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🌏 | EU proposes deregulation of travel from outside the region


EU proposes deregulation of travel from outside the region

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"It's time to revitalize the tourism industry in a safe way," Von der Leyen posted on Twitter.

[Brussels, XNUMXrd Reuters] -The European Commission, the policy enforcement agency of the European Union (EU), announced on the XNUMXrd that the new roller ... → Continue reading


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tourismWhat is (Kankou Gyo)?TourismIt is a general term for industries related to.


Leisure timeActivities andReligiousDepends on activity消费It is an industry supported byTravelKarma (Travel agencyEtc.), accommodation business (sightseeing)HotelEtc.), restaurant business, transportation business (Airlines,Bus company-TaxiCompanies, etc.), manufacturing industry (special products,SouvenirIt is a wide range of industries such as manufacturing), entertainment and leisure industries.For this reasonJapanese standard industry classificationThen.IndustryNot classified as.

Many countries have positioned the tourism industry as a major industry because of their various advantages, and most countries and regions are trying to grow the tourism industry.

For example,France7,600 million people a year (2003) Tourists visit and drop huge amounts of money to local industries.For this reason, it has become one of the most important industries in the economy, and the government has set up a tourism bureau and is promoting public relations activities for tourism and industry in its own country through branch offices around the world.

Japan also,2002 OfSoccer World CupTaking the opportunity of the event, the "Global Tourism Strategy" was formulated with the aim of increasing the number of foreign tourists.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Visit Japan CampaignThe plan is to double the number of visitors to Japan (2010 million people) by 1,000. In March 2017, the Cabinet decided to revise the "Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Plan", and by 3, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held, the target is 2020 million visitors to Japan, 4000 trillion yen inbound consumption, and 8 million inbound accommodations in rural areas. Raised[1].



The advantages of the tourism industry are generally as follows.

  • When many tourists come to visit due to the development of the tourism industry, economic activities in various fields such as accommodation, transportation, eating and drinking, and travel industry become active, and the economic ripple effect is high.
  • In tourism developmentTheme parkExcept for the construction of the area, most of the cases use the nature and historic sites that originally existed in the area.Moreover, even if it is small, it can be established as an industry, so it is possible to develop at least a certain amount of funds.
  • Unlike many industries, most employees are not required to have such a high level of skill.
  • If we can attract tourists from abroad,Foreign currencyCan be acquired.
  • If it becomes possible to attract tourists from a wide area, for example, from all over the world,BusinessIt will be an industry that is not easily affected by.
  • If tourists get a good impression of the tourist destinations they visit, they will improve their image of the region or country, and by extension, commercial products based in that region or country (sightseeing).giftIt can be expected to have a derivative effect that encourages interest in (one of them) and willingness to purchase.


On the other hand, the disadvantages are as follows.

  • BasicallyEntertainmentIt is an activity-dependent industry and has a low priority as a consumer activity.Competing(I.e.There are also many.Besides, at that timeBusiness,trend,Security-terrorism,Natural disasters(Earthquake,Flood damage) ・ Along with itHarmful rumorIn addition, if it is a rural area, a private carCar rentalBecause it is premised on boarding inCrude oil priceThere is also a side that is easily affected by (gasolineIf prices soar, the willingness to travel to rural areas will decline).
  • Most of the tourist destinations are for viewing the natural environment and historical buildings, or for taking some action in those environments.Therefore, the number of people is greatly affected by the climate at that time.Also,(I.e.(Example ・Beach,Ski resort) And time (New Year,Bon holiday,Christmas・ In ChinaChinese New Year) There is a big difference in the number of tourists visiting, so we will respondPart-time jobIt is necessary to secure personnel each time.
  • Considering the above features from the viewpoint of maintenanceHotel,amusement parkIn reality, it is difficult to increase or decrease the number of staff at facilities such as these, but if you try to accommodate tourists during the busy season, they will be wasted during the off-season, which is uneconomical in terms of efficiency. There is a point.
  • Many tourist destinations have nature, history, and traditions, and when developing tourism,LocationThere are aspects that are greatly affected by the conditions.In addition, when trying to expand the scale of a tourist destination, development restrictions are often imposed by restrictions due to location conditions and laws aimed at nature conservation.In addition, for example, at beaches and ski resorts, there is a limit to the maximum number of customers depending on the area.SpaIf so, excessive water intake will lead to the depletion of natural resources, and as a result, the appeal as a tourist destination will be impaired.
  • TourismresourceThere are various things that can be said, but when using nature and history, it may be incompatible with the development of other industries.When conservation of the natural environment, cityscape, landscape, etc. is required, industrialization, modernization, urbanization, etc. tend to be suppressed (Kyoto CityIs typical).In addition, if the area becomes significantly industrialized, it may lose its attractiveness as a tourist destination and the tourism industry may decline.
  • Tourists from overseasIf there is a big difference in lifestyle or language when dealing withForeign languageWrittenSignboard,SignInstallation and its cost burden may be newly incurred.In addition, to deal with troubles caused by not being able to communicate with foreign customers in terms of communication,Licensed guideIt may be necessary to assign a person who knows both the circumstances of the partner country and Japan.


Tourism is like any other industryExternalityAs a negative externality of the tourism industryTourism pollutionThere are problems such as.

  • Due to the increase in touristsPollution..Caused by the construction of hotels and entertainment facilities and the dumping of garbage by touristsdeforestation-Marine pollutionDestruction of the natural environment,Stench-noiseOccurrence etc.
  • Due to increased traffic on the roadTraffic jam・ Transportation congestion.
  • For touristsPickpocket・ Rip-off ・Illegal drugsDeterioration of public security in the surrounding area due to an increase in crimes such as sales of.
  • For tourists from overseas, the lifestyle of the countrytaboo-MannersWithout knowing in advanceWCInadvertently damage equipment such as, or damage to surrounding buildingsgraffitiFrom local residents, etc.DisrespectBy acting as "shameless" (in a broad sense,Chinese peopleOf touristsBomb buying, Etc.), and not only the residents near the tourist spots but also many of the recipients who learned about it through media reports have a negative image of the country to which the tourists belong, and by extension, In some cases, it develops into an international problem.
  • On the contrary, for tourists from overseas, it is served at the accommodation or eating out.日本 食And so on, religious "Food tabooIngredients (MuslimAgainst豚 肉It is not unusual for the store to include (typically), and there may be cases where the store provides it without knowing it, causing trouble.In a similar example,vegetarianFor "What you can eat with the meals served in JapanVegetarian foodIt is quite possible that a situation such as "only" will occur.

In addition, when a large number of tourists visit from outside the region (including overseas), cultural friction with local residents and transformation of traditional culture may occur, causing repulsion and embarrassment from local residents. ..Especially in recent years, the influence of the media and the Internet has caused a rapid increase in tourists from overseas to specific places (many of the causes are:Comic,AnimeOf works and musicpromotion videoThe place that became the subject ofSacred placeThere are many cases (sometimes it is talked about), but in such cases, visitors are disgusted by residents who are not interested in the circumstances of their cultural background.

Especially in recent years, this tendency has become "OvertourismIt is regarded as an international problem.


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