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🌏 | Pulitzer Prize, Special Award for Girl Shooting Floyd's Death Case "Record with Courage"


Pulitzer Prize, Special Award for Girl Shooting Floyd's Death Case "Record with Courage"

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The incident, in which Floyd died in custody, symbolized police atrocities, especially against people of color, and triggered global demonstrations of racial equality.

The Pulitzer Prize, which is given to excellent coverage in the United States, was announced on the 11th, and in May last year, Minnesota, Minnesota, USA ... → Continue reading


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Colored race

Colored raceWhat is (Yushokujinshu)?ImperialismFrom the age of20st centuryUsed until the middleRaceIt is a classification.The word colored race is a word used in pairs with white race,EuropeSystemCaucasianRefers to other races, excluding.


The concept of colored raceEugenicsBased on the idea ofThe United Kingdom-France-The United States of AmericaCentered onEuropeThe Caucasian raceColonyExpansion ofSlaveryIt was advocated as a justification for the maintenance of the colonial nations, and therefore of themselves and the colonial nations.PeopleandslaveEasy to distinguish by appearanceSkin colorIt is a subdivision of races that utilize characteristics such as pedigree and pedigree.

Therefore, Caucasians when used in pairs with colored races are the current general racial classification (Caucasian race).Negroid-Australoid-Mongoloid) Has a different definition rangeRacismSince it is a concept closely related to, the scope of coverage differs for each term.

The origin of the word colored race

The impetus for the term colored race led early anthropology.Blue BlumenachIt is derived from the racial classification of scholars such as.

Europe in the early days of anthropology is stillJewish=キ リ ス ト 教It was a time when it was dominated by cultural traditions.this time period,Noah's ArkArrivedCentral Asia OfCaucasianThe regionSacred placeAndThe Old TestamentThe white color was considered good, and the black color was considered evil darkness.In other words, the Europeans at that timeReligiousFor some reason, they "go out in Noah's Ark"AfricaBecause they were self-aware that they were descendants of the people who arrived in the Caucasian region and had noble white skin, they named themselves Caucasian, and among various human groups, they were "from Caucasian". "White-skinned people" is the most beautiful "basic form" of all human groups, and the other four human groups are then defined as "degenerate".[1].

Such racial classification was then used by European countries and the United States, which had just strengthened colonial rule and slavery in connection with eugenics, and said, "Noble whites have degenerated from whites to evil races (ie, colored). Colonial rule and slavery are necessary to guide race), "said the justification for these systems.

Also, the classification of Caucasians and colored races is probably religious as mentioned above.社会Because it was done for some reason, the shade of pigment, etc., the Caucasian race of the Indian subcontinentMiddle EastPeople living in Japan were also classified as colored because they were pagans and controlled races.

In addition, the independence of colonial nations in the 20th centuryJapanHonorary whites from among the colored racesHonorary whites), Etc.Pseudo scienceIt was a racist concept with a typical outfit.

In this way, the definition of colored race itselfnatural ScienceIt is a false concept that lacks proper legitimacy, and is also mistaken in the natural sciences.Ptolemaic theoryLike the wrong theory likeHistory of science,Social historyAlthough it is a concept that should be used only in科学It is a dead language.

Expression in each country

The United States of America

In the United States Colored Is often used to mean "a person who draws the blood of black people," including black people.Also with blacksMixed officialイ ン デ ィ ア ン(Black Indian) And the Indians themselves.They arePlessy v. Ferguson TrialEven if it looks white, as you can see inJim Crow MethodIt was subject to racial discrimination due to such factors.

Brown vs. Board of Education Trial,Civil rights movementThe word Colored itself in the United States has become illegal as discrimination against blacks has become illegal.discriminative termIt is regarded as a word similar to, and is no longer used in official places, and has become a dead language in general.When pointing to the same range as colored races in JapanNon-white(Non-white) etc.PoliticsIs desirable.


カナダWhen referring to "non-white" in, it is currently "Visible minority(Visible minorities, minorities that can be judged from their appearance) ”is often used.Political correctIt is a term.This is to Canada in modern historyImmigrationSince the majority were from Europe, it refers to a minority ethnic group that can be judged by the difference in "appearance (= skin color, etc.)" rather than language or religion.employmentIt is used by Statistics Canada in the context of promoting equal opportunity.Visible minorityIs defined in the Equal Employment Law as "Indigenous people"Persons, other than Aboriginal people, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in color", which refers to people of color.[2]..In operation, "Black,Chugokusystem,フィリピンsystem,Japanese,Koreasystem,Latin Americasystem,Pacific IslandsTribes,South Asiasystem,West Asiasystem,ArabSystem (Blacks, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, Latin Americans, Pacific Islanders, South Asians, and West Asians / Arabs)[3]".


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