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🌏 | [Tokyo Olympics] Chinese athletes and nationalists attack without medals as "non-patriots"


[Tokyo Olympics] Chinese athletes and nationalists attack without medals as "non-patriots"

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Experts point out that even for China, it represents where the "danger" is when nationalism goes too far.

The pressure on Chinese athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics is stronger than ever.Reach the gold medal ... → Continue reading


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Nationalism(Kokkashugi,British: statism Stateism[1],Buddha: étatisme Etatism[2]) IsCountry(≒政府), And thatauthority,willIs the position to think that[3].


DaijisenAccording to nationalism, the state is "the most valuable thing" or "A human社会The best of組織", And"IndividualThe nation has an absolute advantage over it. "Way of thinkingIs[4]..According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, nationalism is national, claiming that "the state is of supreme value."orderOr by the nationcommand, The nation to which I belongMilitaryBeing strong in all other thingsvalueTry to prioritizePoliticsTypicalAssertionPoint to[5]..Those who take a nationalist position and those who have such ideas are called "nationalists."

NationalismMaintenanceTypicalideologyIs one of[2].. EspeciallyModernizationI was left behind20st century OfGermany,Prewar OfJapanThe prosperity was determined.[2]

Since the idea is to put the nation at the top, sharing values ​​within the nation is important in forming the nation, but (because the interests of the nation are prioritized over the interests of individuals).TotalitarianismTendency and narrownessnationalism,NationalismTend to be[3].

Politics and nationalism

England and nationalism

Germany and nationalism

Netherlands and nationalism

France and nationalism


Catalonia and nationalism

India and nationalism

Japan and nationalism

Second World WarJapan insideWartime regimeHas been pointed out that the nationalist tendency has become stronger.[7].

Economy and nationalism

Economic nationalism is "State-owned enterpriseIt emphasizes the view that the country has a significant and legal role to intervene in the economy, either directly or indirectly by economic planning, by political institutions in or other forms. "[8][9].

Also, the national economic block is sometimes called economic nationalism.[10]..It was not until the 1930s that the term economic nationalism as a national economic block came into use.[10].World Depressionから資本主義It refers to international economic relations that attempted to secure the economic block of one's own country without being willing to sacrifice the economy of another country in order for the nation to survive.[10]..This block economy direction eventually led to the entry into World War II.[10].

The term "nationalism" is sometimes usedNational capitalismIt may also refer to an economy that controls the market through a large amount of political intervention by the state.In addition, companies and industriesnationalizationIt is also used to mean a method of strengthening control by the state.


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