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🌏 | NY Foreign Exchange Market = Small dollar depreciation, FOMC reserve Bitcoin high price for the first time in 5 weeks


NY Foreign Exchange Market = Small Dollar Depreciation, FOMC Reserve Bitcoin High for the First Time in 5 Weeks

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Weekend reports that Amazon.com will start accepting Bitcoin payments by the end of the year have been seen as material.

[New York XNUMXth Reuters] – In the New York foreign exchange market, the dollar is modest against a basket of major currencies ... → Continue reading


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Bitcoin(British: Bitcoin) In 2008Satoshi NakamotoInvented by an unnamed person or group using the name,Peer to Peer(P2P) typeCryptocurrencyIs[9]..This currency has its implementationOpen source softwarePublished as, and started to be used in 2009.

as a feature,Central BankAnd decentralized without a single administratorDigital currencyIt can be sent from user to user on the P2P Bitcoin network without the need for an intermediary.[10][11]..Trading is networknode[12] Validated by, all Bitcoin transaction historyBlock chain Recorded in a distributed manner in a ledger called (blockchain)[10][13].

Can be exchanged for other currencies, products and services as actual demand[14]..On the other hand, it has been criticized for being used for illegal transactions, a large amount of electricity used by miners, price fluctuations, and theft from exchanges.It's also used as an investment, but some regulators have issued warnings for investors about Bitcoin.[15][16].

Central AmericaEl SalvadorApproved Bitcoin as legal tender for the first time in the world on June 2021, 6[17], Introduced on September 9th of the same year[18].


  • August 2008, 8-Domain name "bitcoin.org" is registered on the Internet[19].
  • July 2008, 10-"Satoshi NakamotoWith the name ""Bitcoin: Peer-to-peer electronic cash systemWas first introduced in a treatise titled "[20].
  • January 2009, 1-Bitcoin operation begins[21].
  • May 2010, 5-USAFloridaIt is said that the programmer bought two pizzas for 2 Bitcoins, which is the first example of a commercial transaction with Bitcoin.[22]..For this reason, May 5nd is called "Bitcoin Pizza Day".[23].
  • March 2013, 3-A bug in Bitcoin software version 11 temporarily splits the blockchain into two independent chains with different rules. For six hours, the two branched Bitcoin networks were operated at the same time, each with its own transaction history.Most of the network has been downgraded to version 0.8 of Bitcoin software, and normal operation has been restored by choosing a backward compatible version of the blockchain.[24].
  • October 2013-USAFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is onlineBlack market OfSilk roadClosed and seized US $ 2850 million worth[25].
  • October 2013, 12- People's Bank of ChinaBans the use of Bitcoin by Chinese financial institutions[26].
  • January 2014, 1-Charlie Shrem () and Robert Fiera (), director of the BitInstant exchange and vice chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, arrested on suspicion of money laundering with Bitcoin Be done[27].
  • February 2014, 2-Major exchangesMount gox[Annotation 1][Annotation 2] Stopped all transactions[28]"We have decided to temporarily suspend all transactions to protect the exchange site and customers."[29].Wall Street JournalAccording to the 25th,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThe South Federal District Attorney's Office launches an investigationMount goxSent a subpoena to order the preservation of documents, etc.[30].. 28th, the companyTokyo District CourtToCivil Rehabilitation LawWas applied for and accepted[31]..The company claims that the damage amount is 85 bitcoins (equivalent to 114 billion yen) and cash of 28 billion yen. (The equivalent of 480 billion yen is correct)[32]. ) GLOCOMAccording to visiting researcher Masanori Kusunoki, the customer can tamper with the originally issued transaction ID, and even if the original ID is inquired, there is no transaction ID, so transactions can be requested as many times as necessary.[33]According to Takayuki Sugiura, the representative of "", if the password of the "wallet" that manages the private key can be stolen, a large amount of unauthorized withdrawals are possible.[33].Detail is"Mount goxSee
  • June 2014, 6-US Online Travel LargestExpediaStarts using Bitcoin for hotel reservations[34].
  • October 2014, 7- DellStarted accepting Bitcoin payments for selling its products through the official website[35].
  • August 2014-AmericanRakutenSuper Logistics Starts Handling Bitcoin Payments[36].
  • As of December 2015, 12-The market capitalization of Bitcoin is about 18 billion yen[37].
  • January 2015, 1-Major ExchangesCoinbaseBut,AmericaOpened "Coinbase Exchange", a Bitcoin exchange licensed by 24 states[38].
  • October 2015, 10- European Court of Justice(ECJ) said, "Buying and selling Bitcoin(English editionExcluded from the application!Judgment[39].
  • As of April 2017, 4-The market capitalization of Bitcoin is about 29 billion yen, 23785 BTC is 1 yen [40].
  • As of May 2017, 5-Bitcoin's highest price surpassed gold's highest and rose to the $ 25 level per Bitcoin, which tripled at the beginning of the year.[41].
  • October 2017, 7- ロシアAlexandre Benik of the personMount GoxThrough your own Bitcoin exchange, you can illegally obtain profits fromMoney launderingOn suspicion ofGreeceI found out that I was arrested during my stay[42].
  • October 2017, 8- Hard forkByBitcoin cashSplit[43].
  • August 2017, 8-Data compression technology "Segwit" is activated[44].
  • October 2017, 10- Hard forkBy医 、 医Split[45].
  • October 2017, 11- Hard forkBitcoin diamond splits due to[46].
  • October 2017, 12- Chicago Board Options ExchangeBitcoin at (CBOE)Futures tradingThe start of the[47].
  • October 2017, 12- Coinbase The transaction price at was $ 1 per Bitcoin.Bitcoin's price, which had been rising until now, has since fallen to $ 19891.99 on December 2018, 12, and this high was not exceeded until December 15, 3128.89.[48]
  • October 2017, 12- Chicago Mercantile ExchangeStart Bitcoin Futures Trading at (CME)[49]..The trading unit is 5 Bitcoin, and the contract month is monthly.[50].
  • October 2018, 1- Lightning networkThe world's first purchase of goods was made by.[51] Then, on February 2, the same year, the world's first person who made a business transaction (purchase of pizza) with Bitcoin bought pizza again on the Lightning Network. [52]
  • October 2019, 6- Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE) Bitcoin futures trading closed[53].
  • Bitcoin futures trading starts on September 2019, 9[54].
  • December 2019, 12-Bitcoin atOption tradingThe start of the[55].
  • October 2020, 1- Chicago Mercantile ExchangeBitcoin at (CME)Option tradingThe start of the[56].
  • October 2020, 11- United States Department of Justice(DOJ)Silk roadSeized a billion dollars of Bitcoin[57].
  • February 2021, 2 --The market capitalization exceeds 20 trillion dollars (about 1 trillion yen).[58][59][60].
  • May 2021, 5-Implementation testing of the major upgrade "Taproot" begins[61].
  • June 2021, 6-El Salvador approves Bitcoin as fiat currency[17].
  • September 2021, 9-Bitcoin is introduced as fiat currency in El Salvador[18].

How it works

Bitcoin is called secp256k1Elliptic curveBased onECDSAThe transaction is encrypted by the algorithm[62]..Also, the equation of the secp256k1 curve used in Bitcoin is 2=3+7[63]..In Bitcoin, the format that improves the protocol is called Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP).[64], It has been proposed to add support for Schnoor signatures[65].

Currency unit

Bitcoin'sCurrency unitIs "bitcoin".2014Currently, the symbol for Bitcoin isBTC,XBT,There is[66].

As auxiliary units, there are "mBTC (millimeter bitcoin)", "µBTC (micro bitcoin)", "bits", "satoshi (or Satoshi, read as Satoshi)" and the like. satoshi is the creator of BitcoinSatoshi NakamotoIt is the smallest unit of Bitcoin attached in commemoration of, and is equivalent to 1/1 million Bitcoin.[67][68].. Bits are one millionth Bitcoin, equal to μBTC, and are called bits (in English notation).bitsAnd plural)[69].

In addition, there is a difference in meaning depending on the size of the acronym, uppercase letters (Bitcoin) refer to protocols and trading networks, and lowercase letters (bitcoin) refer to the currency itself.[70].

October 2014, 10, Bitcoin Foundation for BitcoinISO 4217Reveal plans to apply for currency code[71], BTC or XBT were the main candidates[72].

In 2015, the Bitcoin symbol "₿"UnicodeApproved to be added to (U + 20BF)[73][74].

Blockchain and mining

Blockchain is a method in which transaction data for a certain period of time is collected in block units on computers that make up a distributed network, and the data is synchronized while verifying each other.It is called a "blockchain" because it is a mechanism that connects and accumulates transaction records like a chain, and Bitcoin is traded using that technology.[75].

Mechanism of transaction approval work

Bitcoin senders can use transaction information such as amount and recipient (transaction), The minors that make up the network (minerTo a node called (miner)broadcast(Forward.The miner summarizes the received transaction information in the form of a block and adds it to the end of the blockchain.However, in order to record a new block, it is necessary to solve a problem with a large amount of calculation.Miners compete to solve the problem, and only those who succeed in adding blocks first can get a certain amount of reward.Collectively the above processesMiningIt is called (mining).Inconsistencies such as double payments are checked by other nodes when recording blocks on the blockchain[76][77].

The difficulty has been adjusted so that the problem can be solved in about 10 minutes, and the sender has to wait about the same amount of time for the integrity of the transaction to be confirmed by the miners and recorded on the blockchain.All Bitcoin currencies in circulation are thus supplied to the market in the form of rewards for miners.[76].

Blockchain branch

The blockchain may branch in some cases.For example, a malicious attacker has tampered with a block in the past, or multiple miners have added blocks at the same time.Bitcoin solves these problems with the principle of "trusting the longest blockchain," which is the result of many calculations that make up the chain.[78][79].

Even if an attacker rewrites the past transaction history, the chain derived from it must be longer than the other chains in order for the history to be trusted.This requires more than half the CPU power of the entire network.[80]..Also, if the number of nodes participating in Bitcoin is large enough, it is difficult to secure such CPU power.Bitcoin is thisDistributed agreement algorithmThe idea (Proof of Work) To ensure robustness[79][80].

If multiple miners add their own blocks and the chain diverges, each miner on the network chooses one of them to work on mining.When more new blocks are added to one chain, the other chain is abandoned[79].


The wallet (account / storage location) in Bitcoin is the Bitcoin address (account / storage location) that holds the private key.address/ Account number)[81]..As for the Bitcoin address, a "public key" is created by the "private key", and a bitcoin address is created from the "public key".[82]..Also, when sending money from that address, we will respondSecret keyWill be required.

There are the following types of Bitcoin wallets[83].

Hot wallet

A hot wallet is a wallet in which the wallet's private key is connected to the Internet.Typically, there are the following three[84].

  • Web wallet
  • Mobile wallet
  • Desktop wallet

A web wallet manages a wallet on your behalf.Web serviceIt is a wallet of.It is highly convenient because it can be used regardless of the type of terminal, but the security aspect will be left to the service provider.[85].

In addition,Windows,MacOS,iOS,AndroidSuch asoperating systemWorks onsoftwareWallet is called a software wallet (client wallet).When installing software on a desktop PC, it is called a desktop wallet, and when installing it on a mobile terminal, it is called a mobile wallet.[86].

The first wallet to come out was Bitcoin Core, released as open source software by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.[87][88].. Bitcoin Core not only functions as a wallet, but also has the function of participating in the Bitcoin network as a full node and performing mining.[89].

Cold wallet

A cold wallet is a wallet in which the wallet's private key is isolated from the Internet.Typically, there are the following two[84].

  • Hardware wallet
  • Paper wallet

A hardware wallet is a wallet that uses dedicated hardware.The hardware wallet is used by connecting to an external machine (such as a personal computer) connected to the trading network (Ethernet).The private key is stored inside the hardware wallet, but since the wallet only signs and sends it to the connected machine, the possibility of leaking the private key is lower than that of the software wallet.[90][91].

A paper wallet is a paper with a bitcoin address and a private key (private key / encryption code) printed on it.crackingIt is the safest because there is no risk of the private key being leaked.However, you need to be careful about deterioration and theft of ink and paper.[92].

economic power

Bitcoin is a digital asset that can be traded in P2P (Peer to Peer)[93], "It is difficult to earn, supply is limited, and verification is easy", which is said to have three useful properties as a currency.[94].

Also a Bitcoin advocateSatoshi Nakamoto"The fundamental problem with traditional currencies lies in all the trust they need to function as a currency. In order for a central bank to be trusted, it must not devalue the currency. Don't, the history of fiat money is full of destruction of its trust. "[95].

Alternative currency

Bitcoin is your home currencyinflationIt has been shown to be a popular alternative currency in countries suffering from rates, capital restrictions and economic sanctions by international organizations.Some are in trouble due to inflation and strict capital controlsArgentinianIt is,Argentine pesoUsed as an alternative currency to[96] In addition, some Iranians use it to avoid currency sanctions[97] doing. June 2021, 6 in Central AmericaEl SalvadorApproves Bitcoin as legal tender for the first time in the world[17]Introduced on September 9th[18]..The country is Bitcoin and the other fiat currencyU.S. dollarWe are promoting the spread by establishing a new ATM to exchange money, developing an electronic wallet application for smartphones "Chivo", and conducting a campaign to earn 30 bit coins by registering with Chibo.[18][98].

Economic journalists and analystsスペインWith the distribution volume inCyprus shockSuggests to be related to[99].CyprusThen, when financial difficulties arise,Financial institution OfdepositTo tax your accountBlockadeBy doing so, the people of CyprusNational powerThe movement to transfer assets to "bitcoin", which is beyond the reach of the market, has increased, and it has been widely reported.


Speculation on Bitcoin

By speculators trying to profit from price fluctuations as popularity rises[100], Traded for speculative purposes[101].

As an example, the Winklebos brothers bought Bitcoin in 2012, and in 2015 they also established the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.[102]..But on the other hand, in 2013European Banking Authority(EBA) warns against such speculative risk[103].

In 2020, it will be an American company engaged in data management and analysis in the business field.(English editionCompany is starting to buy Bitcoin[104].

In 2021, a major online game companyNexonPurchased Bitcoin and incorporated it into its financial assets for the first time as a Japanese company[105].

Bitcoin Minance

Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are called "altcoins".CryptocurrencyThe ratio of Bitcoin's market capitalization to the market capitalization of the entire market is called "bitcoin minance".[106]..Bitcoin Minance is used to understand the flow of funds between Bitcoin and Altcoin, and is an indicator for speculating on cryptocurrencies.[107].


Bitcoin can be obtained by mining, exchanging goods, services, other currencies, or receiving donations.Bitcoin is commonCredit cardCosts are reduced compared to 2-8% of merchant fees[108], It is possible to realize a settlement cost that is even cheaper than the credit card fee, and it is not affected by weekends and holidays.In addition, both sellers and buyers do not need to enter personal information, card numbers, or other information that would cause problems if leaked to the outside.for that reasonE-commerceIs steadily solidifying as a payment method for[109].

As an example of adoption by a well-known commercial corporationOkCupid,reddit,WordPress,Virgin Galactic [110],Specified nonprofit corporation,AdvocacyIn a groupFree Software Foundation[111],WordPress[112],Tor[113],Electronic Frontier Foundation[114] (EFF),Wikimedia Foundation[115] And so on.

Problems and analysis

Bitcoin credit without a central governing body is mutually formed by all network participants.While there is a risk that there is no central organization that strives to prevent value decline, it is also not possible to control value against the intention of the user. [109].

Use for crime

The European Banking Authority (EBA) and other sources have warned that "Bitcoin users are not protected by the right to request refunds or chargebacks."The use of Bitcoin by criminals has attracted the attention of financial regulators, legislative bodies, law enforcement agencies and the media.

Officials in the United States and other countries recognize that Bitcoin can provide legal financial services, but criminal activity is centered around the darknet market and theft.Bitcoin theft is possible and there are examples[116], Offline precautions can reduce this risk[117].

The link to criminal activity has hindered the expansion of the user population, and distribution trends have attracted the attention of financial regulators, legislatures, and law enforcement agencies, and in fact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Senate, Investigated by the state of New York[118].. The FBI "probably attracts cybercriminals as a means of transferring or stealing money," the 2012 report said.[119].

Black market and money laundering

In 2012, the British economic magazine Economist reported that Bitcoin's popularity "is based on its utility value as a means of purchasing illegal drugs."[120].. 2013, UKGuardian"Mainly used for online gambling and illegal drug purchases," the paper said.[121], The same year,Huffington post"Online gambling is a high percentage," he said.[122]..Legitimate transactions are believed to be less than the actual number of drug purchases involved[123], About half of all transactions are settled on a single online gaming site[124].. 2012,Carnegie Mellon UniversityAnd a study by the Information Network Association estimated that 4.5-9% of Bitcoin's total circulation was for drug purchases on the single online market, the Silk Road.[125]..Although most of the transactions were essentially speculative, the study claims that drugs account for a much larger proportion than goods and services.[125].. In 2013, the Huffington Post reported that unidentified online firearms dealers are using Bitcoin for payments.[126].

In addition, various regulators and law enforcement agencies, including the European Banking Authority,Money launderingBe wary of use[127]..A 2012 report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) acknowledged the risk of money laundering, but stated that no cases were found.[119]..Some cite the openness of transaction history as an obstacle to money laundering.[128].(English editionRaised the need for measures to eliminate money laundering in 2015 and raised concerns about industry shrinkage due to over-regulation.[129].

Theft and unauthorized mining due to unauthorized access

In the traditional currency industry, if an asset is compromised in the middle of a transactionConsumer protectionRegulations require businesses to make payments to a certain extent, but in the case of businesses that mediate Bitcoin transactions, there are multiple cases where Bitcoin was stolen and customer assets were lost and did not return. Happened twice[129]..Since transactions are irreversible with Bitcoin, once an unauthorized accessor sends an asset to another person, it cannot be undone.[129].

2011 year 6 month,SymantecWarned that hidden mining by botnets could consume hardware, increase power consumption, and increase computer temperature.[130][131]..If you are infected with a computer virus, the latestVideo cardBuilt intoBut by the full GPU acceleration tech OfParallel computingBandwidth is consumed by malware[132].. For mining in mid-August 2011BotnetIs detected again[133]For mining in less than 3 monthsTrojan horseInfected withMac OS XWas discovered[134].

National regulation

U.S. Treasury Department in March 2013(English edition Has enacted regulatory guidelines for "decentralized cryptocurrencies", and "miners" who sell money in the United States have been designated as currency sellers and have been subject to business registration and other legal obligations.[135][136][137].

In August 2013, the German Ministry of Finance stated that Bitcoin "can be used as an accounting unit for multilateral settlement".[138][139], Capital gains tax was levied on holding for more than 1 year[139].

The New York State Department of Financial Services announced in November 2013 that it would conduct a survey on BitLicense and guidelines to raise concerns and regulate wealth transfers and criminal activity (especially the Silk Road). Held a hearing in New York City[140].. AlsoUnited States Internal Revenue Service(IRS) states that it is "actively working to create its own standards."[141].

At the same time, the European Banking Authority (EBA) gave subtle approval in light of usage.Previously, official warnings were issued because there are no regulations or approvals by banks in the EU and EFTA regions and there are risks, but they acknowledged that they are not covered by various regulations and are unnecessary, and recognize the current situation. Changed[142].

In Japan, on September 2014, 6LDPIT Strategy Commissioner has published a proposal to forgo regulation[143]..The proposal defines virtual currencies such as Bitcoin as "value electromagnetic records (value records)".

ロシアThen in January 2014,Central BankHas stated that it currently has no plans to ban any cryptocurrencies.The government plans to establish a legal framework to protect citizens and corporations to prevent illegal use of cryptocurrencies.[144].

IndonesiaThen, on July 2014, 2Bank IndonesiaBut stated that Bitcoin is not legal tender[145].

China (People's Republic of China)Then, in mid-April 2014, a major state-owned commercial bank began closing accounts on Bitcoin exchanges.[146][147]..While China is pushing ahead with Bitcoin trading regulations, the profits from the sale of mined Bitcoin will be returned to China.[148]Bitcoin mining activity, which accounts for more than 7% of the world, is tolerated for a while because it can control the market.[149], Chinese government in April 2019ComputerAnnounced a policy to ban the mining of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin because of the waste of electricity[150], The world's largest mining equipment(English editionChinese companies like this also require a large amount of computing powerArtificial intelligenceBecame focused on government-supported industries such as[151].

EgyptThen,Grand Mufti OfShawki Allam Abdul Kareem IslamProhibit Bitcoin trading as contrary toReligious decree(Fatwa),IslamicSimilar Bitcoin bans were issued one after another[152][153].

While there are such regulatory movements, there are movements aimed at introducing Bitcoin as a new currency. June 2021, 6,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euApproves Bitcoin as legal tender[2]Introduced on September 9th[18].

Energy consumption and carbon footprint

Concerns about Bitcoin's environmental impact are Bitcoin's energy consumption andcarbon dioxideRelated to emissions[154][155]..The difficulty in converting energy consumption into carbon dioxide emissions is due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, which makes it impossible for miners to localize to determine the composition of electricity used.The results of recent studies analyzing the carbon footprint of Bitcoin vary.[156][157][158][159].

In a study published in Nature Climate Change in 2018, Bitcoin "alone is enough CO to boost global warming above 30 ° C within 2 years.2Can generate emissions. "[158]..However, other researchers have criticized this analysis, claiming that "the underlying scenario is inadequate, leading to overestimation."[160][161][162].

According to a study published in Joule and American Chemical Society in 2019, Bitcoin's annual energy consumption is 17[163]~ 22.9 Mt CO2 annual carbon emissions, which isJordan,Sri LankaCountries such asKansas CityIt is a level comparable to the amount of emissions of[159].International Energy Agency(IEA) has 10-20 Mt CO annual carbon emissions associated with Bitcoin2Nature Climate Change's forecasts are just "sensational forecasts for Bitcoin," as were warned about the increase in the Internet and its energy consumption in the late 1990s. ing[164].

Footnotes and references

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