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🌏 | Olympics = First Judo Mixed Team, Japan is Silver "France was Strong"


Olympics = first mixed judo group, Japan is silver "France was strong"

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France won four times, and Shohei Ono (the same gold medal) of the men's 4 kg class could not participate.

[Tokyo XNUMXst Reuters] -The Tokyo Olympics held the Judo mixed team final on the XNUMXst, and Japan lost to France XNUMX-XNUMX ... → Continue reading


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Shohei Ono

Shohei Ono(Shohei Ono,1992<4>May 2 -) isYamaguchi Yamaguchi CityFromJapan Ofjudoplayer.The class is 73 kg.Height 170 cm.Blood type is O type.KumiteIs right-handed.The rank is XNUMX dan.My specialty isthrow in judoとUchi mata[1]. CurrentlyAsahi KaseiBelong to[2].


Up to high school

Judo started at the age of 7 with the Matsumi Judo Sports Boy Scouts[1]..Two-year seniors at the dojo will later become indiscriminate world championsDaiki KamikawaThere wasYamaguchi City Ryojo Elementary SchoolAfter graduating, when I went to Tokyo following my brother Tetsuya, who was two years older,Kodo GakushaBecame a member of[3]..According to the instructor, Haruya Mochida, Ohno was only 8th out of 7 players of the same grade at the beginning of school.Tsurumaki Junior High SchoolBy the time he is in his second year, he hesitates to take on the challenge of serious competition without compromising at all, and there is a tendency to avoid other players, including senior students, from teaming up with Ono. It is said that it has come to show a feeling[4]..On the other hand, according to him, he only remembers crying because of the pain at that time.[5].. Participated in 2 yearsModern Judo CupThen it came in 5th place. In the final of the Tokyo tournament in the third yearKokushikan Junior High School3 yearsYusuke IzaLost in the flag judgment and stayed in 2nd place.In team battlesNational Junior High School Judo TournamentとMaruchan CupEntered 5th place[1].

Setagaya Gakuen High SchoolProceed to, at the time of one yearGold eagle flagWhen you play against Tokai University Sagami High School in the quarterfinals of the same yearRyunosuke HagaLost in coaching 2 and the team remained in 5th place[1].National High School ChampionshipLost in the third round in the team competition. In the second yearInter HighIn the 73 kg quarterfinalsTsurugi High School3 yearsJunpei MorishitaTheGSAfter entering, if you proceed to the final by defeating it effectively,Seifu High SchoolKeisuke Kakita for 3 yearsSumi gaeshiDefeated in and won the championship[1]..He was fifth in the national high school championship team competition. In the third year, again in the final of the Tokyo tournamentYusuke IzaI lost to the 2nd place and couldn't participate in the Inter-High.In addition, I did not participate in the team competition even once from the time of the year[1][5][6].

College days

1nd year college

In 2010Tenri UniversityGo on to school. If you win the French Junior International in the first year,Grand Slam TokyoAlso participated in and finished 5th.At that time, he was also a senior at the university who was the director of the All Japan national team.ShinoharaIn addition, as a special case, I was asked to raise from junior to senior strengthening designated player, so I participated in senior training camp and accumulated more power.[6].

2nd year college

In the second yearAll Japan JuniorIf you win inWorld JuniorBut I won the championship[7].. In March 2012World Cup OberwaldParticipated in and won the senior international tournament for the first time[8].

3nd year college

In the second year of JuneChampionshipIn the quarterfinalsNihon UniversityWhen you play against, it is over 100 kg Hisayoshi HarasawaThe team stayed in 5th place due to waza-ari and defeat.[1].. In MayKodokan CupIn the final, Takeshi Doi, a first-year junior at universityUchi mataWon one and won the first victory[9].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen in the finalIntegrated security guarantee OfNakayaToKosoto GariAfter taking the waza-ari, I won one with Osotogari,Grand slamFirst victory in the tournament[10][11].

4nd year college

In the second year of JuneBy weightIn the semifinalsUniversity of TsukubaAlthough he lost to Yuki Nishiyama in 4 years with guidance 1 and finished in 3rd place, his achievements in international competitions were highly evaluated.World championshipSelected as a representative[12].. At the World Championships in August, Korea ’s former world champion in the first matchWang Ki-chunWhen he played against him, he won a foul against the king who was suffering and running away.In the next two races, he won the foul with Uchimata, and in the quarterfinals, the former world No. 2 in the NetherlandsDex ElmontI played against.After mutual effectiveness, he was led by Guidance 2, but he regained Guidance 10 seconds before the end and lined up with points.GSWhen I rushed into, I won one with a harai goshi.Belgium, formerly third in the world in the semi-finalsDirk Van TicheltWhen you hit the tatami mat with Osotogari, in the finalLondon OlympicsBronze medalist in FranceUgo LegrandOn the other hand, after taking effect in the inner thighHane goshiDefeated in, and won the championship with a single win in all six games.At this time, "I was able to play aggressive judo in front of me. I am happy that I won all with one. I want to be a player who keeps winning. I want to become stronger and come back here again at the Rio Olympics." Said.note that,World organizationIn 90kg classMasashi NishiyamaHowever, he was unable to participate due to an injury, and the team was forced to fight with four people and stayed in 4rd place. It was decided to decorate with a win[13][14][15][16]..Immediately after that, due to the assault incident of the Tenri University Judo Club, which will be described later, the strengthened designated player was canceled, suspended, suspended, and the captain was dismissed.[17]..On the other hand, it is a French judo magazine.L'Esprit du JudoIn 7, he was selected as the best male player in the world championship for seven consecutive world championships.Teddy Riner"I would choose Ohno as the best player. The techniques that were unleashed from the powerful kumite that I showed at the world championships were very impressive and attractive."[18].

Working age


After graduating from university, he became a member of Asahi Kasei from 2014.By weight selected in April, which was the first time to participate in the tournament since the violence problem, after taking guidance 4 to Nakaya in the finalUki otoshiI won one and won the tournament for the first time.World championshipElected as a representative[19]..Then, since he became a world champion, he will be indiscriminately contested by recommendation.All Japan ChampionshipIn the second round, the 2 kg class staff of Ryotokuji GakuenRyohei AnaiAlthough it defeats by judgment, it is over 3 kg that won this tournament in the third roundTakeshi OjitaniLost in instruction 3.In addition, Ojitani could not win only Ohno in this tournament.[20].. At the World Championships in August, Polish players were crushed by Polish players in the second round of the first round, and Mongolia in the third round.Sainjargalyn Nyam OchilWas defeated in Guidance 2, but in the 4th round, Korea Rep.In the world group, they won the semi-finals, but in the finals, the local RussiaDenis IartcevWhen he played against him, he was able to take the waza-ari in Uchi mata and was effective in osoto gaeshi.[21][22][23]..In addition, before this tournamentLos Angeles OlympicsOf the leader who is a 60kg class gold medalistShinji HosokawaI was shocked to hear that "You shouldn't be strong anymore", so I couldn't digest it and went to the tournament.In the match, I was too enthusiastic to win an overwhelming victory over the previous year, and I lost because of sex appeal and gaps, so I wondered if this was what Hosokawa said.Hosokawa couldn't understand the true meaning of the word, but he said, "If you use your current strength as it is, you can win the world enough. I convinced myself by interpreting "Be aware only so that you can put it out."[6].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen in the finalRyotokuji GakuenStaffHiroyuki AkimotoLost due to the effectiveness of Seoi-nage and stayed in 2nd place[1].


2015 Year of 2 MonthGrand Prix DusseldorfSo, if you win one of the three games up to the quarterfinals, Korea ’s semifinalsAn Chang-rimToOuchi GariIn the final, he won the championship with Kosoto Gari after taking a waza-ari with his inner thigh against Georgia's Nugzar Tatalashvili.[24].. From April, I went to the graduate school of Tenri University and continued to receive guidance from Hosokawa.[25]..In the semi-finals by selected weightPark 24 OfSoichi HashimotoLost due to the effectiveness of Osotogari.However,gold medalAs it is close toWorld championshipWas additionally elected as a representative of[26].. In the World Championships in August, he won the first three games in a combination, Osotogari, and a combination, and in the quarterfinals, the European champion IsraelSagi MukiWaza-ari and 3 effective ones were taken and won overwhelmingly.In the semi-finals, he played against Ahn and took the lead with Guidance 1 and Uchimata's waza-ari.1975 for boysWorld championshipIn the final, which was the first confrontation between Japanese players in 40 years since then, he defeated world champion Nakaya with Kosoto Gari's technique and won the world championship for the first time in two years since 2013.In the world group, when they participated only in the semi-final against Germany and won the Osotogari, the team also defeated Korea in the final and won the championship.[27][28][29][30][31]..In an interview after the world championships, the sport of judo is not appreciated by the public even if it wins the world championships, and if it fails to participate in the Olympics, or if it loses even if it participates, it makes no sense at all. Therefore, I definitely want to participate in the Olympics and win a gold medal, and that is what makes it worthwhile.He said it would be okay if there was a competition in the country where only one gold medal was required.[3][32][33].


2016 Year of 2 MonthGrand Prix DusseldorfThen, in the semi-final, if you defeat Ahn with the skill of Uchimata, in the final, Azerbaijan'sRustam OrujovWas defeated with Uchimata's waza-ari, and achieved the second straight victory in this tournament.After the match, he said, "Everything is in August. It doesn't make sense if you don't win there."[34][35][36].. By weight selected in April, he defeated Nakaya in the final with guidance 4 and won the championship for the first time in two years in this tournament.2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsElected as a representative[37]..At the press conference after the representative was decided, he commented, "I hope I can connect everything (experience) to Rio. I definitely want to win a gold medal."[38].. During the training camp in May2000 Sydney OlympicsWon a gold medal inRyoko TamuraHe made a comment, "at least gold," reminiscent of "at least gold, at least gold."At the Olympics, he wants to show the difference in ability to win even if he is not in good shape.[39].. Based on the lessons learned from losing at the 2014 World Championships, I tried to make adjustments for the Olympics without over-practicing so that the peaks and conditions could be adjusted to the actual performance.[6].. In MayRio de Janeiro OlympicsThen, in the first round of the second round, Costa Rica's Miguel Murijo was Yoko Shiho gatame, and in the third round of the UAE.Victor ScvortovIn the quarter-finals of the London Olympics 66 kg gold medalist GeorgiaLasha Shavdatu AshibiriTheKoshi gurumaI broke it with my waza-ari.From Belgium's Bantihert in the semi-finalsOverhead throw in judoHe had a waza-ari, and after taking advantage of Seoi-nage, he won one by Tomoe-nage.In the final, when I played against Orujov, after taking a waza-ari in the inner thighKouchi involvementWon one and won the gold medal for the first time in two Japanese men's judo tournaments at the Olympic Games.[40][41]..In a post-match interview, he said: "I'm happy. I wasn't satisfied with the content, but I think it was conveyed to those who saw the wonderfulness, strength, and beauty of judo. Because I was there, I experienced the difficulty of doing what is natural. The Olympics have a unique atmosphere, but it is a normal international competition, and I think it feels good. "[42]..Ono's success in this tournamentUniversity of TsukubaAssociate ProfessorIncense yamaguchiMade the following comment. "Not an exaggeration, this is a Japanese judo textbook."Yasuo Inoue,Tadahiro NomuraAfter leaving the Olympics, a new edition of the textbook, which had been out of print for more than a dozen years, was unveiled. "Let's do this kind of judo", the value that Japanese players set an example at home and abroad is not limited to one gold medal, "There are immeasurable things" "Osoto (foreigners are good at) ) I didn't give it up to my opponent in close quarters. I forced my opponent to lie down while shifting his posture from Osotogari to Koshiguruma. " He seemed to say, "What do Japanese people give up to do judo?"[43].. In September, he received the prefectural honor award for his success in the Olympics.[44].. July,Purple ribbonThe award[45].. In mayGrand Slam TokyoI was scheduled to participate in the event, but I withdrew from the event due to an injury to my old right ankle.[46]..In addition, IJF was selected as the best player of the year in 2016 by fan voting.The award was given with a big difference of more than double to the runner-up Riner.[47].


According to the selected weight in April 2017, participation will be postponed in order to prioritize the preparation of the master's thesis at the graduate school.This willWorld championshipBe out of the representative[48]..On the other hand, he decided to participate in the indiscriminate All Japan Championship, which is qualified to participate because he is an Olympic gold medalist, for the first time in three years. "The All Japan Championship is a tournament that is as valuable as or better than the Olympic and World Championships. I want to test how well I can pass. Also, the venue, Nippon Budokan, is the venue for the Tokyo Olympics, and I want to play there." I talked about the reason for participation[49][50]..He is a 2kg class player in the second round, which is the first round of the All Japan Championship.JRA OfKensei IkedaHowever, when he was caught up with Guidance 2 after entering GS, he was defeated by Osotogari at the end of the battle for nearly 2 minutes and did not break through the first match.[51][52]..Regarding this result, he commented, "It's not something I evaluate. I want to ask the audience and the media in reverse."[53]..December, the first international tournament in one year and four months since the OlympicsGrand Slam TokyoThen, in the first match, he won the foul against a Kyrgyz player after entering the GS, but he abstained from the next match due to the influence of his right knee injury before the tournament. "I thought it would be better to connect to the next one than to overdo it now. I'm sorry to say that today's game is the limit of the current situation. I could only do this now. With this experience as a plus, 2020 I want to be the strongest player of the year. "[54][55].


In January 2018, he submitted a master's thesis on Osotogari, but in the process of his quest, he discovered that his own Osotogari was an old-fashioned technique that went against the times.[56].. In SeptemberGrand Slam DusseldorfIn the second round of the European champion AzerbaijanHidayat HeydarovWhen he advanced to the final by defeating Orujov with waza-ari, he defeated Orujov with his inner thigh and won the international tournament for the first time in a year and a half since the Olympics.[57]..At this time, from L'Esprit du Judo, 73 kg classMozartWas called[58].. By weight in April, the former world champion who has raised the rank from the 4 kg class, which is the second year senior of the auditorium school building in the semifinalsMasashi EbinumaHe was defeated by being waza-ari twice in Uchi mata.At this time, he commented, "It's frustrating, but it's easier. I asked Ebinuma-senpai to put some soil on it, and on the contrary, I felt more relaxed."[59].World championshipI wasn't selected as a representative,Asian GamesSelected as a representative[60].. In the Asian Games in August, he won all the games until the semi-finals, and in the finals, he won the championship with waza-ari in the inner thigh after more than 8 minutes of fighting including Ahn and GS.I strongly felt that if I pulled it here, the road to the Tokyo Olympics would be cut off, but I couldn't get the opponent's pull because there were four fights with Ahn, but "Come on, I won't run away." After entering the GS, I fought in the left group according to the opponent.As a result, Ahn fell slightly on the side of his shoulder in Ono's Uchi mata, and after the match resumed.JulieIt was decided to win despite the delicate judgment that points will be entered by the ruling of[61][62][63].. In MayGrand Slam OsakaThen in the semifinalsTokai University3 yearsArata TatsukawaIf you win all the games and advance to the final, such as defeating Ebinuma just before the end, you will see Ebinuma.Sumi otoshiWaza-ari defeated and won the championship[64][65].


2019 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfThen, in the second round, he struggled with the unknown Israeli Tohar Butbul, and after 2 minutes he finally won with waza-ari.After defeating Orujov in the quarter-finals and proceeding to the finals, EbinumaUki wazaI defeated it with my waza-ari and won the championship.After the match, he commented, "If you look only at the results, you'll be" good ", but you'll definitely notice the content. It was a moyamoya day of patience."He also said about Ebinuma, a two-year senior at Kodo Gakusha, who fought in the final, "I think they are" spear "vs." spear "to each other. They are the only ones who can exchange lives."[66][67].. Completed graduate school at Tenri University in March[68].. By weight in April, he defeated Ebinuma in the semi-final with the technique of Taniotoshi, and defeated Hashimoto in the final with the technique of Sumi-otoshi at the end of the battle for 4 minutes and 9 seconds to win the championship.World championshipElected as a representative[69][70][71].. In SeptemberTokyoHeld atWorld championshipThen, in the quarter-finals, Lasha Shavdatuashibiri of Georgia was osotogari, and in the semi-finals, Russia lost in the 2014 world group.Denis IartcevDefeated by Tomoe nage and Kesa-gatame, and defeated Orujov, who was the final confrontation following the Olympics, with an inner thigh, winning all six games and winning the third time since 6 with overwhelming strength. Won the world championship[72][73]..At this time, he said as follows. "I was able to overcome the sweet temptation that Ohno would win anyway."[74]..In the world group, Guillaume Chene started in the final against France and defeated in just 30 seconds with the combination of Uchimata and Tomoe nage, contributing to the team's victory.[75]..If you winTokyo OlympicsIn November, when there was a possibility of a representative offerGrand Slam OsakaWill avoid participation due to a left second finger bruise[76].


2020 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfNow in the 4th round of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 66kg gold medalist in ItalyFabio BasileUchi mata sushi, and then in the semi-finals of SwedenTommy MaciasAfter defeating all of them with Uchimata and proceeding to the final, he defeated An Chang-rim with Uchimata's waza-ari and won the tournament for the third consecutive time.[77][78][79]..At the strengthening committee meeting held after that, all the strengthening committee members unanimously agreed.Tokyo OlympicsThe representative has been unofficially decided. If more than two-thirds of the strengthening committee members judge that the difference in performance with the second-placed athlete is clear, the Tokyo Olympics representative will be unofficially decided.[80][81][82]..Ohno, who was appointed as the representative, said, "It is more difficult for me and others to win the championship for the second time in a row. However, it is the motivation that I can aim for the second straight victory in my own country. What we have to do is the same as before. "[83].. In SeptemberCoronavirusIn response to the situation where the Tokyo Olympics were postponed for about a year due to the influence of Just be prepared and get ready. "[84].. In May, All Japan Judo Federation met with the Managing Board and the Strengthening Committee to confirm the policy of maintaining the rights of the national team players, which had been decided in February, at the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year.The unofficial player has already undergone fierce national selection, and the main reason is that the resumption of the international tournament is still unclear and re-selection is not easy.[85]..On the other hand, the strengthening committee chairJun Kanno"The most decisive factor is that the on-site coach and coach have the confidence to fight with the current unofficial players."[86]..After that, with the approval of all directors and auditors of All Japan Judo Federation, it was officially decided to maintain the representative unofficial players.[87].. Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year in July, "Dreams, hopes, impressions, whatever. It is best to embody judo that conveys something on the tatami mats of the Nippon Budokan in a difficult situation. "The goal of the Olympics is a prerequisite for achieving that goal."[88]..Also, in July, from two years agosponsorHave a contractSportsClothesbrandChampionSupervised by myselfTraining wearWill be sold[89].. In SeptemberMieI practiced outside for the first time in about half a year, but at this time,baseball,サ ッ カ ーLike, judo must also move forward.I have a strong feeling and I participated. "[90].


In May 2021 in the local city of YamaguchiTorch relayI was planning to serve, but declined to participate in an international training camp in Russia[91].. In SeptemberNippon BudokanHeld atTokyo OlympicsThen, if you win one of the first two games, Orujov will be a combination of Uchimata and Kouchi Gari in the quarterfinals, and Mongolia will be in the semifinals.Tsendochir ZogtvertalWaza-ari, defeated Shavdatu Ashibiri in the final with waza-ari, and achieved the second consecutive Olympic title following the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.[92][93]..It was also the seventh consecutive Olympic title for a Japanese judo player.In an interview after the victory, he said: "It was a one-day battle that seemed to condense the painful and painful days after the Rio de Janeiro Olympics." I was asking myself that I was doing this. I was able to fight to prove that I was "who I am" in this tournament. "" What did we see as athletes? I would be really honored if there was a moment when my heart moved. "[94].Tokyo Olympic mixed teamThen, in the first match against GermanyIgor WandtkeWaza-ari loses, but in the semi-final match against the Russian Olympic CommitteeMusa MogushkovI won one.In the final against France, there was no turn because the team lost before playing against Chene.It was the first time in seven years that Ohno lost to a foreign player in 2014 after losing to Russia's Denis Iartcev.[95][96].

World ranking

IJFWorld ranking is 4000st with 13 points (as of 21/8/16)[97].

  • Yearly transition of world rankings



Ohno, who left the tatami mat, has a motto of "sweat once a day", and after the match, etc.saunaHe says he is looking forward to going to.It is said to be a sauna lover's sanctuaryShizuokaShizuoka CityI even commented on the official guidebook of the hot bath facility.In the future, he says, "I want to create a special sauna facility."[98].

Judo style

The inner thighs and osotogari, which are the special skills of the right group, are very sharp and have the power to knock down the opponent.The trunk is strong and the reception is relatively strong.The prototype of the current judo style was created in the third year of junior high school[3][4][99]..In particular, Osotogari has a unique style of grabbing the opponent's side with a puller.[100][101]..In practice, you can drive 1 pieces a day[102].. Ojitani, who won the 2014 All Japan Championship, was the only player to compete against in the 100 kg class and was the only player who did not lose points in the technique, and in 2016 SpainCastelldefelsAs shown by the fact that Teddy Riner was thrown in the inner thigh and made the surroundings buzz in the randori at the international joint training camp held in, it has the power to compete with heavyweight strong players.[103][104]..Basically, the ideal is judo to take one, but in the end it is meaningless unless you win, so we are thorough in sticking to winning.If you show your sex appeal to win one beautifully, there may be a gap, so I try to pay close attention to that area as well.[105][106]..In addition, I also keep in mind that it is important to first take guidance and grasp the pace without chasing deeply for the type of player who throws a seoi nage from a low position like Ahn.[3].

Tadahiro Nomura, who won the gold medal in the 60 kg class of the Olympic Games for three consecutive tournaments, said that when Ohno practiced in his third year of high school, he was greatly amazed at the speed of his technique and the sharpness of the moment.Also, every player who has teamed up with Ohno should be scared of the technique.[107]..Furthermore, since the offense and defense of the lower body with hands and arms was prohibited, there were many close-knit battles in which the distance between each other was close, and power became more important than before, but it is tall and powerful. When a foreign player grabs a judo garment from above or from the side and tries to crush a foul, he usually falls down and falls back, making it impossible to perform the technique.On the other hand, in the case of Ono, he pointed out that even if the gap is narrowed, the axis of the body is strong, so the posture does not collapse, and on the contrary it is possible to go forward and throw the opponent away.[108].

Takamasa Anai, the director of Tenri University, who has been teaching Ohno since college and was good at Uchi mata and Osotogari like Ohno, said that if he was soft, Ohno would be rigid, and Ohno. He described the characteristics of Judo as follows. "The power and courage to enter the technique is amazing. Osotogari is a technique that is not unlikely to be returned, so I measured the timing many times, but Ohno thinks" Go there !? " There is strength to go at such a timing. Even if the opponent thinks that he is winning, Ohno's power when he comes into his pocket is too great to respond. "[4]..In addition, Anai often says "Be patient", but by understanding that word as meaning that you can overcome your feelings patiently even in difficult situations, you will be forced to be more patient than before. It is said that he has become able to fight tenaciously while maintaining his composure in the game.[32][109][110]..Ono himself thinks that he is a style that competes head-on with his own judo.I felt that the traditional style of breaking and smashing wasn't enough, and I didn't want to lose to foreign players even with power.Weight trainingWorked in earnest.As a result, even in the scene where you compete with power and power, you will acquire the power to break through it head-on.[111].

In 2018, we began to emphasize training to train the instantaneous power of muscles rather than weight training to increase muscle strength.It is said that not only the right angler but also the left puller was never released, and the sharpness was increased by putting all the effort into both hands at once.[112].

Tenri University Judo Club Violence Problem

In September 2013, four 9th grade boys from Tenri University Judo Club violently attacked multiple 5st grade members from May to July, and one of them broke the drum membrane. It became clear that he had been injured.Ohno, the captain of the judo club, was also present at the scene of the assault, but he said he was not directly violent.Ohno explained, "I can't stop (assault) and I'm sorry. I'm sorry."Also, the director of the judo clubShozo FujiiAnd the directorTosa SaburoHe went to the home of the first grader who was assaulted with them and said, "I'm sorry. I will teach the fourth grader properly from now on."

The university apologized for the matter and explained that Ohno was present at the scene of the assault, but was not directly involved in the violence, so he allowed him to participate in the world championships.[113][114][115].

On September 9, the university announced that it would dismiss Fujii, the director of the judo club, and Tosa, the director, and that Ohno would be dismissed from the position of captain.The judo club will also be suspended for an indefinite period until recurrence prevention measures are confirmed.MoreoverAll Japan Judo FederationYasuhiro Chikaishi, Managing Director, suggested that World Champion Ohno may be excluded from All Japan Judo Federation's designated strengthening players depending on future developments.[17][116][117].. On September 9, Tenri University announced that five fourth-grade members, including Ohno, had been suspended on the 11th.According to it, Ohno slaps one first grader twice.[118]..On the other hand, Ohno wasn't actually violent, but at the request of the university, who was afraid that it would affect the employment of the 4th graders, he took a request that he once refused and tackled the violence problem. Some report that they dared to take on the dirty role of admitting their involvement.[119]..In addition, Ohno himself later said that he was guilty of taking into consideration the circumstances of his classmate's job offer.On the day of the incident, he was absent due to a training camp for the world championships. At that time, he thought, "Do you carry the cross on me? Is this the adult way!"Partly because of this, I thought about retiring from active duty at one point, but as a result I stopped.[5].

On September 9, All Japan Judo Federation held a disciplinary committee and announced that it had suspended registration for three months for nine fourth-year students, including Ohno, who were involved in violent acts.As a result, Ohno was removed from the All Japan Judo Federation's designated strengthening player.Return will be considered after disposal[120].

On October 10, the Tenri University Judo Club, including Ohno, who had been suspended from school,Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance ProjectAs part ofMiyagiShichigahama TownVolunteer activities such as cleaning rain gutters in temporary housing were carried out.At that time, he said, "I had to manage as captain. I'm sorry. I want to do my best again."After the violence problem, the Tenri University Judo Club, which had been requested by All Japan Judo Federation to volunteer, has already been suspended, including Ohno and others.NaraEngaged in cleaning activities on campus and on campus[121][122].

On November 11th, the university authorities approved a partial resumption of activities, and Ohno decided to start practicing immediately.[123].

On January 2014, 1, he returned to the designated training camp and participated in the training camp in Japan.At a subsequent press conference, he looked back on the incident, saying, "It was three months that made me think about what I should be as a human being," and apologized again, "I'm really sorry for the inconvenience."He continued, "I want to strive to be the strongest and best player."[124].



Competitive results with leading players

(As of December 2021)

CitizenshipPlayer nameMessage
Japanese flagNakaya4 wins 1 losses
Japanese flagSoichi Hashimoto2 wins 1 losses
Japanese flagHiroyuki Akimoto2 losses
Japanese flagMasashi Ebinuma3 wins 1 losses
Republic of Korea flagAn Chang-rim6 wins
Mongolia flagSainjargalyn Nyam Ochil4 wins 1 losses
Israeli flagSagi Muki2 wins
Georgia (country) flagLasha Shavdatu Asiviri3 wins
Georgia (country) flagNugzar Tatalashvili2 wins
Dutch flagDex Elmont2 wins
Azerbaijan flagRustam Orujov6 wins
Azerbaijan flagHidayat Heydarov1 wins

(Reference material:Baseball magazine companyIssuedModern judoBack numbers, etc.).

List of prize money won in IJF World Judo Tour

ConventionDatesRankingWinning money
Grand Slam Tokyo 2012201212 / 10-May 121/Win5,000 dollar
Grand Slam Paris 2013201312 / 10-May 21/3 bit1,500 dollar
2013 World Judo Championships201309 / 11-May 81/Win6,000 dollar
Grand Slam Tokyo 2014201412 / 10-May 121/2 bit2,400 dollar
Grand Prix Dusseldorf201512 / 10-May 21/Win2,400 dollar
2015 World Judo Championships201509 / 11-May 81/Win7,200 dollar
Grand Prix Dusseldorf201612 / 10-May 21/Win2,400 dollar
Grand Prix Dusseldorf201812 / 10-May 21/Win4,000 dollar
2019 World Judo Championships201909 / 11-May 81/Win20,800 dollar
Grand Slam Dusseldorf 20192019/2/231/Win04,000 dollar
Grand Slam Dusseldorf 20202020/2/221/Win04,000 dollar
Total / 11 tournaments59,700 dollar
  • For Japanese players, half of the prize money wonAll Japan Judo FederationHowever, from March 2013, the athlete regulations were revised so that all prize money can be received by athletes.[125].. Since July 2014, prize money has been paid to coaches at each IJF-sponsored tournament, so the prize money of athletes has been reduced by 7%.[126].


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