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🌏 | Price forecast, “rise” 1% one year later, central bank digital currency “know” 68.2%


Price forecast, "rise" 1% one year later, central bank digital currency "know" 68.2%

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The survey also asked questions about central bank digital currency (CBDC) awareness.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] -The Bank of Japan announced on the XNUMXth "Questionnaire Survey on Life Awareness" (XNUMXth <... → Continue reading


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Central Bank Digital Currency

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Central Bank Digital Currency(Chuouginkou Digital Tsuka,British: central bank digital currency, CBDC) OrCentral Bank Digital Currency(Chuouginkouhakko Digital Tsuka) isCentral BankIssued byDigital currencyIs a kind ofデ ジ タ ルFiat money(Currency established as money by government regulation, financial authorities, or law).

The current concept of CBDC isBitcoinCBDC is centrally issued by the central bank of the state.Virtual currency,CryptocurrencyDifferent from[1][2].


In the 1990s, central banks, such as Finland's Avant prepaid e-money card, previously issued e-money directly.[3]..The current concept of central bank digital currency isBitcoinOr similarBlock chainBased onCryptocurrencyInspired by.

2015 year 9 month,Bank of EnglandIs a central bank currency talk based on the blockchain of Chief Economist Andrew G. Haldan.Negative interest rateDiscussed the possibility of implementing[4].. In a speech by Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor of Monetary Policy, in March 2016, the term "central bank digital currency" was probably used for the first time, referring to direct inspiration from Bitcoin.[5] [6].

2016 year 11 month,Sweden's central bankIs "E-kronaTo discuss[3], Started proof-of-concept test of "E-krona" in 2020[7][8][9].

2017 year 11 month,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euCentral bank is digitalUruguayan pesoAnnounced to start publishing test[10][11] .

March 2019, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (en: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank) Is a FinTech company based in BarbadosBittAnnounced to participate in the pilot CBDC project[12].

In the euro area, the former governor of the Spanish central bankMiguel Ángel Fernández OrdóñezAsked for the introduction of the digital euro, but as of the end of September 2018European Central BankAlthough the (ECB) denies such a possibility[13]In December 2019, the ECB said: "The ECB will also continue to evaluate the costs and benefits of issuing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), even if the use of physical cash eventually diminishes. The CBDC will allow the general public to use the central bank's currency. May be available "[14].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayPeople's Bank of China TheShenzhenIn 1000 millionCNY(Equivalent to about 1.5 million yen)Digital yuanConducted the first public experiment to publish[15]..Starting with this, China expanded the use of the digital yuan, which it has been developing since 2014, and became the first major country to popularize the central bank digital currency.[16].

August 2020, 10,Bank of JapanAnnounced "Bank of Japan's Policy on Central Bank Digital Currency"[17]..There are no plans to issue a central bank digital currency at this time, but it is only preparing.He also announced "Central Bank Digital Currency: Basic Principles and Characteristics" with central banks such as Japan and Europe.[18].

On October 2020, 10, the US central bank's Fed said it wouldn't be the first to implement it, but would continue research.[19].

August 2020, 10,Bahamas Central BankIs digitalBahamian dollarIssued the sand dollar of (Bahamian dollar)[20][21]..It is the world's first officially issued Central Bank Digital Currency.

August 2020, 10,National Bank of CambodiaIs digitalRielIssued Bakong[22][23].


Central Bank Digital Currency is Central Bank,政府, Or approvedPrivate sectorOperated by the business entity ofDatabaseIs likely to be implemented using[24][25]..The database is (with proper privacyencryptionKeep a record of the amount of money held by any entity, such as a person or company (with protection).CryptocurrencyIn contrast, central bank digital currencies (even if it isDistributed database(Even if it's on top)Central management typeAnd thereforeBlock chainOr other (en: distributed ledger) Are not needed or useful, even if they were the original inspiration for the concept[24][25].


The Bank of Japan classifies it into the following two types[17].

Wholesale type (wholesale)
A method limited to the use of financial institutions.Distributed ledgerUtilize technology.
General purpose
Used by general individuals and corporations.The Bank of Japan will provide it indirectly via a private financial institution.Bank of Japan, JapanCashlessIt is said that the introduction may be delayed compared to other countries because the conversion is not progressing.

Government issued digital currency

Not the central bank政府There are also digital currencies issued by.

2017 year 12 month,ベネズエラthe governmentPetroAnnounced the issuance of.Since the government tends to increase the amount of currency, it is important that the currency is issued by the central bank and the central bank is independent of the government, but the traditional currency of Venezuela that issued the government-issued digital currency Inflation rate is 2018% in 130,060 (International Monetary Fund forecast is 1,370,000%)[26].


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