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🌏 | Rare neurological disease after Astra vaccination, investigated by European authorities


Rare neurological disease after Astra vaccination, investigated by European authorities

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The reported case is Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), which causes damage to peripheral nerves.

[Reuters] – The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Union's (EU) pharmaceutical authority, said on the XNUMXth, AstraZeneca, UK ... → Continue reading


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Peripheral nerve

Peripheral nerve(Mashoshinkei) exists in each part of the bodyNerve fiber.


Human capitalIncludingHigher animalsTheDissectionIn the early days ofAnimalGathered in the middle part ofbrain,Spinal cordmake"Central nervous system", A large number of thin bodies that exist in various parts of the body other than the central nervous systemNerve fiberThat is, it seems that the "peripheral nerves" were separated.But thin from the brain and spinal cordNerveSince there is no structural delimiter in the part where is indicated, these names are understood as convenient (→NerveSee section).

In higher animalsCentral nervous systemThe system isinstinctThe peripheral nerves are responsible for the input of information from the outside to the center and the output from the center for the effect organs such as muscles, while they are responsible for the decision-making of individuals by integrating physical behaviors and information from the outside. , The coordination of both peripheral and central nerves causes meaningful movement of the entire individual. Do not have a central nervous systemCnidarianIn the case of, it consists entirely of peripheral nerves. In such animals, the cells in the neuropil of the stimulated area will undergo some local reaction. A similar pattern can be found in sympathetic nerves in higher animals.Sympathetic nervein the case of,NeuronA nerve network that is completely independent of the center including the body exists as a "sympathetic trunk". The appearance of such sympathetic nerves is similar to that of primitive animal nerves that maintain sporadic and local reflex regulation independent of the central nervous system. On the other hand, in the "parasympathetic nerve", the regulatory neuron body isBrainstem,Sacral cordExists in.

Among the peripheral nerves, the motor and sensory nerves are different from the central nerves, and are exposed to the environment including intense movements, so that they are robust so that they can resist deformation and extension.collagenIt is triple protected by the sheath structure.


It is composed of four peripheral parts. that isLambier Ring(Node of Ranvier), Paranode, Juxaparanode, Internode, Internode is involved in myelin sheath formation (zero myelin protein),PMP22, (Myelin basic proteins) are expressed, and these proteins are myelin sheath formation and internodeCapacitanceIs believed to be responsible for the decline in

Peripheral nerveMyelin sheath TheAxonTheSchwann cellIs formed by adhering the inside and outside of the cell membrane surrounding the protrusion. The outer sides of the cell membrane adhere to each other to form an intraperiod line, and the inner sides form a major dense line. The one that looks darker with an electron microscope is the major dense line, and the one that is thinner is the intraperiod line. The place where the innermost intra period lines stick together is called mesaxon. There is a part of the myelin sheath where the adhesion loosens and the cytoplasm remains regularly, which is called the Schmidt-Lantamann notch.POEMS syndromeSchmitt-Lantamann notch incisions in the early days of.

The tight adhesion site of the myelin sheath is called the dense part, and the Schmidt-Lantermann notch is called the non-dense part.The myelin sheath proteins involved are different.There are MPZ and PMP22 in the dense part, and MAG in the non-dense part.Connexin32, E-Cadherinand so on.

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