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🌏 | US Senate Committee Hearing on the Impact of Social Media on Youth on the 26th


US Senate Committee Hearing on Social Media Impact on Youth on 26th

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"TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube all play a leading role in exposing children to harmful content," said Republican leader Blackburn, a subcommittee leader.

[Washington, XNUMXth, Reuters] – The US Senate Commercial Commission's Consumer Protection Subcommittee is a young social media ... → Continue reading


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Snapchat(Snapchat)SmartphoneIt is a photo sharing application for.


SnapchatStanford UniversityWith Spiegel, who was the main designer in the project, which took place in one of Spiegel's lessons inBobby MurphyWas started by.Spiegel came up with an idea in a product design class for his last project in April 2011, but his classmates were reluctant to come up with a non-permanent photo idea.[3]..Launched as Picaboo in Spiegel's father's living room in September of the same year.[3][4][5].

In May 2012, 5 photos were sent per second[6].

As of November 11th of the same year, users of SnapchatiOSIt is a calculation that 10 million photos are shared per day, which is now sharing more than 1 billion photos in the version application.[6][7]..In the same month, Spiegel was due to an increase in usersscalingScnapchat said it was difficult to exchange photos in real time due to some problems with[6].

The development teamAndroidFor photo preview during version developmentLetterboxingI found that I had a problem with.As a result, the team spent a month and a half rebuilding the camera function, and released the Android version application on November 1, 2012.[6].

Snapchat has its own seed round(English editionAmount private from(English editionRaised $ 48 in funding[6].

It is said that the fund raising that was carried out from February of the same year on May 2015, 5 raised $ 29 million and the valuation amounted to 2 billion dollars.[8].

In 2017New York Stock Exchangeへの株式公開に向けて公開された書類によると同社の2016年の売上は4億448万ドルで5億1464万ドルの赤字であることが明らかになった。デイリー・アクティブ・ユーザーは1億5800万人。2013年に同社を追放されたもう一人の創業者と2014年に1億5750万ドルを支払うことで和解していたことも明らかになっている[9].

In March 2017, the company's new smart glasses store has its headquarters.CaliforniaVeniceReported that it will open in[10].

In May 2017, it announced that the number of daily active users reached 5 million in the first quarterly financial results after the initial public offering, up 5% from the previous quarter and 36% from the previous year.[11].


Users can send photos and videos (called snaps) to individuals or groups, optionally add colors from text and palettes, and set viewing times between 1 and 10 seconds. Can[6][12][13][13]..While browsing, the recipient must continue to touch the touch screen of the terminal.screenshotI can't save it, and the sender is notified when I try to do it.[6][3]..After the viewing time is over, the photo will no longer be visible on the app.

In addition,FacebookYou can find friends who are Snapchat users above and add them to your contact list[12].

Founder Evan Spiegel is idealized for users who "shoot all the fun in communication"(English editionIt states that it aims to be a gateway to user trends that will drive the management of[3].

In September 2017, announced that the story will be published in the university newspaper[14].


As of October 2012, the main user base is 10 to 13 years old, expanding to 25 years old.40% of users send snaps to groups.Also, children often send their parents their whereabouts and self-portraits.[12].

In May 2017, it was revealed that 5% of 12 to 17 years old living in the United States are using it.[15].

Jewelry business

As of October 2012, Snapchat hasn't generated any revenue[3]Spiegel says the team isn't conscious of making money.The head office isLos AngelesSet up for a "foreseeable future" at Spiegel's father's home in[6][12]..Spiegel also said that Snapchat hired three technicians later that year, and the current team consists of six technicians and CEO Bobby Murphy.[6].


Initially, it didn't focus on improving the brand, but instead focused on ease of use and technical aspects.[3].

The name of the application mascot, Ghostface Chillah, is a wrapper.Ghostface Killah Taken from (Ghostface Killah)[3].

Privacy and security

Many experts have the ability to erase photos in 1 secondSextingI'm afraid that it's a means of communication.MSNBC TwitterWhen I searched for Snapchat above, I found multiple tweets stating that I was using Snapchat for sexual activity.[16].

Also, the sender is notified when trying to save a screenshot, but Evan Spiegel says the application does not consider privacy protection.[4]..According to the privacy policy, we cannot guarantee that photos after a set time will not be available in some form yet.

2013 year-end incident

Snapchat was hacked on December 2013, 12[17][18].

An Australian security company called Gibson Security released security vulnerability information in Snapchat's API on August 2013, 8.[19][20].

Gibson Security also released an exploit code for this vulnerability on December 2013, 12.[21][22].

In response, Snapchat announced on December 2013, 12 that it had implemented mitigation measures.[23].

Nonetheless, Snapchat was hacked and the account information of 460 million users was disclosed on a site called "SnapchatDB.info".[24][25].. Snapchat apologized a week later[26][27].

Legal issues with FTC

Initially, Snapchat said, "After a set amount of time, it will be completely removed from the recipient's device and the corporate server.[28]However, it was only on the recipient's app that the content could not actually be seen, and it was possible to view and save the content that should have disappeared by using other methods.[29].

Regarding the improper handling of personal information including this matter, SnapchatFederal Trade CommissionIn response to the settlement with (FTC), the handling of personal information will be audited by outside experts for the next 20 years.[30].


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