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🌏 | Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, China, no abnormalities in radiation dose Meet the requirements = Ministry of Foreign Affairs


China's Taishan nuclear power plant, no abnormalities in radiation dose Meet the requirements = Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Hong Kong government chief executive Carrie Lam told reporters that the Hong Kong Observatory and the Water Department are monitoring radiation doses, but so far no abnormalities have been seen.

[Reuters] – Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, leaked radioactivity at the Taishan Nuclear Power Station in Guangdong Province, China on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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Hayashi Chung Moon

Hayashi Chung(Carrie Lam, Carrie Lam, Chinese:Hayashi Chung Moon,English:Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor,1957May 5 -) isHong KongPolitician.Chief of Parliament, Served as Director of Development Bureau, now the 4th generationHong Kong Special Administrative RegionCum first generationNational Security Maintenance Committee ChairTo serve.キ リ ス ト 教徒(Catholic church[1]).The original name was "Chung Moon", and the current name is the husband's surname "Lin" after marriage.[2].


Hong Kong on May 1957, 5Wan Chai Of(English editionAtZhejiang ProvinceZhoushan CityBorn as the fourth child to a low-income parent in Hong Kong, which originated in Hong Kong.The registered domicile of the moon is Zhejiang Province.NingboIt is said that A boy was born later in the Chung family, and Tsukiyaku was the "fourth of five siblings." He spent his childhood in Nakkei, where he received primary education.(English editionHe received a secondary education at the school and played the role of "head prefect" (≒ student representative) at the school. After graduating from the school,Hong Kong universityEnrolled in. The major at the time of admissionSocial workHowever, at the end of the first grade, majorSociologyWas changed to "Faculty of Sociology". While attending the school, participated in the student movement,(English edition,(English editionEtc. later(English editionI got acquainted with people. AlsoTsinghua UniversityParticipated in planning student exchange with[3]. SociologyBachelorGot1980Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of Hong Kong University.

In the same yearHong Kong GovernmentAnd then worked for various Hong Kong Government-affiliated organizations.

2007Appointed Director of Development on July 7. In office2011から2012OverHong Kong governmentSenior official新界Of the illegal construction of houses (illegal construction of houses), which was rampant among the old inhabitants of the country, attracting high public support[4].

Appointed Chief of Parliament on July 2012, 7[5]. Appointed Chairman of the Debt Committee on low-income issues on November 11[6]. Directed to strengthen crackdown on importers on December 12th and 15th, following a protest demonstration against rising prices and street occupation caused by Chinese importers buying up daily necessities in Hong Kong[7] Arrested 158 importers[8].

2013On August 8, it will decide the payment of benefits to the low-income group living in a very small apartment in a commercial and industrial building. In response to this, critics criticize the benefits to residents who live in illegally narrow apartments, but argue that "it is the apartment that is illegal, not the residents."[9].

Next year due to high support from citizensSecretary of AdministrationWas suggested as a leading candidate[10] But as of 20142017Had announced that he had not run for the election[11]. However, in January 2017 he resigned as Secretary of State and ran for the election of the Secretary of Administration.[12]. At that time, it was the chief financial officer who received the most support from the public.(English edition,Chinese versionBut won the election on March 3[13]. According to the announcement of Hong Kong election, 1,163 people cast valid votes, and 777 votes of Zheng Lin were won. China NationalXinhua News AgencyAfter the noon of the day when the election was confirmed, the company issued a preliminary report, confirming the high interest of the Chinese Central Communist Party executives.

August 2017, 3,(Chinese versionNo. 678 appointed female first administrative secretary[14].. April 4th in BeijingChugoku OfLee KeqiangPrime MinisterAnd was passed the Ordinance of the State Council[15].. I took office as Secretary-General on July 7.[14].

August 2019, 10,Vice President of the State Of王岐山,Macau Special Administrative Region OfCui ShianCome to Japan withEmperor Tokujin OfCoronation ceremonyAttended[16][17].

In 2020, Carrie LamBank accountsIs closed,Credit cardEtc. can no longer be used.This is because the U.S. Congress passed a bill in July of the same year to impose sanctions on Chinese officials involved in Hong Kong's infringement of autonomy.[18] It was reported that he was forced to receive an annual income of HK $ 521 million (about 7000 million yen) and to make all payments in cash.[19].

Response to 2014 anti-government demonstration

August 2013, 10,2016 OfLegislative CouncilAppointed to be the person in charge of a specialized team that gathers opinions on the election system for the election and 2017 Secretary-General election[20].. One democratic group has one voteGeneral election"Idealism,Hong Kong Basic LawIgnore[21]"A person who does not oppose the Chinese government should be appointed as the administrative secretary."[22] Said a negative thought.

I oppose this attitude of the Hong Kong governmentCourt-Chen Kenmin-VermilionSubmits a political reform proposal for a general election and is rejectedCentralDeclare to occupy and demonstrate[23].. Student groups and democratic groups have joined this2014 Hong Kong anti-government demonstrationThere has occurred. Chung Lin talked with Yura on July 7 before the protest, demanding that the protest be discontinued, but negotiations broke down.[24].

October 10, host demoSuenaga YasushiMeet with a representative of the student group. Demands dissolution of demonstration, but negotiations broke down because of refusal of Zhou's opinion for general election[25].. Since then, he has been reluctant to hold talks with student groups, and stated that on November 11, police will be put in place to remove barricades in areas occupied by demonstrators based on a ban on occupation by the High Court.[26] Then, on November 11, the barricade was forcibly removed.[27].. After the forced removal, barricades were removed and demonstrators were forcibly removed in various places on December 12.Liang ZhenyingSecretary of State declared the end of anti-government demonstration[28].

Responding to the 2019 fugitive ordinance amendment and opposition demonstration

2019September 9, Hong Kong received backlash from citizens2019 Fugitive Ordinance AmendmentWill also decide to withdrawProtestDid not converge and on October 101967 Of(Chinese versionIt's been 52 years since thenMartial lawGiving authority close toEmergency situation regulationsWas activated[29][30].

2020May 8,Hong Kong National Security Maintenance ActAs a person involved in the enforcement ofUS TreasuryBy "In the United StatesAsset freezeProhibiting transactions with Americans"SanctionsSpecified as a target[31].

Response to new coronavirus infections

2020XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,New coronavirus infectionAs a countermeasure, it announced that it will prohibit more than 3 people from gathering in public places from March 29th.This effectively prevented protest rallies and demonstrations.[32].

On July 2020, 7, 29 million residents outside their homesMASKSMandatory to wear[33]..To crack down on demonstrators(Chinese versionIn 2019, the year before the enforcement, people wearing masks were arrested by police.[34].

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  • --A word that refers to Carrie Lam's consul[35].


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Hong Kong flag Hong Kong SAR
(Newly established)
National Security Maintenance Committee Chair
First generation: November 2020, 7-
Next generation:
(Current position)
Liang Zhenying
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
4th generation: July 2017, 7-
Next generation:
(Current position)
Stephen Lam
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
6s: November 2012, 7-June 1, 2017
Next generation:
Zhang Jianjong
(Newly established)
Director of Development, Hong Kong SAR
First generation: January 2007, 7-September 1, 2012
Next generation:
Chen Maobo

Absorbed dose

Absorbed dose(Kyushu Senryo, absorbed dose[Annotation 1]) IsradiationPer unit mass by irradiation ofmaterialThe amount of energy absorbed by.The unit of absorbed dose isGray(Gray, symbol: Gy) is used[Annotation 2].

Absorbed dose is not defined as a substance as its definition.Therefore, it is necessary to determine the substance according to the problem to be dealt with.Often usedOrgan absorbed dose(The substance is an organ of the human body)Air absorbed dose(The substance is air).


When a substance is irradiated with radiation, the substance absorbs the energy of the radiation due to the interaction between the radiation and the substance (mainly ionizing and excitation) (radiation gives energy to the substance).Without specifying the type of substance[Annotation 3], The amount of energy (J / kg) absorbed by a substance per unit mass (1 kg) by irradiation with radiationAbsorbed doseIt is called (absorbed dose).Gray [Gy] is used instead of [J / kg] as the unit[Annotation 4].

Radiation is generally harmful to the human body, but the most important factor in determining the health effects of radiation is this radiation.ExposureIt is the absorbed dose given to the organs of the human body (organ absorbed dose).However, even if the absorbed dose is the same, the effect on the living body differs depending on the type of incident radiation (gamma rays, alpha rays, etc.) and the energy of neutron rays.Therefore, in the world of radiation protection, the absorbed dose is multiplied by the radiation load coefficient, which is a correction factor, instead of the absorbed dose.Equivalent doseIs used.

Absorbed dose (organ absorbed dose) is mainly used outside the area of ​​radiation protection.Definite impactIs a problem, or it represents the dose of medical exposure due to radiodiagnosis / treatment in the medical field.Doctors usuallyRadiation therapyPrescribe in Gy or mGy units[Annotation 5].


Absorbed dose

Substance with mass m [kg][Annotation 6]The average amount of energy absorbed by When [J] (joule), the absorbed dose (marked as D in the symbol) is

(Absorbed dose [Gy])

Is defined as.What is defined in the differential form indicates that it can be defined in terms of points rather than a constant volume of matter.Also, average energy What we are trying to do is to use each radiation[Annotation 7]This is because the behavior of is random and can only be considered as average energy.

注 釈

  1. ^ Or Total Ionizing Dose, abbreviation: TID It may also be expressed as.
  2. ^ Note that 1 [Gy] = 1 [J / kg].
  3. ^ Even if the same type of radiation is irradiated, the energy given to each substance is different, so if the substance (absorber) that absorbs energy by irradiation is air, the absorbed dose to air, and in the case of humans, the organ (tissue). It is necessary to specify the substance according to the purpose of use such as absorbed dose.[1].
  4. ^ 1 [Gy] = 1 [J / kg].
  5. ^ The main reasons why organ absorbed dose [Gy] is used in the medical field[2]
    • Most of the radiation used in medical treatment is basically radiation (X-ray, gamma ray, beta ray) with a radiation load coefficient of 1.0.
    • In the medical field, exposures in a wide range of doses, from the number [mGy] used for diagnosis to the number 10 [Gy] used in radiation therapy, are dealt with.The dose that can be commonly used in this wide range of doses is the absorbed dose as a basic dose (the equivalent dose is a unit for the purpose of radiation protection and is a numerical value used within the range that does not exceed the dose limit. Therefore, it is a number. Equivalent dose cannot be used for exposures above [Gy]).
  6. ^ In the definition of absorbed dose, there is no specific definition of the target substance.[3].
  7. ^ Electromagnetic waves (gamma rays, X-rays) are considered to be treated as photons and are counted as [books].


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