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🌏 | NY Foreign Exchange Market = Dollar Rise, Unexpected Increase in US Retail Sales


NY Foreign Exchange Market = Dollar Rise, Unexpected Increase in US Retail Sales

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It supports the view that the Federal Reserve will signal the tapering (reducing quantitative easing) at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) next week. "

[New York XNUMXth Reuters] – The dollar index rose in the late New York foreign exchange market for the first time in about three weeks ... → Continue reading


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Federal Open Market Committee

Federal Open Market Committee(Renpokoukai Shijoiinkai,English: Federal Open Market Committee; FOMC) IsThe United States of America OfFinancial Policyone ofOpen market operations(Through government bond buying operations, etc.Financial institutionA committee that decides the policy of (regulating the supply and demand of funds).


FOMC is the United StatesCentral BankThe Fed (which should be calledFederal Reserve Board) 7 directors and each districtFederal Reserve BankIt is made up of five presidents,United States Federal GovernmentIt is the supreme decision-making body that decides monetary policy.It is held regularly about every 6 weeks, 8 times a year, and as needed.

The statement is on the last day of the FOMC (Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) Announced at around 14:15), the minutes will be announced three weeks after the policy-making date (the final day of the FOMC), and will be announced for market participants in the future.United States Federal GovernmentIt is a clue to predict monetary policy in Japan.


The FOMC members as of July 2015, 7 are as follows:[1]..The chairman is the Fed chairman, the vice chairman isFederal Reserve Bank of New YorkThe president serves.All members of the Fed are members other than the chairman and vice chairman.[Annotation 1]And four selected from the Federal Reserve Bank governors (11 banks excluding New York).Currently, there are two vacant seats in the Fed board post, so there are also two vacant seats in the FOMC committee post.In addition, we have adopted a rotation system in which the four Fed governors are selected by turning around every year, and the 4 Feds are divided into four groups and one person is selected from each group.[Annotation 2][1].

In addition, seven non-member Federal Reserve Bank governors can attend the meeting, but they do not have voting rights.In addition to the regular members, five "alternate members" (“Alternate Member” in English, no Japanese translation) have been selected for the Fed Governor's Frame.[1]..This member is always represented by the Fed's First Vice President on behalf of the Fed's Governor, but the other four slots are selected one by one from the above four groups.[1]..Currently, the pattern is that the Fed governor, who became an Alternate Member the previous year, will become a member of the next year.

Vice Chairman
Committee member (FRB director)
Member (Federal Reserve Bank Governor)
Deputy committee member


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注 釈

  1. ^ Vice-chairman and 5 directors (if there are no vacancies).
  2. ^ The four groups are as follows.Group 4: Boston Fed, Philadelphia Fed, Richmond Fed.Second Group: Cleveland Fed, Chicago Fed.Group 1: Atlanta Fed, St. Louis Fed, Dallas Fed.Group 2: Minneapolis Fed, Kansas City Fed, San Francisco Fed[1]


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