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🌏 | [Tokyo Para] The story of a bicycle girl, the 17th gold medal, the most in the history of British Para


[Tokyo Para] The story of a bicycle girl, the 17th gold medal, the most in the history of British Para

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The bronze medal was won by Marie Patouillet (2, France), who scored almost two minutes behind the story.

Katie Folkingham, BBC Sport Tokyo Paralympics on the 2nd, British representative of bicycle girls, Sarah ... → Continue reading


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bronze medal

bronze medal(How medal,British: bronze medal) IsSports,MusicThis is an award given in honor of an individual or group who has achieved the third highest grade in each category in competitions and competitions such as.[1][2][3]


Although it is called a "bronze medal"copperWhether made or not青銅Like a "bronze statue", whether made or notJapaneseThe bronze medal and the bronze medal are equally called "bronze medals".In addition, the bronze medal used to mean the third prize medal may not be bronze, and it may be silver.zinc-nickel OfalloyOr something like that.Due to cost issuesFriAlloyRed bronzeIt rarely becomes.

1 timesModern olympicHit1896 Athens OlympicsThen, the winner will be given a silver medal, the runner-up will be given a bronze medal, and the third place winner will not be a medal.CertificateWas given.


In some individual competitions, bronze medals are awarded to two people due to regulations.In this case, even if one is stripped, there is no advance.

FIFA World CupThe bronze medal has also been awarded to the 4th place team (third place playoff defeated).World Baseball Classic,Japanese high school baseballThere is no bronze medal in the spring / summer Koshien tournament.

Third regular

Bronze collector

Precious metalAccording to the social value ofFri-Silver-copper(青銅), Only "copper (bronze)" in the rankingコ レ ク シ ョ ンIn the sense of those who are doingBronze collector(Japanglish: Bronze collector) ".

"Brokore"略 語There is also JapanHorse racingIt is often used in the field of.This word isHorse Racing Critic-Takao SudaAdvocated bymanga artistMiho YoshidaSerialized manga "Horse Nari 1 Halong TheaterIt is said that it spread through.


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