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🌏 | Many are former housewives and non-regular employees ... Where is Japan's "Womanomics"?


Many are former housewives and non-regular employees ... Where is Japan's "Womanomics"?

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The number of venture companies adopting job-type employment is increasing, and the change will eventually spread throughout Japan.

Mariko Oi, BBC News (Japan) It's been 6 years since "Womanomics", which promotes women's advancement, was sung.The original "202 ... → Continue reading


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VentureIsCompanyTo work on a new business as[1]..Such a businessVenture business(British: Venture Business).New businessStart-up officialVenture companyOften refers to what is done by, but also includes cases where an existing company starts a new business.[1].


The word "venture business" was originallyHosei UniversityWith the presidentJapan Venture SocietySpecial adviserTadao KiyonariThe concept was created byJapanglishIs.In newspapers etc.VBIs often written as.EnglishThen it is called "startup company", "startup", and in recent years it has been called "startup company" in Japan.StartupIs mainly the wordITIt is becoming used in the industry.Sometimes we distinguish between ventures and startups[2], In Japan, the difference is often not clear[3].

Ventures are often reminiscent of new entrepreneurs, but they also include not only entrepreneurship but also existing large companies taking on new challenges.[1].

Venture companies by companies have the following expectations.

  1. Development of new market fields[1]
  2. Creating new jobs[1]
  3. New technologies and business models (Innovation) Creation[1]

Especially when it comes to creating business models (innovations)Masaya MoriPoints out that it is necessary to overturn regulations and common sense in the industry, and the planning ability and execution ability of ventures (startups) are becoming important.[4].

The United States of America

1990 eraLatter half,The United States of America OfSilicon ValleyVenture companies have grown rapidly.It is said that the background was the division of roles between entrepreneurs and investors.Many of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs were young people who learned cutting-edge technology at university, and although they had plenty of motivation and time, they didn't have the money.They create business plans based on new technologies and ideas and angels (angel = angel) Look for an investor.Investors are former entrepreneurs and growth-promising companies that want to make a profit.

The form of investment is to purchase the shares of a new company created by an entrepreneur, so if it succeeds, the corporate value will increase and a profit on the sale of shares will be obtained (if it fails, the original will disappear).In addition, entrepreneurs and investors used stocks as a medium.Limited liabilityBecause of this relationship, I was able to take on the challenge of starting my next business without having to bear any debt.

In the United States, about 1% of private employment is created by venture companies and occupies an important position in employment policy.[1].



  • First venture boom(1970 era)
    • 1963 (ShowaEstablished a small and medium business investment development company in 38)Japan Securities Dealers AssociationIs an over-the-counter registration system (over-the-counter market: currentJASDAQ), Etc., will activate the establishment of venture companies.Some companies went public.
    • 1971 The Japan Venture Business Association was established in (Showa 46) (1975 Absorbed into the present and established as a new organization).


In Japan and elsewhere, funding has traditionally been the main focusbankSince it is limited to indirect finance such as, it is difficult to deal with inexperienced individuals and customers with a history of failure.If the loaned funds fail, they will carry a large amount of debt, and the style has hardly changed to date.

Support measures

University-launched venture

in recent years,Tokyo UniversityMany venture companies have been produced from universities with a wide range of research scales and fields.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryByPlan for 1000 university-launched venture companiesWas also carried out.

Highest number of university-launched ventures[5]
  • 2019 Cumulative total up to the degree (first year of Reiwa)
  • Number currently active (= number of establishments-number of business closures)
RankingUniversity nameNumber of companies
1Tokyo University268
2Kyoto University191
3Osaka University141
4Tohoku University121
5Kyushu University117
6University of Tsukuba114
7Nagoya University94
8Keio University85
8Waseda University85
10Tokyo Institute of Technology75


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