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🌏 | The global stock market has fallen sharply, due to concerns about the future of the Evergrande Group of China


The world stock market has fallen sharply, due to concerns about the future of the Chinese Evergrande Group

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Meanwhile, funds have flowed into safe assets such as US Treasuries and gold.

[Reuters] – China's real estate development giant, China Evergrande Group's default risk is conscious, the world on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Risk-free assets

Risk-free assets(Mr. Risk,British: risk-free asset) AndSafe assets(Mr. Anzenshi,British: safe asset) AndRisk-free assets,Risk-free assetsIsriskWithoutAssetThat[1][2]..Caused by holding risk-free assetsyieldIs guaranteed.In reality, there is no risk-free asset, but as a risk-free assetDeveloped countryShort termGovernment bond(Japan isTreasury bills) Etc. are substituted.JapanFor individual residentsbankDeposit for settlement (Deposit insuranceFull protection) and savings deposits are also almost risk-free assets.Antonym TheRisk assetsAnd dangerous assets and assets with risk.

Modern portfolio theory,Capital asset pricing modelSuch asFinancial engineeringIt is an important concept in the theory of.

Of risk-free assetsyieldThatRisk-free interest rateSay.

Note that the term safe asset is sometimes used to mean "relatively low risk" rather than "risk-free."In English, it is sometimes called a safest asset to distinguish it.[3].



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