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🌏 | Olympics = Japan at the Olympics, data company expects to win the most medals in history


Olympics = Japan at the Olympics, data company forecasts to win the most medals in history

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Under such circumstances, according to data company Gracenote, Japan is predicted to win 60 medals at this tournament, which is about 41% higher than the previous record number of 50 medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. ..

[Tokyo XNUMXnd Reuters] – At the Tokyo Olympics, which will celebrate the opening ceremony on the XNUMXrd, a pandemic of the new coronavirus and a series of ... → Continue reading


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Gracenote, Inc.(Gracenote) isAudio cdAccording to information about the contents ofDatabaseIt is a company that operates a commercial service that licenses and maintains.Japanese corporationGracenote Co., Ltd.(Gracenote KK).Its predecessor is CDDB Inc.CDDBOwns trademarks and rights of.

Apple iTunes StoreMusic distribution services such asSony,pioneer,AlpineAutomobiles and home appliances, etc.Samsung,Sony EricssonProviding technology for mobile music applications such as. More than 3,000 companies (as of September 2010) are participating in the Gracenote Partner Program[1].. Most software that can play CDs makes use of Gracenote's CDDB feature.

Head officeThe United States of AmericaCaliforniaEmeryvilleIt is in.2008May 4, Sony's American subsidiary (Sony Corporation of America) announces acquisition for about $ 2 million[2],same yearMay 6Completed the acquisition.Even after becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony, the company's business continues to operate independently of Sony.

2013May 12,Tribune CompanyAgreed to sell to[3].

2017Sold to Nielsen Holdings in January[4].


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