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🌏 | GE to oblige US employees to get corona vaccination


GE to mandate corona vaccination for US employees

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As a federal contractor, GE has announced that it will comply with executive orders.

[Chicago XNUMXth Reuters] – General Electric (GE) told US employees December XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Federal government(Lenposeifu) isFederal systemThe country of adoptionCentral government.. Composes the federation in terms of internal affairs, compared to the ordinary national central governmentStateSome from the countrysovereigntyThe authority is limited because it takes the form of being transferred, and it is often responsible for matters related to the national level, diplomacy and military, and finance (budget). However, in some countries, the federal system becomes a mere mess, and it does not differ from the ordinary national central government (アルゼンチン,ベネズエラSuch).

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