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🌏 | Resend-US-UK accuses Russian House of Commons election not fair


Resend-US-UK accuses Russian House of Commons election not fair

If you write the contents roughly
"The steps taken by the Russian authorities to thwart civil society, silence independent media and prevent pure opposition candidates from participating in elections are detrimental to political pluralism, the Russian government said in a statement. Conflicts with the international commitment that has been committed. "

(Correct the typographical error and resend) [Washington / London XNUMXth Reuters] – Russian President Vladimir Putin ... → Continue reading


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Russian Federation Government

Russian Federation Government(Russian Renpo Seifu,Russian: Government of the Russian Federation British: Government of Russia Federation) IsRussian Federation OfExecutive branch.

currentRussian Federation ConstitutionAccording to the Russian Federation administration members, by general electionPresident of the Russian FederationAppointed by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation (prime minister), Several deputy prime ministers, ministers of each ministry, and no president.

(Russian version,English editionIn (revised in 1991), the President of Russia was the chief executive of the administration.However, in the 1993 Constitution (which has been amended several times since then), Article 6 states that "the government is composed of the chairman and vice-chairman of the Russian Federation and the ministers of each ministry." And the president said,Head"So it is not included.

Government after January 2020

Mikhail MishustinThe structure of the Russian government at the time of the Prime Minister's approval by the Cabinet (January 2020, 1) is as follows.[1] [2].

Federal Chairman / Vice-Chairman
  • Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation (Russian Prime Minister
  • Vice-Chair of Administrative Administration
  • Vice-Chair of Far East Administration
  • Vice-Chair of Culture and Sports
  • Vice-chairman in charge of social issues
  • Vice-chairman in charge of construction business
  • Vice-Chair for Economy, Transport and Communications
  • Vice-Chair of Defense Industry
  • Vice-chairman for agriculture
Ministry and Bureau
Federal Services and Bureaus

Old government

The following ministry names are2008 5 OfDmitry MedvedevadministrationBefore the inauguration. Since May 2008, the government structure has changed significantly.The latest mechanism map can be found on the official website of the Russian government (see external link).[3]

Ministries under the direct control of the president

Government jurisdiction

  • Ministry of Health and Social Development(Ministry of Health and Social Development)
    • Federal Consumer Rights Advocacy and Welfare Agency
    • Federal Health and Social Development Authority
    • Federal Labor and Employment Agency
    • Federal Department of Health and Social Development
    • Federal Department of Biomedical Sciences
    • Federal High-Tech Medical Assistance Agency
  • Ministry of Culture
    • Federal Media and Cultural Heritage Protection Legal Compliance Supervision Agency
    • Federal Archives
    • Federal Bureau of Culture and Film Arts
    • Federal Publishing and Media Bureau
  • Ministry of Education and Science
    • Federal Education and Science Authority
    • Federal Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Office
    • Federal Department of Education
    • Federal Office of Science and Invention
    • Federal Agency for Natural Use
    • Federal Department of Water Resources
    • Federal Forestry Department
    • Federal Underground Use Bureau
  • Ministry of Industry and Energy
    • Federal Bureau of Industry
    • Federal Energy Agency
    • Federal Department of Technology Regulation and Weights and Measures
  • Ministry of Regional Development
    • Federal Construction and Public Housing Administration
  • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Federal Veterinary and Plant Hygiene Authority
    • Federal Fisheries Department
  • Federal Ministry of Transport
    • Federal Transport Authority
    • Federal Air Transport Authority
    • Federal Road Authority
    • Federal Rail Transport Authority
    • Federal Maritime and River Transport Authority
    • Federal Geodesy and Map Authority
  • Ministry of Information Technology and Communications
    • Federal Communications Agency
    • Federal Communications Bureau
    • Federal Information Technology Agency
  • Ministry of Finance
    • Federal Tax Office
    • Federal Insurance Regulatory Agency
    • Federal Accounting and Budget Supervisory Agency
    • Federal Accounting Oversight Agency
    • Federal treasury (agency level)
  • Ministry of Economic Development
    • Federal National Reserve
    • Federal Real Estate Research Agency
    • Federal Property Control Agency
    • Federal Special Economic Zone Control Bureau
  • Federal National Statistical Office
  • Federal Space Agency

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