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🌏 | Column: Policy of four candidates for president, is it possible to overcome low growth and sluggish wages?


Column: Is it possible to break through the policies of the four candidates for the LDP, low growth and sluggish wages?

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Mr. Kono mentioned incentives for companies that raised the labor share.

Kazuhiko Tamaki [Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – The LDP presidential election will be announced on the XNUMXth, and a new president will be decided on the XNUMXth.Standing ... → Continue reading


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Labor share

Labor share(Rodoubun Pairitsu)IsEconomicsthe termOne of theCompanyIn生産Was doneAdded valueHow much of the wholeWorkerPercentage indicating whether it is reduced to.This is expressed as a percentage calculated by "labor cost ÷ added value".


Japan in the 1950sUnionSome were fighting for the purpose of improving the labor share.However, the figures that are considered to be labor costs hereEmployee WelfareIncludes expenses and executive allowances, and added valueOrdinary profitIsDepreciationSince the ratio of added value by workers changes depending on the time, it is difficult to argue simply based on the size of this.

Labor share fluctuates in the short term depending on economic trends[1]..The labor share is the wage divided by the added value, and increases when the denominator (total added value) is sluggish during a recession.[1].


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