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🌏 | US Goods Trade Deficit Expands in August Inventory Increases


US Goods Trade Deficit Expands in August Inventory Increases

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With the recovery of the world economy, industrial materials and consumer goods have increased.

[Washington, XNUMXth, Reuters] – The US Department of Commerce announced on the XNUMXth that the trade balance (preliminary figures) of goods in August is ... → Continue reading


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World economy

World economyWhat is (world economy)?世界Seen from a unified perspectiveEconomyOne of the activity breaks.National economyFocus on transactions betweenInternational economyIt is a broader concept.

In addition, the markets of each country linked in the world economy are summarized.World marketSometimes called.


In a situation where currencies are not integrated as in modern times, the basic economic unit is the currency area (in most cases, the national economic area).However, with the progress of globalization, the international economy has developed and the national economies of each country are becoming more closely linked.It is called the world economy because it is linked as if it were one economic zone.

The national economic trends of each country do not always match the trends of the world economy.That is because the world economy does not have a broader framework.The fallacy of compositionThis is because

As an example, if one country strives to make the trade balance positive and succeeds, the trade balance will be positive, but not all countries in the world can make the trade balance positive at the same time.That is because the trade surplus of one country means the trade deficit of multiple countries in the world.

Also, in each countryeconomic growthIs not always in line, and some countries will achieve economic growth rates that exceed those of the world economy.Such countries are expected to be "locomotives of the world economy".


EurasiaIn the west and east of the continentCommodity economyFrom the very beginning of their birth, their economies became connected to each other.Was initially small, but gradually expanded.

Mongolian EmpireThe world economy in the "Eurasian world" was born at a time when the world established a vast print that connects the east and west of the Eurasian continent.Even after the fall of the Mongol Empire, east-west trade flourished on the Eurasian continent.

Age of DiscoveryOr later,EuropeThe economies of each country have begun to be reorganized.InitiallyAfrica,South Asia,AmericasWas connected to Europe, and the trade network increased the coordination of the economies of each country, and the birth of a new world economy was born.

Industrial revolutionSince then, the booming European economy has been in the mid-19th century.East AsiaThe genealogy of the world economy leading to the present age has begun.The industry and finance of each countryThe United Kingdom-UKOrganically combined under the international financial system centered on自由Market economyFormed a world economy based on.

World War IIn, when the center of the world economy fell into a crisis, the axis of the world economy gradually began to shift to the United States, the world's largest industrialized country.

World DepressionThe more fragile world economy has created a chain of crises.Each countryBlock economySome countries have tried to establish their own economic zones.

Second World WarAnd the world isAmericaFree market economy centered onWestern world)WhenUSSRCentered aroundSocialismEconomy(Eastern world) Was divided into two.Both campsCold WarUnderneath they competed for each other's territory.In the western worldBretton Woods regimeUnderFree tradeWas carried out, and Japan and Europe achieved high growth (Japan)High economic growth).Japan has been expected to play a role as a locomotive in the world since the latter half of the 1970s.

The eastern world seems to have continued economic development until the early 1970s, after whichPlanned economyIt is believed that growth has peaked or has begun to shrink due to inefficiencies.

From the late 1980s to the early 1990sEastern European RevolutionとCollapse of the Soviet UnionAs a result, the economy of the eastern world was gradually absorbed by the economy of the western world, and the world economy was born again.Globalizationamong,American economyBecame a locomotive in the world and achieved high growth, and Japan and Europe experienced a relative stall.

American terrorist attacksEven now, the imports of the US economy support the production system of the world economy.EspeciallyEast AsiaとNorth AmericaThe European economy is building its own economic zone through free trade within the region.


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