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🌏 | [Tokyo Olympics] Softball, US team cares about "bear" Japan wins 2 consecutive wins


[Tokyo Olympics] Softball, US team cares about "bear" Japan wins 2 consecutive wins

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Mexico caught up with the tie in the final round, expanding their chances at the tiebreaker and threatening Japan, which is second in the world ranking.

In addition to the ball, there are other American teams at the Tokyo Olympics and Softball that are paying attention.match… → Continue reading


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Tie break

Of this articleitem nameHas the following notational fluctuations.
  • Tie break

Tie break (tiebreaker,TB) Is a term used for sports games and the like, and is a special rule derived from “breaking a tie (tie)” to settle matches in the same tie or rank players in the same tie. Or a procedure.

The specific content varies depending on the competition event, but for example, if a tie breaks at a certain point during the match, temporarily changing the rule is called a tie break,League matchA tiebreaker is a decisive battle between players (teams) who have the same number of wins and losses.There are some competitions where the rules are temporarily changed even if there is a tie that is one point less than the delimiter score, but that isデ ュ ー スIt is called a tie break and has a different purpose, and has the effect of prolonging the settlement.

Originally, if the number of pros and cons is the same in the parliament, the chairman casts one vote on either side.Chair approvalIs a term derived from the expression of "breaking a tie". In baseball, it means "break (=break) tie (= tie and balance)".[1].


If the game count of both players reaches the score that should be taken (6 to 6), do it at the beginning of the setServeServe from the person who performed.

  • The first person to serveデ ュ ー スside[Note 1]From the second person on the add side[Note 2], Deuce side, hit two in that order.
  • It ends when either gets 7 points and the winner wins the set. However, if the points become 6 to 6, then it continues until there is a difference of 2 points. Change ends when both points become a multiple of 6.

International Tennis Hall of FameJames Van Allen of America (also known as the founder ofJames Van Alen) Was devised in 1965 to reduce the match time, and in 1971Wimbledon ChampionshipWas first introduced in. At this time, the rule is to play after the game count reaches 8-8 in a set other than the final set, and in 1979 the rule was changed to after the game count 6-6.

4 major competitionsOut ofFrench OpenThe final set of will not use tie breaks, and the games will be played until there is a difference between the two games.US OpenBy convention, the rule is to enter a tie break at 6-6 in the final set.Australian OpenThen, from the 2019 tournament, the final set will also enter the tie break, and in that case, it will be the rule to win by 10 points in advance.Wimbledon ChampionshipBut from 2019, if the final set game count is 12-12, a rule to enter a tie break has been introduced.

Davis Cup,Fed cupAs for, the tie break was not used for the final set before, but now it is adopted for all sets.[2][3].

soft ball

If there is a tie at the end of the 7th inning, the match will resume from second base without death (the runner is the last batter in the previous inning).In addition, because there are runnersPerfect matchWill be cut off, butNo hit no runRecording will continue.This runner does not count towards the pitcher's earned run.


International match

In international games, overtime was supposed to continue until the balance was broken,OlympicThe revival of baseball games in JapanWorld Baseball Softball Federation(WBSC) aims to show up baseball,2008 OfBeijing OlympicsWas adopted at an international competition sponsored by WBSC.

In the WBSC-sponsored tournament, it will be applied from the 11th extension, and the attack will start from the first and second bases without death.The batters are in arbitrary batting order, and before entering the 11th extension, the managerBall refereeTell the desired batting order. First runners shall be those who have a batting order in the first place, and second runners shall be those who have a batting order in the preceding position of the first basener. After 12 times, the batting order will be from 11 times, and two runners will be placed in the same manner.

World Baseball ClassicEven in2nd Convention (2009)Adopted from. Starting from the 13th extension, the last batter and the previous batter in the previous round are placed on the first and second bases, and play is started from the immortal first and second bases without changing the batting order. Continue until the settlement is reached.4nd Convention (2017)Since then, this has been extended from 11 times. It’s another world championship.WBSC Premier 12Then.1st/2015It has been adopted since the 10th inning after the extension (the rules for batters and runners are the same as in the IBAF sponsored tournament).

2021Held inTokyo OlympicsIn, it was adopted in the same way as the Premier12.

21U Baseball World CupIn1th (2014)More adopted. This applies from 10 times of extension, 10 times are arbitrary batting order, 11 times are the last batting order, restart from immortal XNUMXst and XNUMXnd base, and carry out unlimited extension until the conclusion is reached.

Professional baseball (including independent league)

Major League

Major league baseball The official game of (MLB) is unlimited extension innings, and as a rule, there are no draws, so multiple teams may have the same rate at the end of the regular season, and there may be multiple teams that are ranked first in the district or eligible for a wild card. At that time, the winning team andWildcardMatches that are played to determine which team to winOne game playoff(Or tiebreaker, tiebreaker).The results of this game (win / loss) and the individual results of the players will be added to the regular season.

Minor league

Minor league baseball (MiLB)2018The extended tie-breaking method (starting from the second base without death after the 10th extension of the official game) has been introduced. Even in the MLB official gameNew coronavirusAs a special rule for infection prevention measures2020Season and2021The tie-breaking method of the same rule is adopted in the season.In addition, on schedule adjustmentDouble headerIf it is done in, it will be held up to 7 times in advance, and the extended game will be held in a tiebreak after 8 times[4][5].


Currently, neither the 1st army nor the 2nd army is adopted in the NPB official game, but there is an example of adopting a tiebreaker in the competition between adult baseball and student baseball (13th Kyoto Prefecture Amateur Baseball Championship Finals (2007th Kyoto Prefecture Amateur Baseball Championship) October 10, 29),Doshisha UniversityversusNippon ShinyakuBattle. Also,2008 OfJABA Hitachi Mayor Cup Competitionparticipated inTokyo Yakult SwallowsThe farm teamNippon ExpressExperienced a tiebreaker overtime in the semi-finals with ([1]).

Independent League

Kansai Independent LeagueSince 2014, when it was launched as "BASEBALL FIRST LEAGUE", tiebreakers have been introduced only for league championships that determine annual championships (however, there are no application examples yet, and the championship will be held from 2020). Not)[6].

2021Opened inKyushu Asia LeagueHas adopted a tie-break system (starting with bases loaded with one out) in official games[7].. September 2021, 5Fire Country SalamandersversusOita B-RingsThe battle was the first application case (Oita won in 11 extra times)[8].

Other countries / regions

Korea Professional Baseball LeagueThen in 2010Open battleOnly in the world, the tiebreaker was held for the first time through the world's professional leagues (including independent leagues), but since then it has not been held including official games and open games.

Japanese amateur baseball (excluding independent leagues)

Adult baseball

in Japan,Adult baseballOfficial game of (City competition baseball tournamentHave been adopted since 2003. Minor requirements changes have been made. The application conditions and operation were as follows.

  • From 2003 to 2008
Conditions of Use It is applied when the extension is 13 times or more and more than 4 hours have passed since the start of the match.If the match time is less than 13 hours even after the 4th extension, or if the match time exceeds 4 hours but the extension is less than 13 times, the match will be played as usual.
Operation 1 Play the game from bases loaded with death.The batting order shall be the continuous batting order from the previous inning, the first base runner shall be the batting order of the front runner, the second base runner shall be the batting order of the first base runner, and the third base runner shall be the batting order of the second base runner.Pinch hitters and pinch runners may be appointed, but as with the normal rules, the player who was sent the pinch hitter or pinch runner will be retired, and the pinch hitter or pinch runner will take over the batting order.
  • From 2009 to 2010
Conditions of Use Applicable after 11 extra times regardless of the length of the match.
Operation No change.
  • From 2011 to 2017
Conditions of Use Applicable after 12 extra times regardless of the length of the match.
Operation 1 Play the game from bases loaded with death. The director specifies the batter to start the attack before the 12 attacks (regardless of who the batter is at the end of the 11 attacks).The first base runner is the one in front of the batter, the second base runner is the one in front of the first base runner, and the third base runner is the one in front of the second base runner.Pinch hitters and pinch runners may be appointed, but as with the normal rules, the player sent the pinch hitter / pinch runner will be retired, and the pinch hitter / pinch runner will take over the batting order.After the 13th inning, the batting order at the end of the 12th attack will be continued.
  • From 2018 (excluding 2020)
Conditions of Use Applicable after 12 extra times regardless of the length of the match.
Operation Play the game from the first and second base without death. Continue to operate the batting order at the end of 11 attacks.
* (Special case limited to 2020)
Due to the nationwide trend of the new coronavirus, the applicable conditions are "Applicable from 10 times onward until the semi-final regardless of the match time. If the final match exceeds 4 hours, 1 out from the next inning after the inning is completed. "Apply from the stage of full base", and the first inning will be a voluntary batting order (continuous batting order from the next inning).

Not only the two major competitions in adult baseballDistrict federation tournamentHowever, it is not a strict requirement like the above, but it is devised to apply a tie break immediately at the beginning of the extra time and smoothly manage the tournament, but the original baseball rules (Official baseball rules) Is a system not shown.

Adult softball baseball

Also, working peopleBaseball OfMaruhand Dream Cup / National Baseball TournamentIs a tiebreak in a broad sensesudden deathMethod (At the end of 7 times, or if you finish at the same point in 7 minutes even if you do not meet 90 times, you will be limited to 1 inning. In this case, start from the stage of 1 out full base, basic Has a batter as the next batter at the end of the previous attack, and has three runners counting from the last batter of the previous attack. If the score is the same for both front and back attacks, it will be decided by Janken).

Student baseball

College baseball

College baseballThen.2011 OfAll Japan University Baseball Championship(The 60th All Japan University Baseball Championship Memorial Tournament) Has been adopted in all games except the final. This occurred in March of the same yearGreat East Japan EarthquakeIt was introduced as a part of power saving measures. If there is a tie after 9 innings, it will be applied from the 10th inning and will start with a bases loaded with one out.Tokyo Roku University Baseball FederationHowever, it has been adopted in the rookie tournament (the tournament for first and second graders) (other than the final and third place final match, but no out first and second base start)[9].Toto University Baseball FederationIt will be adopted from the 2019 Fall League match (if there is a tie at the end of the 9th inning, it will be extended from 10 times until the no-out 1st and 2nd base continuation order is reached).

In 2020, as a measure against the flu of the new coronavirus mentioned above, tie-breaking from 10 times in many league games (eg, in the Kansai Student Baseball League) [10], "After 10 innings, no out 1st and 2nd bases. The batting order is continuous batting order at the end of 9th inning.")

High school baseball (hard type)

high school baseballThen, considering the physical condition of the athlete,National Athletic Meet,Meiji Shrine Baseball TournamentThis system has been introduced in Japan, and as with college baseball, if there is a tie after 9 innings, the bases loaded will start from 10 innings to 1 bases loaded.

At the Koshien Tournament, in consideration of the health management of athletes, we set a rest day on the day after the quarterfinals from the summer of 2013, but in the case of continued rain and rematches due to extra time draws, it will be rested by postponing the schedule. As the days disappeared and the second half of the tournament will be overcrowded, measures were being considered. In advance2014From some of the spring conventions, prefectural conventions, and rookie competitions immediately after the formation of a new team[11]But this is springSelected High School Baseball Tournament,Of summerNational High School Baseball ChampionshipIn July of the same year, we conducted a questionnaire to all member schools through the federations of prefectural high school baseballs to discuss whether or not to introduce it into. The results of the questionnaire were totaled by the end of August of the same year, and at the Chairman's meeting in November, the2015It will be implemented from each prefecture pre-qualification tournament before the Koshien tournament[12].

After that, in 2015, it was decided to hold a tie-break with a bases loaded with one out from 10 trials extended only for the spring prefectural / district block tournament.However, at this point, it was undecided whether to use the arbitrary batting order system or the continuous batting order system from the end of the 1th inning.SummerNational High School Baseball ChampionshipAnd sought to participate in itLocal convention, And next springSelected High School Baseball TournamentFor the time being, we will not introduce a tie break system for the autumn prefecture/district block tournament that will be used as a reference material for the selection of participating schools, but we will consider including the spring prefecture/district block tournament from 2016 onwards.[13].

20173 Of89th Selected High School Baseball TournamentIn response to the fact that 2 consecutive draws have been extended for two consecutive games, Takanoren started to consider the extended tie break system, and when they took a questionnaire from participating federations of prefectures nationwide, 15 prefectures responded. Yes, 40 prefectures agree with the introduction. The remaining two prefectures were opposed, and the seven prefectures were unanswered/unclear. In addition, in 38 prefectures, we adopted it in the spring prefectural convention, and it was confirmed that there were certain results,2018SpringThe 90th Memorial High School Baseball TournamentAnd in the summer100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial TournamentFrom (including local tournaments), it was decided to adopt a tiebreaker (setting of first and second base without death from the 13th extension)[14]. Both tournaments do not use the tie-break method in the finals, but if you draw 15 times over, you will only have one re-match, but in the re-match you will use the tie-break method in the same way as up to the semi-finals.

With the introduction of the tie-break system at the Koshien tournament, the final match[Note 3]Except forLimitation rules for extension timesWas abolished and became unlimited[Note 4]. For this reason, depending on the situation, the attack may be extended 16 times or more until the settlement is reached, so the game time may be long, and the number of innings that the same pitcher can climb in one game is per game. Up to 1 times in total (eg: pitchers who have pitched consecutively from 1 times must descend before the 15th extension after entering the tie break. Even if a player who has become a catcher or fielder re-pitches as a pitcher, he can only throw up to 3 innings per game.)[15]However, if the defense position is changed to a catcher or a fielder even after dropping due to pitching restrictions, it is possible to continue participating in the same game unless it goes down to the bench.[16][17].

2021 spring93th Selected High School Baseball TournamentAnd in the summerThe 103rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipFrom now on, the tie-breaking method will be introduced even in the finals.

In the main match, there was no application case at the 90th Memorial High School Baseball Tournament,100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial TournamentOn the second day of the first roundAsahikawa University High SchoolversusSaku Nagasei High SchoolIt was applied for the first time in history at the Koshien national competition throughout the spring and summer.[18].

High school softball

UniversityBaseballIt has been introduced in 2015 at the national convention.The match that triggered the introduction was the 2014th match held in August of the previous year (8).National High School Softball Baseball ChampionshipThe semifinalsReverenceversusChukyoIt's a battle.In this match, both schools were far from home base, and the match proceeded with no points scored, and it was a long time to fight 8 innings from August 28th to 31st.In response to this match, there were concerns about the physical condition of the players, and Takano Ren considered introducing a tie-break system.Then, on January 4, 50, the Takano Ren Softball Committee decided to introduce a tie-breaking system that states, "Except for the final match, after the 2015th inning, the game will start from the first and second bases with no outs in continuous batting order."[19].. Semi-finals of the 60th tournament (2015)NoshiroversusUeda NishiFirst applied in battle[20].


  • Although the introduction of a tiebreaker will make it easier for the game to be settled, the main purpose of the tiebreaker is to digest the tournament schedule, so the burden on the pitcher will not be reduced.[21]..Therefore, even if a tiebreaker is introduced, the 2019 Akita Prefectural TournamentGold foot agriculture high・ In some cases, like Ryu Yui Yamagata, he throws 13 balls 233 times in total, which does not necessarily lead to a reduction in the burden on the players.[22].

American Football

Normally, an extra game will be held and if there is still a tie, a tie will be drawn, but a tie break will be made when it is necessary to determine the outcome of a tournament or ranking match.coin tossAfter deciding the first team in, both teams attack alternately from the 25th yard of the opponent without kicking off. Basically, you win or lose at the point of scoring, but if the first team scored in the field goal in the first attack, the latter team will also be given an opportunity to attack (irregularity).sudden deathmethod).

Previously, a coin toss was used to decide which team would move to the next step.


If the winning rate is lined up in the league match (round robin), the result is higher in the direct competition between the teams, which is called the tie break.NBAandInternational Basketball Federation(FIBA) Adopted in the competition.


NBA Playoffs # Seed Order Determination MethodSee.


  1. Win/loss between the teams
  2. Goal difference between the teams
  3. Total score between the teams
  4. Goal difference between all matches
  5. Total score of all matches


A game played when five or more teams win or lose is called a tie break.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Right half towards the net (on your own court)
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  4. ^ Since the limit on the number of extensions at the Koshien tournament was unlimited until the spring of 1958, with the abolition of this extension number rule, the games other than the final match except the rematch from the spring 2018 tournament returned to the unlimited extension for the first time in 60 years.


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Final episode

Final episode(Saikyu) is divided into multiple timesTV program,Radio programでbroadcastOrmagazine,News (Chinese)This is the last episode of the series that will be broadcast and serialized.


In general, due to reasons such as quantitative restrictions on broadcast time and magazines, and maintaining the interest of viewers, in broadcasts and magazines/newspapers, works are broadcast/posted several times. In this case, the last round is called the final round.The last episode ofIt is also sometimes called.

What has a consistent story

A story is developed around a single subject throughout the serialization and broadcasting periodSerialized novel,Story cartoon,Television Animation,TV dramaIn general, the development has converged towards the final round,HintIs digested, and some end result is reached in the final round.

In the case of Japanese TV dramas, the broadcasting period is often decided in advance (for example,Prime timeTV drama is broadcast for 3 months <1cool> is the mainstream), and inevitably the final broadcast time and outline are often predetermined. It is often done by expanding the time frame in the final episode.

Also, after the last episode is posted and broadcast,SequelMay be serialized and broadcast. 『Space Battleship Yamato], [Mobile Suit Gundam], [PokemonAnd 'Mito KomonAnd 'The passing world is full of demons"likeSeriesThere are some that will be converted. In this case, the final episode will be broadcast for each series, but the outline for the next series may be presented. This tendency is particularly strong in the United States (Later). In addition, in consideration of the possibility that a sequel will be produced, there is also a work that is not written as the final episode and is written as "○○ story" as usual.

Each episode (several episodes) completed

On the other hand, it is a collection of stories that is completed in each story (or a few episodes), and there are no major changes in basic situations such as manga, anime,Situation comedyIn such cases, there is no big turning point in the final episode, and it often ends in a form that suggests that the world of the story will continue even after the end of broadcasting and serialization (eg manga “Sazae]). However, in some cases, a big turning point will be reached at the end of the final round, and the story will converge at the final round (eg: "Haction Daimaou]).

If there is no clear ending like the former, or if the serialization does not end, the fictitious final roundurban legendSometimes it spreads like, or is created informally. Famous examples are Mr. Sazae (an airplane on which the Isono family took an accident, and the family returned to the sea as the fish that gave their names).Doraemon(Nobita aspires to be a scientist to fix Doraemon that has stopped working, and Nobita who has grown builds Doraemon). The latter isDoujinshiAlso,CopyrightThe above problem also occurred.

In a work in which a consistent story is not the core of the work, multiple different final episodes may be drawn for one work. For example, Doraemon has been serialized in multiple magazines and also animated, and each draws a different final episode.Doraemon's final episodereference).

As with Doraemon, Sazae has a clear final episode,Evening FukunichiIt has ended once in the serialization in the marriage of Maso and Sazae. I will resume the serialization later, but this has ended due to the termination due to the author's circumstances.


Even in the case of non-story works such as documentaries, the last episode may be called the last episode if it is broadcast or published multiple times.

For TV/radio programs

A TV scheduleIs then written as [end]. fundamentallyDrama,AnimeEtc.fictionPrograms other than works have a special reason[Note 1]Unless there isCensoredHowever, although the contents of the program are the same, some will be treated as the final episode as the title changes at the same time as the broadcast time.

Final Round Special

Especially the final episode of the manga has various endings, and there are several books that explain the background.

  • This final episode is amazing!-The 13 amazing final episodes (separate volume da Vinci)
  • Suddenly the final episode-Last scene of masterpiece manga again part1-4 (JICC Publishing Bureau)

US TV Show

In the US, TV dramas, situation comedies, etc. are usually not decided in advance for how long they will be broadcast, and they are broadcast in units of 6 to 9 months, and rest for the rest period.[1]Often, the continuation is produced and broadcast again[2].. The continuous broadcasting periodSeasonCalled the last round of the seasonSeason finale(en: Season finale) Called. In order to hold the viewer's attention until the next season, the season finale and the first broadcast of the next season are often regarded as a series of episodes before and after, and such a final episode is especiallyCliff hangerCalled. For the season finale, the final episode of the TV program itself,Series Finale(en: Series finale) Called.


  1. ^ During this time, it will be connected by rebroadcasting the number of episodes already aired.
  2. ^ For this reason, if the last season has a poor audience rating, the sequel may not be produced and the story may end without completion.

注 釈

  1. ^ Dissolution of performers, suspension of activities, intentions of performers, etc.

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