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🌏 | China's crackdown worsens, data management is a threat = Speaker of the US House Peroshi


China's crackdown worsens, data management threatens = Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Pelosi

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After praising the UK's gradual removal of Huawei from its next-generation communications standard "5G" network, he said, "Because Chinese products are the best and cheapest, we must be Chinese slaves in terms of data management. We need to develop our own 5G and develop a lot of technologies so that we don't have to say. "

[Reuters] -US Democratic Party Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on the XNUMXth that China's freedom of speech and human rights will be further regulated ... → Continue reading


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Generation communication standard


Huawei Technologies(漢字Abbreviation: Huawei,Simplified Chinese: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd,English: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaShenzhenA major manufacturer of communication equipment headquartered in.


1987 As a vendor that develops the communication equipment necessary for the infrastructure maintenance of mobile phones,People's Republic of ChinaShenzhenIs one of the world's leading ICT solution providers. Recently, SIM freeSmartphoneEtc., has achieved rapid growth by handling terminals[3]..Huawei's customers at the beginning of the businessChina Telegraph,China move,China Netcom,China UnicomChinese companies such as1997 ToHong Kong OfHutchison WhampoaWith the first overseas contract with the company, it has grown to provide products and solutions to 50 of the world's 45 largest telecommunications companies.[4],2012 To salesEricssonBecame the world's largest telecommunications equipment vendor[5][6](No. 1 worldwide share in mobile broadband products, mobile soft switches, packet core products, optical network products)[7].

2019 At timeEurope-Asia-Africa-South America-Middle EastProvides equipment to 170 carriers out of 530 countries[8].SmartphoneIn terms of shipping volume and market share,AppleI was also the second place in the world[9][10].

It is known as a company with a strong investment in advanced technology development, such as investing 10% or more of its sales in research and development every year.2015 At that time, approximately 45 employees, or 79,000% of the total number of employees,R & DThe total investment amount in R & D in 2015 was RMB 596 million (about 700 yen).[Note 1]).This is 15.1% of the total sales, and the total investment amount in R & D over the past 10 years is 2,400 billion yuan (about 4 billion yen).[Note 1]) Is exceeded[11][12]. In 2008, when it became the first international patent application number one in the world for the first time, it has continued to stay within the fifth. The number of patent applications as of December 1, 5Chugoku52,550 cases and 30,613 cases outside of China, with a total of 50,377 patents acquired.[12][13][14][15][16][11].

It is also known for its unique management system,CEOThree people are taking a "rotation system" and change CEO more and more in half a year. Dare strategicallyStock marketIt has not been listed on the stock exchange and has been unlisted. As of 2017, it has expanded to about 170 countries and has research institutes in each country.[17].

Since 2018, as relations between China and the United States deteriorate, exports of Huawei products will be restricted (described later), and the growth rate will slow down.[18].. In 2020, the sale of the low-priced smartphone business was considered in order to rebuild the business.[19].

United States Department of Commerce Industry SecuritybyEntity listIs a listed company.


  • 1987 - Ren ZhengfeiOriginal includingChinese PLAFounded by gathering related parties[20], As a vendor that develops communication equipment required for mobile phone infrastructure developmentChugoku-ShenzhenEstablished in[3].
  • 1989-Independently developed PBX.
  • 1995-Sales obtained mainly from the rural Chinese market exceeded RMB15 billion.[21]
  • 1999-Established a research center in Bangalore, India.[21]
  • 2000-Established a research center in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.Overseas market sales reached $ 1 million.[21]
  • 2001-Sold non-core subsidiary Avansys to Emerson for $ 7.5 million.Established four research centers in the United States.Joined the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).[21]
  • 2002-Overseas market sales reached $ 5.52 million.[21]
  • 2010
  • 2016 March-According to the number of international patent applications filed in 3 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the company's number of applications topped for the second consecutive year[24].. Especially,3.9rd generation mobile communication systemHitLTE,4rd generation mobile communication systemHitLTE-Advanced OfStandard essential patentHas been leading the mobile industry for many yearsEricsson,NokiaHold downQualcommBecame the second largest patent holder after[25].
  • 2017
    • February-(Headquarters:英国-UK) Announced in the 2017 Brand Finance Global 500, ranked 7th up from last year to 40th place[26].
    • 5 month - ForbesIn the 2017 edition "Top 100 Most Valuable Brands" announced byChugokuAchieved the only rank in a company[27].
    • 6 month - (English editionIn BrandZ's 2017 edition of “Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands,” which shows the brand strength rankings of companies around the world announced by the company, it ranked 203th with a brand value of $8800 million and was the top 49 for the second consecutive year. Enter[28].
    • August- Fortune global 500So, it was 129rd from 83th last year. In addition, it achieved sales of 785 million dollars and achieved the top 1000 in the world.[27].
    • October-World's firstArtificial intelligenceProcessorAnnounced "NPU"[29].
  • 2018
    • October-World's first5GAnnounces commercial terminal "HUAWEI 5G CPE" and chipset "Balong 5G01"[30].
    • August-World's first 8nm process chipKirin 980Announced[31].
  • 2020
    • 8 month - Fortune global 500Rank in 49th place[32][33].
    • September --As a unique OS that can be used on smartphones, "HarmonyOS 2.0 "announced[34].
    • October-Announced the world's first 10nm process chip ""[35].
    • 12 month - WuhanHuawei's first in-house semiconductor factory completed[36].
  • 2021
    • January-It is reported that the "" of the 1nm process chip is under development.[37].
    • 8 month - Fortune global 500From 49th place last year to 44th place[38].
    • August-ChineseSpace stationIsAmamiyaIn Huaweirouter, Smartphones and tablets are reported to be used[39].
    • September-Collaboration with the mining system "HarmonyOS for Mining ”announced[40][41].
    • September-As an OS for mission-critical infrastructure and serversCentOSAnnounced "" based on[42].
    • September-Vice Chairman detained for three years in CanadaMeng Night BoatReturned to Japan[43].
    • October-Open source proprietary OSOpen Harmony 3.0 announced[44].

Japanese corporation

Japanese corporationHuawei Technology Japan Co., Ltd.(Huawei Gijutsu Nihon,English: Huawei Technologies Japan KK)2005 Established.TokyoChiyoda WardOtemachiHeadquarters in Tokyo. The popular name is "Huawei Japan". Japanese Institute横 浜 市Placed on Concord Yokohama 19F[47], As of April 2015, 4 engineers including Japanese and Chinese are enrolled[48]. Wi-Fi routerEtc. were mainly provided to major mobile phone companies, but now they bring superior user experience by leveraging their competitiveness in the global market and experience in the Japanese market.Smartphone,TabletHas a wide range of products[3].

On February 2011, 2, the first Chinese companyJapan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren)Achieved membership[49][50].

When authenticating communication equipment in Japan, the application is made under the name of the importing company (Huawei Technology Japan). Therefore, the manufacturer of the body nameplateHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.," Huawei Technology Japan Co., Ltd. is displayed as the import source.

RikunabiAccording to the job advertisement of Huawei Japan published in 2018, the monthly salary of engineers is set at 40 yen for new university graduates and 1000 yen for master's graduates. In addition to bonuses at least once a year, “43% or more of paid salary” and “holiday weekends and holidays”, various social insurances are available, and retirement benefits are in place.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to a basic survey on wage structure in 2016, university graduates in XNUMXStarting salaryThe average is about 20 yen and the master's degree is about 23 yen, and Huawei's hospitality became a hot topic[51][52][53].

Nihon Keizai Shimbun The2017 June 6, "Huawei will build a large communication equipment factory in Chiba prefecture this year and start production." In addition,ChugokuThis is the first time that a company has built a full-scale factory in Japan. HuaweiChibaFunabashiFactory site inDMG Mori SeikiThe company plans to invest 50 billion yen on this site to mass-produce communication equipment such as routers and other network equipment and related equipment. Also, there are plans to sell not only to Japan but also to overseas telecommunications companies.[54][55].

Huawei's movements in each country

Relationship with the United States

2000 eraFromPresident of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush,United States CongressFrom HuaweiUnited NationsからEconomic sanctionsIs receiving(I.e. OfSaddam Husseinadministration[56][57]Andアフガニスタン OfTalibanadministration[58][59]There were concerns about security as "supporting telecommunications equipment."

In 2016(I.e.,(I.e.,north koreaな どAnti-AmericanViolation of export control to the nationUnited States Federal GovernmentSummoned from[60].. Dissident surveillance in Iran[61]Used for censorship and government censorship, and built a monopoly position in the country's market[62].

In 2018, he was Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman of NenshoCFO OfMeng Night BoatBut by the USSanctions against IranIf you give a false explanation to a US financial institution to get throughUnited States Department of JusticeReceived a request fromカナダBy the judicial authorities ofVancouverArrested for fraud[63][64]..Also, in 2019, in North KoreaKoryolinkThe federal government instructed the investigation following reports that it was building a communications network and surveillance system for[65][66]In 2020, the Justice Department prosecuted Huawei for concealing deals with North Korea[67].

2012 year 10 month,United States House of RepresentativesThe House Intelligence Committee of HuaweiZTEAbout the products of the PLAChinese Communist PartyHe has a bond with the public security department,Cyber ​​attackAnnounced the findings that it is suspected that it is building infrastructure for the company, excluding the products of both companies from federal procured goods, private companies also seeking to refrain from tradingRecommendationIssued[68].

Also on January 2018, 1,ネ バ ダ 州Las VegasWill be held inCESIt was supposed to be officially announced atCareer OfAT&TA blank contract was cancelled. The reason for withdrawing the blank paper has not been announced, but the hypothesis of pressure from the federal government concerned about security risks is influential[69].. In April 2018United States Department of DefenseIs a mobile phone manufactured by ZTE and Huaweimodem[70]About product,U.S. ForcesBanned sales at US military bases as it poses an unacceptable security risk to personnel, information, and missions[71]Urged military personnel to be cautious about using Chinese products even outside the base[72].

United StatesMilitary allianceThere was a similar move in the country, and in 2014, the South Korean government, at the request of the U.S. government, agreed to pass the network where Huawei's equipment is not used for government communication.[73],Taiwan(Republic of China) ButFoxcon GroupUnder the umbrellaKokugo Denshi 4GSystem construction planNational Travel CommissionSince I was trying to adopt a Huawei base station when I submitted it to (NCC),Legislative committeeDue to more national security concerns, the NCC extended the review process to JuneNokiaIt was changed to the manufacturing equipment[74].

But,White HouseIndependently conducted by HuaweispyNo evidence has been found to support the act[75].

2018 May 8,(English editionByZTE(Zhongxing Tong)Surveillance cameraWorld's largestHike visionExcluded from United States government procurement along with[76].. This includes equipment and services related to intrusion into target data and data transfer, as well as communication and monitoring equipment (Hytera Communications Corporation) andDarfa Technology (Zhejiang Dahua Technology)Includes products from a total of five companies (Dahua Technology Company).In addition, the same measures are taken for companies controlled and owned by the Chinese government, or companies judged by the US government to be related.

2019 May 5, President of the United StatesDonald TrumpBans American companies from sourcing communications equipment from foreign companies that pose a security threatPresidential decreeTo sign. Same day,United States Department of Commerce Industry SecurityWill create HuaweiEntity list(US embargo list, EL)softwareAnnounced a measure to virtually ban the supply of[77].. As of October 2019, more than 10 Huawei and related companies haveembargoListed[78].

August 2019, 5,AndroidHas been supplyingGoogleHowever, when it was reported that some commercial transactions with Huawei were suspended,Intel,Qualcomm,Xilinx,BroadcomAlso, it was reported that commercial transactions such as parts supply were suspended[79].. Confusion such as immediate disabling of software updates was expected, but on May 5, the federal government of the United States announced grace measures to allow product procurement until August 21, 2019.[80].

In June 2019, Google warned the United States federal government that trading restrictions on Huawei may be a national security risk, Intel and others are supplying parts by avoiding export restrictions Was reported[81][82][83],G20 Osaka SummitAtXi JinpingHead of state(Party secretary) At a press conference after the U.S.-China summit, President Trump stated his intention to approve the supply of American products to Huawei.[84],AfterUS-China trade warWithdrew this statement[85].

On May 2020, 5, the United States announced the tightening of export restrictions on manufacturers exporting semiconductors using US technology.[86].. On the 18th of the same month, manufacture of Taiwan laminated electric circuitTSMCReportedly stopped new orders from Huawei[87].. Orders that have already been ordered can be shipped as usual until mid-September, but other than that, a rice permit will be required for export.[87].

August 2020, 7,United States Secretary of State OfMike PompeoSaid in a speech about China's policy, "Behind HuaweiChinese Communist PartyI love youInnocenceCan not be treated as a company of various communication equipment,SecurityTothreatWe are taking measures as[88].

Technology competition in AI/5G

These United States movements are not only due to national security reasons[89][90][91]Shuts out two major Chinese companies from the market[72],Artificial intelligence(AI) and next-generation technologies in the communication field5rd generation mobile communication systemIt has been pointed out that the practical use of (5G) will contain its rival, the People's Republic of China.[92].

People's Republic of China and America (andNorthern EuropeCompanies are in a fierce development race over AI and 5G.[89]In AI surveillance technology, Huawei, which is marketing to 2019 countries in 50, will take the lead.[93]Of Japanese companies after Chinese companiesNECIs a 14-country American top companyIBM(Same from the 2000sICTAs a vendor, we also have a cooperative relationship with Huawei.[94]) Is 11 countries[95].

In 5G, with HuaweiZTEIs nordicEricsson,NokiaAlong with[91],2010 eraThen the mainstream4rd generation mobile communication systemAlthough the technology of American companies was sweeping the world in (4G), it was also said that Chinese companies such as Huawei, which holds the most related patents in the world in 5G, will take the initiative in 5G. Was giving America a sense of crisis[96][92][97].

Relationship with Japan

Huawei in June 2018KarafutoAnd territory unique to JapanNorthern four islandsWhen laying a high-speed communication network connecting theChief Cabinet SecretaryYoshii KanIs "ロシアAnd protested to China through a diplomatic route. I protested to China because of the involvement of Chinese companies in the construction."[98].. This was completed in February 2019[99].

2018 year 12 month,Japanese GovernmentAlthough Not Named, It Is Reported to Determine Guidance to Effectively Eliminate Huawei and ZTE[100][101].. At the same time,Fuji News Network"The government disassembled Huawei's products and found extra hardware," "the extra behaves like spyware," a ruling party official said.[102].. Huawei Japan replied, "Factless" to a series of reports[103][104].. On the other hand,TecanarierHe argued that "extra things" were not found as a result of disassembly, and that "extra things" should be concretely shown.[105]..In addition, the advisor of Huawei Japan isScience Council of JapanHas been elected as a collaborative member of[106].

European trends

European Union(EU)European CommissionIt is,5rd generation mobile communication systemIn March 5, we announced a policy of entrusting decisions on the adoption of Huawei products for (2019G) to each EU member country.[107], January 2020 made a recommendation not to exclude Huawei from 1G networks[108], There are also regulatory movements in European countries.

GermanyThen,Federal Electronic Information Security AgencySaid in its own investigation that it was skeptical of U.S. claims against Huawei in December 2018[109]In October 2019, the German government announced a new rule not to exclude Huawei from the 10G network.[110]The following October, 2020, it was reported locally that Huawei restrictions were being considered.[111].

FranceIn December 2018, it announced that it would welcome the construction of communication infrastructure with Huawei.[112],Emmanuel MacronThe president said in May 2019 that he will not remove Huawei[113], The French government has stated that it will not exclude it from 5G[114]Announced a policy to regulate Huawei products in July 2020[115].

(I.e.It is,EuropeFirst Huawei 5G communication network opened in July 2019[116].

UKUSA AgreementContracting countryThe United KingdomThen,Government Communications HeadquartersIn February 5, the National Cyber ​​Security Center of Japan determined that security risks could be reduced if the sources of 2019G equipment were diversified.[117]Announced conditional acceptance of Huawei 2020G products in January 1[118].. In May 2019, the Minister of Defense was dismissed for leaking this policy.[119], The biggestBT groupLaunched a 5G service that partially adopted Huawei products[120].. However, in July 2020, the British government reversed the conventional policy of partial acceptance, and due to the additional sanctions of the US government in May of the same year, it became difficult for Huawei to procure semiconductors, which could impair product safety and reliability. There is somethingHong Kong National Security Maintenance ActThe influence of the British-Chinese relations over2027 Reportedly decided to eliminate by[121]..The elimination of this Huawei device will delay the deployment of 5G by two years and increase costs by £ 2 billion, but prioritized security at the cost of this.The National Defense Commission released a report on 20G security in October 2700, citing clear evidence that Huawei is colluding with the People's Republic of China.[122].

LikewiseUKUSA AgreementContracting countryカナダSo, in October 2012, Huawei was excluded from the government's telecommunications network at that time for security reasons.[123]"There is no reason to exclude Huawei for 5G," said Cyber ​​Security Center manager[124]..Meanwhile, major telecommunications operator Bell Canada has hired Ericsson as its supplier and excluded Huawei products.[125].

Edward SnowdenConflicts with the UK USA AgreementロシアAgreed with Huawei in June 2019 to develop the first 6G network.[126][127],Vladimir PutinThe President criticized the US move on the Huawei issue as "the first technology war in the digital generation."[128].

Trends in other major countries

UKUSA AgreementOf the signing countryAustraliaThe governmentEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,パ ュ ュ ニ ニTieSubmarine cableInstallation projects and[129],5rd generation mobile communication systemAnnounced to lock out Huawei from equipment[130].

ASEANCountries, allies of AmericaフィリピンLaunched the first 2019G network in Southeast Asia with Huawei products in June 6[131], When Congress blocked a budget proposal to implement Huawei's surveillance system,Rodrigo DuterteThe presidentVetoTriggered[132].

Malaysia OfMahathir Bin MohammadThe Prime Minister announced in May 2019 that he would dispel security concerns and use Huawei's more advanced U.S. products as much as possible.[133][134].. Has been in conflict with the same Communist Party dictatorship, the People's Republic of ChinaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAnnounced in August 5 that it will remove Huawei from the construction of 2019G communication networks for the first time in Southeast Asia.[135].

African Union(AU) was reported to have been suspected of spying on Huawei products used in headquarters communications equipment (African Union Commission denies)[136][137]),African continentMost of the old generation (2G/3G/4G) communication networks[138]In June 5, we signed an agreement with Huawei, which is building[139].

In South America, the US has positioned itself as an ally and called for the removal of Huawei products from the 5G network.BrazilIs in a relationship where Huawei was building most of the 4G communications network.[140]Announced in June 2019 not to exclude[141].

Middle EastIs America's largest ally in the Middle EastSaudi ArabiaFormed a partnership with Huawei in February 2019 to build the first 2G communication network.[142]Announced in June 5 that it will not remove Huawei from 2019G networks[143].United Arab EmiratesAnnounced in February 5 that it will adopt Huawei products in the 2019G communication network.[144].

Huawei exclusion

As of July 2020, there is growing concern over Huawei around the world, and many countries have announced the possibility of excluding Huawei from 7G.[145].

Country that decided to exclude
Country where the exclusion policy was communicated
Countries in which the United States "prohibited entry"
Under review

Suspicion of relationship with PLA

2019 year 7 month,AmericaInformation service companyBloombergHuawei's multipleEmployeeBut,Chinese PLAWorking on a research project in collaboration with officials,Military-SecurityHe announced the findings that he has cooperated in applied research with and has built a close relationship.

In the article, Huawei employeesWireless communication,Artificial intelligenceTeam up with members of the PLA organization in at least 10 research projects,CPC Central Military CommissionIs a high-level educational institution of the PLA and joint research with the research department ofNational Defense UniversityWithSatellite imageAnd geographyCoordinateHe explained that he had conducted research on a method for collecting and analyzing data.

In response, Huawei spokesman Glen Schloss said, "Huawei is a personal qualification and does not care for employees who publish research papers."Research and DevelopmentWe do not have any business relationships or ties. Our company is only engaged in the development and manufacturing of communication devices that meet the world's consumer standards,軍隊We do not customize R & D products for ourselves. "[146][147].

Eric Schmid, who was CEO of IT giant Google on June 6, told BBC radio to Chinese authorities via Huawei communication equipment in China. The spill was "no doubt", raising security concerns.



HUAWEISmartphoneConsists of four series.

Mate series

Equipped with a vast display, you can get a sense of realism that you cannot enjoy on other smartphones when watching videos or playing games.Second half flagship model[148].. On the back is the German camera and optical equipment manufacturer "Leica"[149]It is equipped with a dual camera jointly developed by HUAWEI and HUAWEI.[148].

P series

The first half of the year with a wide range of color variations, with a suitable size for camerasFlagship model[148][150].. On the back, like the Mate series, "Leica』And HUAWEI jointly developed triple camera[148].. There is also a reasonably priced "lite", as well as high-end models "Pro" for quad cameras and "Pro+" for penta cameras.[148][151][150]A wide range and various needs are met. Also,ChugokuAs well,EuropeIs also popular in[152].

nova series

Affordable price with average specificationsMidrange model[153].. By the back that draws a gentle curve and the rounded side[154][155], Shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. As with the P series, there is also a "lite" version.

honor series

Although it has high specifications, it is sold at a reasonable price,Cost performanceExcellent inMidrange model[148].. By adopting a "micro pattern" in which the film is folded into 15 layers, the back surface that produces a unique reflection of light that changes depending on the viewing angle is characteristic[156].. In Japan, with Huawei's online storeRakuten MobileIt was treated as limited, but from "honor 9",MVNOExpanded the handling ofIIJmio-AEON mobile・Also sold from (* Both are online only)[157][158].. Rakuten Mobile has a lineup of limited-edition midnight black, aiming to differentiate it from other MVNOs[157].

Y series

It is mainly sold in China etc.Mid rangeSmartphone. maniacThe feature is that there are many products that can be obtained at.We sell smartphones with a distinctive design and low-priced smartphones. "Huawei releases SIM fleece maho "HUAWEI Y6" on April 4"

Operating system (OS)

OS isAndroidHUAWEI's original custom based onEMUIIs equipped with a mobile operating system[Note 2]. But,2019 Google has announced that it will stop providing GMS to HUAWEI due to the US embargo. HUAWEI has been preparing "Plan B" to replace its own OS from around 2012 in preparation for such an emergency when GMS cannot be used. The OS originally developed and announced by HUAWEI is "HongMeng OS(Simplified Chinese: Hongmeng) ”HarmonyOS, also known as Harmony OS, was announced at the Huawei developer conference 2019 held on August 8, 9. HongMeng OS is said to be able to run Android apps, but other details are unknown.[159][160].


  • Junya Ishino, a mobile journalist, said, "Originally, HUAWEI was a company that delivered network equipment to telephone companies.Mobile phone,SmartphoneI started to make terminals such as, and began to focus on marketing. We have increased the number of variations of terminals and have focused on technological development and research and development, and have gained a large share so far." In addition, especially for younger smartphones, "Positioning that the function of the smartphone = the function of the camera. The HUAWEI P10 is a level of quality that you do not know if you took it with a smartphone. The younger generationSocial MediaCamera function is an important factor because it uses[17].


  • 2007 -Enter the Japanese handset market[161].
  • 2014 -Entry into Japanese SIM free market[161].
  • 2015 -The number of smartphones shipped exceeded 1 million,Samsung,Apple#3 in the world after[3].
  • 2016 July-Japanese SIM freeSmartphoneIn this field, HUAWEI's "HUAWEI P9 lite" will be the number one in terms of sales volume. (* This record was never broken for 1 months until the successor "HUAWEI P10 lite" was released.[162]).In addition, HUAWEI recorded a 32.4% share of the sales volume by manufacturer, ranking first.[163].
    "HUAWEI P9" and "HUAWEI P9 Plus" shipped more than 450 million units worldwide,France,フィンランド,The United Kingdomな どEuropeRecorded strong sales in many countries[152]. Also,2016 In August, HUAWEIEISAAnnounced that "HUAWEI P2016" was awarded in the "European Consumer Smartphone 17-9" category.This is the fourth consecutive year that HUAWEI has won the award in this category.[152].
  • 2017 March-Worldwide shipments of "HUAWEI P3" and "HUAWEI P9 Plus" exceeded 9 million units. HUAWEI's 1200 global smartphone shipments reached 2016 million units, up 1% year-on-year[164].
  • 2017 June-"HUAWEI P6" and "HUAWEI P10 Plus"TIPTo announceTIPAwarded “Best Photo Smartphone” award.TIP"The P10 and P10 Plus impressed members of the technical committee and TIPA with their innovative features and design," said Thomas Garwers.LeicaThe P10 and P10 Plus are revolutionary products that improve the picture quality of smartphones by linking the high-speed lens and twin sensor. Was evaluated as[165].
  • 2017 September-corporationBCNAnnounced "No. 1 manufacturer in the first half[Note 3], SIM freeSmartphone#1 in the category. Sales volume has reached approximately 300% compared to the same period last year. Regarding this, BCN said, "In SIM-free smartphones where the market is expanding, Huawei Japan (Huawei Japan) acquired No. 37.1 with 1%. The name recognition of the company has also risen rapidly in the Japanese market." Commented. In addition, in June monthly SIM-free smartphone models, "HUAWEI P6 lite" and "HUAWEI P10 lite" won the 9st and 1nd place respectively.[166].
  • 2018 1 month - auHas announced that it will sell "HUAWEI nova 2" from the end of January 2018. (* This is au's first HUAWEI smartphone to be sold.)[167]
  • 2018 May 5 - SoftbankIs HUAWEIFlagship modelIt was announced that the "HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro" will be sold from May 5th. It was also announced that SoftBank will sell "HUAWEI nova lite 18" from the beginning of July.[168][169].
  • 2018 May 5 - auAnnounced that it will sell "HUAWEI P20 lite" from the beginning of June[170].
  • 2018 May 5 - NTT DoCoMoIs HUAWEI equipped with a triple cameraFlagshipsmartphone"HUAWEI P20 ProHas been announced for sale from late June.Customization for JapanHas been applied,Mobile walletAlso supports[171].

Products for Japan

SIM free in-houseSmartphoneas well as the Tablet,laptopOther than selling,Softbank(SoftbankWith the brandY! MobileBrands (including predecessor old brands) andMVNODeploy asDisney mobileIncluding) andNTT DoCoMoKDDI-Okinawa Cellular Phone (au) For base stations and terminals.

As mentioned above, as a manufacturerHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd., As a distributorCompany name of each operator, As an import sourceHuawei Technology Japan Co., Ltd.3 companies (for au there are 2 operator company names so there are 4 companies for convenience) are displayed on the terminal.

In Japan, in the 2000sMobile Wi-Fi router,digital photo frameIn the early 2010s, we delivered smartphones and tablet products equipped with functions for Japan to major carriers, but due to sluggish sales, we temporarily withdrew from smartphones and tablets for major carriers.2014 ToSIM lock freeWe entered the smartphone market, and new entrants continued during this period.MVNOAs a result of aggressively developing a set for the market, the response, battery life, and cost performance were excellent.Huawei lite P20"P lite" and "nova lite" series were hits, and it is rare as a SIM-free terminal where cost performance is important.カメラHigh-end products with a focus on Android and the rare AndroidTabletAlso put in a lot,Cheap smartphoneDriven the market.Then, major carriers began to pay attention to this hit, and from 2018, they re-entered the smartphones for major players.as a result,2017 から2018 It became the number one share of SIM-free smartphones, and the number five share of all smartphones including those for carriers.[172].

But,2018 Sanctions from the United States and exclusion from the Japanese government's terminal procurement from the end,2019 5AmericanDonald TrumpTargeting export restrictions by the administration[173], And finally in November 2019,GoogleThe popularity of smartphones has plummeted due to the inability to sell smartphones compatible with the services and apps of[174].

SIM-free smartphone

Mate series
  • Huawei Ascend Mate7
  • HUAWEI Mate S
  • Huawei Mate 9
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 10 lite
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 20 lite
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
P series
  • Huawei Ascend P7
  • Huawei lite P8
  • Huawei P8 max
  • Huawei P9
  • Huawei lite P9
  • Huawei P9 lite PREMIUM
  • Huawei P10
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • Huawei lite P10
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei lite P20
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei lite P30
  • Huawei P40 Pro 5G
  • Huawei P40 lite 5G
  • Huawei P40 lite E
nova series
  • Huawei nova lite
  • Huawei nova 2
  • Huawei nova lite 2
  • Huawei nova 3
  • Huawei nova lite 3
  • Huawei Nova 5T
honor series
  • Huawei honor 6 Plus
  • Huawei honor 8
  • Huawei honor 9

SIM-free tablet

  • Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0
  • Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0
  • Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth
  • Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue
  • Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite
  • Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth2
  • Huawei MediaPad M1 8.0
  • Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0
  • Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0
  • Huawei MediaPad T1 10
  • Huawei MediaPad M3
  • Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0 Pro
  • Huawei MediaPad T2 8 Pro
  • Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M3 lite
  • HUAWEI MediaPad T3
  • HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M3 lite 10
  • HUAWEI MediaPad T3 10
  • HUAWEI MediaPad T5
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M5 10
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M5 8.4
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M5 lite
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Pro
  • HUAWEI MediaPad M5 lite 8"
  • HUAWEI MatePad Pro
  • HUAWEI MatePad T8
  • HUAWEI MatePad

Windows-based laptops/tablets

  • HUAWEI MateBook
  • HUAWEI MateBook 13
  • HUAWEI MateBook 13 2020
  • HUAWEI MateBook X
  • HUAWEI MateBook E
  • HUAWEI MateBook D
  • HUAWEI MateBook X Pro
  • Huawei MateBook D 15
  • Huawei MateBook X Pro 2020"

Wearable terminal

Smart band
  • HUAWEI Band 4
  • HUAWEI Band 4 Pro
  • HUAWEI Band 3
  • HUAWEI Band 3 Pro
  • HUAWEI Band 2
  • HUAWEI TalkBand B2
  • HUAWEI TalkBand B1
Smart watch

Other products

  • HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i-Canal type earphone Noise cancelingLeft and right independent wireless earphones equipped with
  • HUAWEI FreeBuds 3- Non-sealed typeWhileNoise cancelingLeft and right independent completely wireless earphones that realized.
  • HUAWEI Wireless Charger-Wireless chargingQiWireless charging stand compatible with. Maximum 15W output.
  • HUAWEI Mini Speaker- BluetoothSmall wireless speaker with connection.

Terminals for NTT Docomo

  • Photo panel 02 - NTT DoCoMoDigital photo frame with communication function.Letter photo serviceIt corresponds to. Released in December 2009.
  • UM01-HW - International roamingCorresponding call function,SMSAlso equipped with a communication module. Released on September 2010, 9.
  • Photo panel 03 -With 2GB memoryFOMA high speedCompatible with the 9-inch digital photo frame with communication function. Released in December 2010.
  • HW-01C -Supports 7.2 Mbps downlink and 5.7 Mbps uplinkMobile Wi-Fi router.. Up to 5 units can be connected. Released in November 2010.
  • Kids mobile HW-02C -With call feature,SMSMobile phones for children with limited use for GPS, GPS and security buzzers. Released on September 2011, 9.
  • Photo panel 04 -In addition to 3GB memory (and microSD slot) and FOMA high speedArea mailCompatible with the 9-inch digital photo frame with communication function. Released in December 2012.
  • Kids Mobile HW-01D -With call feature,SMSMobile phones for children with limited use for GPS, GPS and security buzzers.Integrated security guarantee (ALSOK)'s "call-up service for children" is provided. Released on September 2012, 9.
  • Ascend HW-01E -The first Android smartphone for NTT Docomo. Is a global modelAscend D1Although it is based, it also supports Japanese unique functions. Released on November 2012, 11.
  • HW-02E -Mobile router
  • Ascend D2 HW-03E -Android 4.1 smartphone
  • dtab 01 -10.1 inch Android tablet.
  • -8-inch Android tablet. Of the global modelMedia Pad M1Is the base. Released in February 2015.
  • dTVTerminal dTV 01- d marketDTV ord anime storeA terminal to watch videos on your TV at home. Released in April 2015.
  • - MediaPad M2base. Released in January 2016.
  • - MediaPad M3base. Released in January 2017.
  • -Released in July 2018.


Mobile phone terminal for Y!mobile

Includes former e-Mobile brand and former WILLCOM brand.

Voice terminal
  • H11HW -Foldable type. Downlink 3.6Mbps. GSM quad band roaming allowed.2008 May 6Released.
  • H12HW (ET)-Straight type. Downlink 3.6Mbps. GSM tri-band roaming allowed.2009 May 2Released.
  • S31HW -For Android 2.2 equipped 2.8 inch displaySmartphone.. Downlink 7.2 Mbps, upstream 5.8 Mbps. Overseas 3G roaming and GSM quad band roaming possible.TetheringIt is equipped with functions and can connect to up to 5 Wi-Fi compatible devices simultaneously.2011 May 1Released.
  • S41HW -Android 2.3 equipped 3.2 inch display smartphone. With the tethering function, you can connect to up to 5 Wi-Fi compatible devices simultaneously. Released on July 2011, 7.
  • S42HW -Android 2.3 equipped numeric keypad type straight smartphone. Realizes high resolution (51dpi) with a width of 3 mm and 311-inch WVGA liquid crystal. With the tethering function, you can connect to up to 5 Wi-Fi compatible devices simultaneously. Released on September 2011, 9.
  • GS02 -A smartphone with Android 2.3. Equipped with 1880mAh maximum capacity battery in Japan (as of November 2011, 11). Supports a maximum downlink of 16 Mbps. With the tethering function, you can connect to up to 14.4 Wi-Fi compatible devices simultaneously. Released on December 8, 2011.
  • GS03 -A smartphone with Android 4.0. Almost the same as above,EMOBILE G4 (HSPA+) Is supported. Released on June 2012, 6[175].
  • GL07S - STREAME-access version of the brand. The company's first LTE smartphone. Released on March 2013, 3.
  • 201HW - SoftBank 201HWBased on the WILLCOM brand remodel (however, there is no WILLCOM logo). Released on September 2013, 9.
  • 302HW -Smartphone (Type 2) to be released under the "Y!mobile" brand. Released on August 2014, 8.
  • -Based on the global model Huawei P8 lite. Released on October 2015, 10.
  • A01HW -Android 2.3 installed, 7 inch tablet, Wi-Fi communication only. Rarely for Android tablets, equipped with XGA LCD. Released on September 2011, 9.
  • GT01 -For Android 4.0, 10.1 inch tablet, Wi-Fi communication only. Released on December 2012, 12.
  • 403HW -Android 4.4, 8-inch tablet, 3G/LTE network compatible (Y mobile's own 3G network cannot be used). Based on Media Pad M1. Released on December 2014, 12.
Data communication terminal
  • D01HW -USB connection type. Downlink 3.6Mbps. Overseas roaming not possible.2007 May 6Released. Specifications of E220 changed for Japan.
  • D02HW -USB connection type. Downlink 7.2Mbps. Overseas roaming not possible. 2007May 12Released. D01HW is a sibling model.
  • - ExpressCard/34 type. Downlink 7.2Mbps. Overseas roaming not possible.2008 May 5Released.
  • -USB connection type. Downlink 7.2Mbps.2009 May 2Released.
  • -USB connection type. 7.2 Mbps downlink, 1.4 Mbps uplink. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 2008May 11Released.
  • D22HW -USB connection type. 7.2 Mbps downlink, 1.4 Mbps uplink. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 2009May 4Released.
  • -USB connection type. Downlink 7.2 Mbps, upstream 5.8 Mbps. Overseas 3G roaming possible. Released on April 2009, 4.
  • -ExpressCard/34 type. Downlink 7.2 Mbps, upstream 5.8 Mbps. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 2009May 8Released.
  • D25HW - mobileWi-FiRouter(USB connection is also possible). Downlink 7.2 Mbps, upstream 5.8 Mbps.2009 May 11Released. Received MM Research Institute Award 2009, Topic Award 2010, Mobile Project Award Mobile Hardware Category Best Award. In June 2011, cumulative shipments for e-mobile exceeded 6 million units.
  • -USB connection type. 7.2 Mbps downlink, 1.4 Mbps uplink. Overseas roaming is not possible,microSDA model with slots removed.2010 May 2Released.
  • D31HW -USB connection type. 21.6 Mbps downlink, 5.8 Mbps uplink. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 2009May 7Released.
  • -USB connection type. 21.6 Mbps downlink, 5.8 Mbps uplink. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 2010May 9Released.
  • -USB connection type. 42 Mbps downlink, 5.8 Mbps uplink. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 2010May 12Released.
  • GP01 -Mobile Wi-Fi router (USB connection is also possible). 21 Mbps downlink, 5.8 Mbps uplink.2011 May 3Released.
  • -USB connection type. Downlink 42 Mbps, upstream 5.8 Mbps. Overseas 3G roaming possible. Released on April 2011, 8.
  • GP02 -Mobile Wi-Fi router. 42 Mbps downstream, 5.8 Mbps upstream. The NAS function enables file sharing between connected devices. Released on July 2011, 7.
  • -USB connection type. 42 Mbps downstream, 5.8 Mbps upstream. Overseas 3G roaming possible.
  • GL01P - EMOBILE LTEMobile Wi-Fi router compatible with. 75 Mbps downstream, 12.5 Mbps upstream. Overseas 3G roaming possible.
  • -USB connection type compatible with EMOBILE LTE. 75 Mbps downstream, 12.5 Mbps upstream. Overseas 3G roaming possible.
  • GL04P -Mobile Wi-Fi router compatible with EMOBILE LTE.UE Corresponds to Category 4. Downlink 150Mbps, Uplink 50Mbps. Overseas 3G roaming possible.
  • GL06P -Mobile Wi-Fi router compatible with EMOBILE LTE.UE Corresponds to Category 4. Downlink 150Mbps, Uplink 50Mbps. Overseas 3G roaming possible.
  • -USB connection type compatible with EMOBILE LTE.UE Corresponds to Category 4. Downlink 150Mbps, Uplink 50Mbps. Overseas GSM/3G roaming possible.
  • - EMOBILE 4GMobile Wi-Fi router compatible with. When using LTEUE Corresponds to Category 4. 150Mbps downlink, 50Mbps uplink in LTE mode, 110Mbps downlink, 10Mbps uplink in AXGP mode. Overseas 3G roaming possible.
  • -Mobile Wi-Fi router released as "Y!mobile" brand. Compatible with 4G data communication. Overseas 3G roaming possible. 110 Mbps downstream, 10 Mbps upstream. Released on August 2014, 8.
  • --Car Wi-Fi router compatible with Y! Mobile LTE.Downstream 150Mbps, Upstream 50Mbps. Maximum number of WiFi connections: 10, power supply: cigar socket, interface: USB2.0, Micro SIM / (without SD card slot) International roaming is not supported. Released on March 2015, 3.

Terminal for SoftBank brand

Disney mobile terminals

  • -Unlike the voice call (excluding prepaid contract), the Photovision contract will not be succeeded to SoftBank due to the termination of the service of Disney Mobile on Softbank on November 2017, 11, and it will be canceled on the same day. Therefore, it will be a digital photo frame that has lost the communication function after the same day.

au terminal

  • Wi-Fi WALKER (CDMA HWD06)-Equipped with a large capacity (2200mAh) battery,WIN HIGH SPEEDMobile Wi-Fi router compatible with. Released on June 2011, 6.
  • (CDMA HWD07)-WIN HIGH SPEED compatible USB type data communication terminal with USB side rotator. Released on June 2011, 6.
  • PHOTO-U2 SP03 (CDMA HWS03)-A 7-inch digital photo frame that displays images and videos taken with a mobile phone. Released on 2011th September 9.
  • Wi-Fi WALKER DATA08W (CDMA HWD08)- + WiMAX(Mobile WiMAX) Compatible mobile Wi-Fi router with a maximum downlink speed of 40 Mbps.WIN HIGH SPEEDIs not supported. Released on December 2011, 12.
  • Wi-Fi WALKER LTE- au 4G LTECompatible corporate mobile Wi-Fi router. Also compatible with WIN HIGH SPEED. Released on November 2012, 11.
  • USB STICK LTE-au 4G LTE compatible corporate USB type data communication terminal. Also compatible with WIN HIGH SPEED. Released on November 2012, 11.
  • Wi-Fi WALKER- + WiMAX(Mobile WiMAX) Compatible mobile Wi-Fi router with a maximum downlink speed of 40 Mbps.WIN HIGH SPEEDIs not supported.
  • Wi-Fi WALKER HWD14 -
  • Wi-Fi WALKER HWD15 -

Terminal for UQ Communications

Problems / scandals

  • Photographs taken with a single-lens reflex camera are disguised as if they were taken with an in-house smartphone camera.[176][177]
  • Smartphone performance test reveals fraudulent activity that improves performance only during benchmarking[178][179].
  • High-end 5G-equipped smartphones cannot be manufactured due to sanctions from the United States


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