonesian: Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia Abbreviation: ABRI "Republic of Indonesia Armed Forces").


IndonesiaIs the largest number in the worldislandsTo中,Print,RiceThe world's fourth largest population is scattered and lives next toBorderIs difficult to defend.Also, in Indonesia,People-ReligiousDiversity such aspopulation-economic power-Political powerConcentrateJava-JavaneseSome repulsion toConflictSecurity maintenance is also an important task of the armed forces.Also,SuhartoUnder the administration, the Indonesian army was positioned to defend and supervise the nation.In fact,August 9 IncidentIn, with the armed forcesIndonesian Communist PartyThe background is the composition of conflict.Many ministers of the Suharto administrationsoldierThis has had a military influence on society as a whole, and has benefited the unification of the country, which has diverse ethnicities and religions.However, this policy also undermined the government's control over the military.Indonesian troops have had several serious consequences, including the physical dismantling of the Communist Party of Indonesia shortly after the September 9 incident.Human rights violationsHas been internationally criticized for leading or involved in the case.

Indonesian Armed ForcesIndonesian Revolutionary WarIn the middle ofGuerrilla(I.e.TroopsWas born as.1945May 8 Of NetherlandsImmediately after Indonesia's independence from colonial rule by the government, the People's Security Corps (Badan Keamanan Rakyat) was formed by a government proclamation on the 22nd.May 10To moreMilitaryThe People's Security Army (Tentara Keamanan Rakyat), which has strengthened its organizational character, has been formed.these are,Second World WarUnderJapanWas organized as a local army under the occupation ofDefenders of the HometownThe system was rapidly organized by arranging soldiers such as the Dutch East Indies Campaign.Also, in the process, many oldJapanese armyIt is known that the generals assisted in the creation of the armed forces.

2000Until DecemberPolicemenWas under the jurisdiction of the armed forces, but was separated from the armed forces after the same month as part of the reforms accompanying democratization and reorganized as the national police headquarters.

Current IndonesiaVolunteer systemIs[2].weaponThe system used to beAmericaIt was based on東 テ モ ー ルBecause of the problemEmbargoAfter receivingEast sideWeapons have also been introduced.The embargo is2005Was released.


The Indonesian Army has 328,517 standing armies and 400,000Reserve roleIt is the largest force in the Indonesian Armed Forces.

BasicallyLightly equipped infantryTroopsAnd variousSmall firearmWithLight tank,Howitzer・ Multiple rocket launcherRocket cannonWith a few heavy equipment such asArmedare doing.


Army is in charge of 12 military districtsheadquartersIt is composed of (Kodam) and multiple functional troops.Each military district headquarters has multipleinfantrybattalionAnd, in some cases, onecavalryBattalion, alsoartilleryandEngineerIn addition to this, there are units in charge of regional security and training units.Current Army BasicstacticsThe unit is a battalion,StrategyAs a unitDivisionThe system has not been adopted.In addition, as a functional army, special operations forces (Kopassus) And strategic reserves (Kostrad) ・ There are three types of air operations forces.


Small firearmManufactured by the state-owned company PT PindadPindad SS1Automatic rifle(FN FNCCopy) is the main forcerifleIt is used as. Other PT Pindad productsPindad P1Handgun-Pindad SM-2andPindad SM-3machine gun・ Pindad SPRSniper rifleIs using.With foreign firearmsSIG SAUER P226-H&K MP5-M16-Steyr AUG-H&K G36-AK-47TheSpecial ForcesUsed by.

IndonesiaThere is no threat of proximity to the territory, and despite the characteristics of an island nation, it is offshore and aviation.輸送Traditionally due to poor powerMain battle tankDid not own.Therefore, the army armorFirepowerThe main focus is on light tanks,AMX-13-Scorpion-PT-76Has a total of around 200 cars.2011With the modernization and refurbishment of the AMX-13 South Korea OfDoosanDoosan's Black Fox jointly with IndonesiaWheeled armored carTo CSE-90Turret(Coccalil Mk.3 90mm low pressure gun)Fire support vehiclePlans to develop and procure[3]In addition, in November of the same yearGermanyMade ofLeopard 2A6Plan to introduce 100 main battle tanks announced[4].

Also, as a long-distance firepower,AmericaMade ofM101 105mm howitzer,ロシアMade ofBM-14 In addition to classic bestsellers such as rocket guns, new modelsSingaporeMadeFH-88 155mm howitzer-FH-2000 155mm howitzer,CzechoslovakiaMadeRM-70 Rocket artillery has also been introduced.

Also, the Army is of the Air Operations ArmyCommandIt has a small aviation corps below.Owned machineMi-35Attack helicopter× 8 machines ・MBB Bo 105Light utility helicopter× 17 machines ・Bell 41228 general-purpose helicoptersMi-17輸送16 helicopters, etc.


World's largestArchipelagic stateIsIndonesiaIn, the Navy plays an extremely important role in national defense.Founded shortly after independence1960 eraIn the beginningUSSRFrom a large amountShipI got1965Reflecting the subsequent cooling of relations, few ships have been introduced directly from the Soviet Union.

The current Indonesian Navy has 37,000 personnel and 272 ships.In the past, relatively old and small ships were the main force, and the quantity was insufficient, but1990 eraOld from Germany at the beginningVolksmarine(East German Navy) ships (Parchim type corvette16 ships(German version)14 vessels,(German version)9 vessels) were acquired in a lump and the strength was greatly improved.It was also popular worldwide in the late 1990s.GermanyMade ofType 209 submarineTheChakra class submarineTo procure two ships assubmarineGain strength,21st centuryAfter entering NetherlandsMade of advancedSigma type corvetteGet,South Korea(Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine) Ordered four 1400-ton class submarines and will start receiving them in 4.[5]We are proceeding with a plan to strengthen the submarine force.The Indonesian Navy also has a small aviation and marine corps.

Indonesian Navy Air Corps is smallAnti-submarine patrol aircraftとtacticsTransport aircraft-Training machineHowever, long-range anti-submarine patrol aircraft are under the jurisdiction of the Air Force.Currently, the Indonesian NavyCarrier-based aircraftThere is no ship that can operate.

Indonesian Marine Corps3 piecesbrigadeIt is organized and has a system of 13,000 people.Landing battleTroops・ I am in charge of an emergency deployment unit.BasicallyLight infantryAlthough it is a unitLG1 105mm howitzer,BMP-3FInfantry combat vehicleWe also have a small number of heavy equipment.Also,Special ForcesAs a Navy combat swimmer unit (Kesatuan Gurita) ・ Navy Special Forces (KOPASKA) ・ Maritime terrorism countermeasure unit (Denjaka) Etc.

Indonesian Navy2017XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sulu SeaでterroristBe wary ofMalaysia,フィリピンJoint Security Command Center withTarakan CityInstalled in and started patrol from the sea and sky[6].

air force

Indonesian Air Force has 27,850 personnel and 346 aircraftaircrafthave.As an owned machineロシアMade ofSu-30-AmericaMade ofF-16 Fighting FalconA few but advancedFighter bomberAlong with domestic securityStrategyTo supportCOIN machineAlso has.

The air force1946Founded in, this isRoyal Thai Air ForceFollowed bySoutheast AsiaMeans the second oldest Air Force.Initially, the Air ForceJapanese armyHe was operating the aircraft used by the Air Corps, but this did not last long due to a lack of spare parts.After that, the aircraft donated from the United States, followed byUSSRThe introduction of the machine is also progressing,MiG 21Was also operated,August 9 IncidentThe Soviet plane rapidly became inoperable, reflecting the later deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union.Then donated by the United StatesF-5 Tiger IIFighter,A-4 SkyhawkAttack aircraftThrough1980 eraIn the second half, 16 F-10 fighter-bombers were introduced.Following that, the planned introduction plan for the Russian-made Su-30 fighter-bomberAsian currency crisisAlthough temporarily interrupted by2006The order will be placed again,Air superiority fighterAsSu-27With a total of 10 aircraft2011Was introduced in[7].. Also in the United StatesWeapon embargoThe maintenance of the F-16 was difficult for a while, but now the support has been resumed.F-16C / DThe additional introduction of is also being considered. It was also announced that 24 aircraft would be provided.Also,ChugokuMade ofDroneIsPterosaursとRainbow 4Has introduced[8][9].

Meanwhile, aviation輸送The main force isC-130 HerculesとC-212And to this,スペインDeveloped in collaboration withCN-235Is being added.The long-range marine surveillance aircraft is also under the jurisdiction of the Air Force, with CN-235.Boeing 737The ocean surveillance type has been introduced.In addition, for Boeing 737VIPThere is also a transport type, and some C-130sAerial refueling machineCan be used as.

2015In 3 monthAustralian Air Force4 large aircraft from (RAAF)Transport aircraftC-130H HerculesWas transferred,AustraliaDeepening friendly relations with.

Air Force Special Forces (PASKAHAS), And within PASKAHAS, an aircraft hijacking task force (ATBARA).


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