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🌏 | Nobel Prize in Literature Mr. Gruna "Compassion for Immigrants", Encouraging Europe to Rethink Policy


Nobel Prize in Literature Gruna "Compassion for Immigrants" Encourages Europe to Rethink Policy

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He further argued that Europe should rethink its approach to immigration "rather than barbed wire, but with greater compassion, that is, not in the sort of argument that Europe would be destroyed."

[Canterbury (UK) XNUMXth Reuters] – Tanzanian novelist Abd, who won this year's Nobel Prize in Literature ... → Continue reading


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Barbed wire

Barbed wire(Yusashissen, barbed wire)thorn(needle) Is the iron wire. mainlyBarbed wireIt is used as a material for and to enclose them for the purpose of protecting the site and things. It is also called the "rose wire".


solid金属It is manufactured by wrapping a short iron wire that has been sharpened diagonally around a wire (mainly an iron wire) so that the sharp part is exposed, and then wrapping it every several tens of centimeters.Restricted areaOr illegally on a private siteA human,AnimalUse it by wrapping it around the site fence so that it does not enter. InsideElectricalWhen the creature touches by passing the wire through the iron wireElectric shockThere are some things that you do not want to get close (Electric fence).

Barbed wireThorn OfthornIt is also called a "separate wire" in this case. In this case, the bundle was separatedElectrical wireNot that. In addition, "Oni needle" "Inu nail" "Barbed Wire"wire) ”.Since the spines are very sharp, you need to wear protective equipment such as leather gloves when handling them.KevlarWork glovesIt is not suitable because it penetrates to the extent.

1960 eraFrom the end, directly from the steel stripRazorBarbed wire with a machined shape is also used and is called barbed tape or razor wire.


Barbed wire1865 ToFranceAt firstinventionAnd a modified version of this1874 ToThe United States of America OfInventor(English edition)Invented by in America,pasture,farmSince it was used as a fence to indicate the boundary ofWestern pioneer eraIt is one of the keywords in talking aboutTexas(English edition)On the barbed wire博物馆"(English edition)Is present.


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