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🌏 | Pfizer in the US requests increased age for vaccines in Europe 12-15 years old


US Pfizer calls for increased vaccine age in Europe 12-15 years old

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Both companies applied for an extension of the target age in the United States this month.

[Reuters] – US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech jointly developed a new Corona Will on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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age limit

age limit(Nenreiseigen) is a rule that when you do something, it will not be performed depending on the age of the performer. Some are limited to a certain age or more, some are limited to a certain age or more, and some are limited to a specific age.

Age restrictions in Japan

in Japan,Drinking(Over 20 years old),smoking(Over 20 years old),Driver's licenseAcquired (depending on the type of license, usually one is 18 years old or older), harmful books/game purchase (depending on item),Poisonous substancePurchase (18 years old or older), Poisonous drug purchase (14 years old or older),Member of Parliament-Prefectural governor・Candidates for mayors, local assembly members, etc. (Right to vote, 25 or 30 years old depending on the type) and itsvote(Voting right, 18 years old or older), etc.Fields Award(Under 40),KoshienParticipation (usually under 18 years old, some under 19 years old), admission to child care facilities (up to 20 years old), etc. To some schoolsAdmissionHas both a lower bound and an upper bound ("Ageism and course principleSee). The age that determines whether to execute is the age of the day,May 4Age at the time, age at the first day of the campaign, etc.

In the medical field, for a specific agevaccinationThere is a system in which is free. In addition, over-the-counter drugs may have medical age restrictions, which are often based on the age of 15.

in Japan,Act on Comprehensive Promotion of Labor Policy, Stabilization of Employment of Workers and Enhancement of Professional LifeIs prohibited by the age limit for recruitment and employment of jobs and part-time jobs[1]. However,Labor Standards ActExcept when specified separately by or over 60 years old.Labor Standards ActAllows children under the age of 13 to work, and children under the age of 15 are prohibited from working without the permission of the Labor Standards Inspection Office.[2]. Also,Child Labor Standards RegulationsRegarding the hazardous work stipulated in Article 8,Labor Standards ActProhibits employment under the age of 18[3]..It is illegal to recruit by specifying the condition of "16 years old or older" at restaurants and convenience stores, but it is possible to recruit on the condition of "graduation from junior high school" because the qualifications are restricted.In addition, an age limit can be set if recruitment of a specific age is required for shooting a play or movie.[4].. Just because you are over the age limit or below the age limit when you applyAge misrepresentationSome people apply by applying, but when it is discoveredDisciplinary dismissalDo not because there is a risk of becoming.

ArcadeThen,time limitThere are many places where age restrictions are implemented in parallel with (for those under 16 years old after 18:18, for those under 22 years old after XNUMX:XNUMX, etc.)

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