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🌏 | Iran's President-elect is positive about rebuilding nuclear agreement US summit meeting not realized


Iran's next president is positive about rebuilding nuclear agreement US summit meeting not realized

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Iran and Saudi Arabia have fought proxy wars in various countries, from Yemen to Iraq, for decades.

[Dubai / Washington, XNUMXst Reuters] – Iran's presidential election winner, Ibrahim Raisi, Judiciary Representative ... → Continue reading


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Proxy war

Proxy war(Dairisenso,English: proxy war) Means that the subject is directly戦 争A war in which other actors fight as parties without being involved in.


Proxy warnuclear weaponsWith the advent ofThe United States of AmericaとSoviet Socialist RepublicDirectly by戦 争Is now avoidedCold WarIt is a concept that has come to be used in the times.In particularKorean War,Vietnam WarIt was used to represent the situation surrounding such things.As a concrete method, there is a method of providing the personnel and supplies necessary for carrying out a military operation (military assistance) to the nations and powers fighting proxy wars.By providing assistanceMilitary powerNot only to reinforce the physical elements ofSpecial ForcesIt can be expected that operational efficiency will be improved if the members act as military advisors and give advice.Proxy wars not only allow us to minimize the military damage to our country due to defeat, but also allow us to intervene in the context of the situation.Crisis managementA flexible reaction is also possible.

Korean WarSuperpowerIs an example of having some satellite states fight on the front line for fear of being on the front line, and the Soviet Union has to prevent a direct war with the United States.north koreaRejected the request to participate in the war and was an ally at that time insteadPeople's Republic of ChinaTo participate in the warFirst Indochina WarBut in ChinaDemocratic Republic of VietnamWas taking over the support for[1].

In addition, there is no proxy war, and there is a view that when small nations started a war, reverse proxy was performed to attract large nations to their own advantage.The original Cold WarideologyAlthough it was a conflict, there were examples of proxy wars between the same socialist nations of the Soviet Union and China, and many of the proxy wars were rather motivated by economic interests.Iran-Iraq WarIn the case of, the complex interests of each country were revealed.as a resultMunitions industryIs thrivingFive powersSome were used as a place for demonstrations and experimental tests of weapons developed by the United States, the Soviet Union, China, Britain, and France.

A war that is considered a proxy war

  1. Both the US and China intervene directly, and the Soviet Union supports local forces
  2. US intervenes directly, Sino-Soviet support local forces
  3. China intervenes directly and Soviet Union supports local forces
  4. Soviet Union intervenes directly, US and China support local forces
  5. Both US, Soviet and Chinese support local forces
  6. One side supports local forces
  7. Supporting each nation in interstate conflict

The case where the United States and the Soviet Union fell into a direct war crisisCuban crisis.

Proxy war between socialist countries

Behind the proxy war between socialist countries is the Soviet UnionPeople's Republic of ChinaConflict (Sino-Soviet conflict) Is one of the backgrounds.Also, unlike the US and Soviet Union, the Sino-Soviet UnionSino-Soviet border disputeIn fact, he has had a direct war.

Cambodia Civil WarIt is,

  1. Supported by the People's Republic of ChinaKingdom of Campuchia National Union GovernmentAnd America supportRon NorProxy war of the administration
  2. Supported by the People's Republic of China and the United StatesDemocratic CampchiaWith the three-party coalition government and the Soviet UnionEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTo supportPeople's Republic of KampuciaProxy war

It had the characteristic two-sidedness.

Proxy war in the New Cold War

2000 eraEntering the second half, Eastern Europe promoted by the United StatesMDProblem or oldSovietThe United States and Russia began to face sharp conflicts over the hegemony of the nations, and the media said that the US-Russia relationship was "New Cold WarI came to express it.

  1. Russia intervenes directly
  2. One side supports local forces
    • Donbass War --The United States and Europe support the Ukrainian government, and Russia supports pro-Russian factions.
  3. Both sides have proxy power
    • Syrian Civil War --The United States and Europe support dissidents, and Russia and China support the Assad regime.FurthermoreHEATAlso joined to bring them under their control, and they look like three tomoes.
  4. Both sides directly intervene
    • Syrian Civil War- 2014The coalition of the willing, centered on the United StatesAir strike on ISILStart.2015Including those supported by Europe and the United States in the form of Russia supporting the Assad administrationAir strikes on dissidentsStarted.

Non-national usage

Political usage

Faction sleeves in JapanParty leaderIt is sometimes described as a proxy war that the dispute over the votes of candidates supported by such big politicians is regarded as a dispute between big politicians.

Group usage

Non-Fiction"Battle Without Honor]Kobe CityBased inYamaguchigumiとHonda-kaiConflict in different regions (Hiroshima conflict) Is described as "proxy war" in the same book.It has also been made into a movie based on the book.

Usage in the entertainment world

Entertainment program "Lol"of"Okiri""Sanyutei Koyuzo(YamanashiOtsuki CityFrom)Hayashiya Taihei(SaitamaChichibu CityA taunt battle using each other's place of origin by (origin), taking the names of both places of originOtsuki Chichibu Proxy War"(Koyuza saysWorld War III)[2]..With this as a trigger, the Otsuki City Council, Chichibu City Council, and private organizations in both cities began to take up stories such as exchanges between the two cities.Kuniyasu KukiMayor Chichibu said, "What is Otsuki?There is no connection or connection, "(Visit Otsuki City)Enemy land inspectionI sometimes skipped a joke based on this.
In addition, Kuniyasu Kuki and Taihei attended a rakugo rakugo event held in Otsuki City in June 2010 and in Chichibu City in October.Yukio Ishii[3]Locally proud talk battles were also held by both mayors.

Usage in the sports world

Especially in martial arts, there are cases where the media calls a proxy war between the direct disciples of the players who were rivals and the players who left the group of rivals fight in the ring of a third party.

In addition, games between teams in regions with long-standing ties and games between countries with political problems such as international games are often described as proxy wars.

Especially the United States and the Soviet UnionOlympicVenue andチ ェ スWorld champion deciding match[4]Political intervention is being carried out.


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  3. ^ He is a high school student with Koyuza.
  4. ^ Especially in 1972Boris spasskyとBobby FischerMatch

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