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🌏 | US President to the first Pope Audience after taking office on topics such as climate change


US President to the first Pope Audience after taking office on topics such as climate change

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Although I personally disagree with abortion, he said he could not force his thoughts as an elected leader.

[Vatican City, XNUMXth Reuters] – First time since US President Joe Biden took office in Vatican (Vatican City) on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Abortion(Jinkou Ninshin Chuzetsu,British: induced abortion) Grows in the motherFetusIntentionally using artificial means妊娠Refers to abortion.AbortionIs one of theJapanese criminal lawThen abortion[1]).It is also called "falling down" in slang.In medical termsAusCall[2]..In this section, abortion is referred to as "abortion".

Abortion method

Early abortion (up to less than 12 weeks gestation)

Germany[3],France,イタリアIn some countries, any abortion deadline, except for legal or medical reasons, is limited to the time equivalent to this initial abortion.

Abortion with drugs

whoIn "Safeabortion" revised by (WHO) in 2012,Mifepristone (mifepristone, RU-486) ​​andMisoprostol A method using (misoprostol) for oral medication to cause artificial abortion is described.[4](Abortion with drugs).Mifepristone is needed to maintain pregnancyuterusOf the endometrium and uterine muscleProgesteroneMisoprostol has the effects of uterine contraction and cervical ripening. The combined use of the two drugs increases the success rate of abortion, making it the standard therapy for abortion with drugs.[4].

MethotrexateHas a similar effect[5]..In the world, it has mifepristone and similar effects[5] Drugs such as methotrexate are also used.Both have a risk of miscarriage and bleeding, but the frequency of occurrence is similar to that of spontaneous abortion.

In Japan, the 2021 drug method was not approved,[4], Rhein Pharma[6] Is applying for approval of mifepristone and misoprostol[7]..Misoprostol is "non-steroidSeen during long-term administration of sexual anti-inflammatory analgesicsStomach ulceras well as the Duodenal ulcerWas approved as[8].

Curettage and suction

Japanポーランド,アイルランドIn countries where mifepristone is not licensed, curettage or suction procedures are selected.There is a high risk of complications such as uterine perforation and bleeding, and it is significantly inferior to "drug abortion" in terms of safety.Prior to the development of mifepristone, suction and scratching were the first choice even in early pregnancy, but in countries where mifepristone is licensed, they are not the first choice due to risk issues.In addition, the endometrium becomes thin, the endometrium becomes thin, and the uterus becomes punctured.[7] And after surgeryUsherman syndromeIt is also a drawback that it may cause infertility.[Source required]

  • D & C method (dilatation and curettage) -In English, it means "extension and curettage", and in German it is called Auskratzung.placentaforcepsCurettage using and curette.
  • D & E method (dilatation and evacuation) -A method of sucking and removing the contents of the uterus using an aspirator, which means "dilatation and evacuation" in English.
  • EVA (electric vacuum aspiration) -uses an electric aspirator
  • MVA (manual vacuum aspiration) -Uses a manual aspirator

As of October 2021, D & C is the mainstream in Japan[7], D & E has many advantages over D & C in the following points[4]

  • Short duration of abortion surgery, low bleeding and low pain.
  • The United States of AmericaIn the United States and other countries, D & E has already become common in the 1980s.
  • WHO and英国D & C is not recommended in the guidelines.
  • Even in Japan, D & C has a higher frequency of incomplete miscarriage and uterine perforation requiring reoperation than D & E.
  • Strong during surgerypainBecause[7], Use intravenous anesthesia.In addition, women who have no experience of vaginal delivery have difficulty opening the uterine ostium during the operation, and it is necessary to open the uterine ostium before the operation, but it is painful although there are individual differences.

Even in the Japanese Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, D & C is not recommended by the WHO and UK guidelines for safe abortion, and women with a history of D & C are generally more likely to have a premature birth. The International Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FIGO) understands that women who have had three or more D & Cs have a high rate of uterine adenomyosis, as the endometrium may be thin during the course of abortion treatment. The Safe Abortion Committee has announced that it strongly recommends D & E.[9].

LaminariaSince it takes time to dilate the tube, it is usually detained for one day.After dilating the cervical canal with laminaria or the like, the fetus is physically removed directly with obstetrics and gynecology instruments (placental forceps, curettes, aspirators, etc.).Painful and usually requires intravenous sedative administration

WHO recommends that "curettage is an outdated surgical abortion method and should be switched to vacuum aspiration or medical abortion."[10]..On the other hand, the Japanese Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists insists that "Japan's law has a long history, and doctors who are accustomed to the procedure safely and surely do it."[7].

2021 year 7 month,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareTo the chairman of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the chairman of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, "About the safety of surgery such as abortion (request)", attached an excerpt of the WHO guidelines, "International Issued a notice from the Director of the Maternal and Child Health Division, Child and Family Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, requesting "dissemination of electric suction method and manual suction method"[11]..Regarding this notification, Tadashi Kimura, Chairman of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Professor, Osaka University), has shown a willingness to publicize the suction method, but is concerned about the acquisition of new technology by doctors who have used the old method for many years and safety. Has expressed a loss[12]..On the other hand, the abortion drug for mifepristone and misoprostol, which is approved by 70 countries and regions around the world, does not require surgery and is recommended by WHO.Drug abortion rates are higher than surgery in many countriesフィンランドDrug abortion is the mainstream internationally, with 97% of drugs and 3% of surgery.[13] .

Mid-term abortion (after 12 weeks gestation-until 21st week)

At this time, the fetus will be a certain size, sochildbirthAbortion cannot be done unless it approaches the form.Therefore, in Laminaria, Metro Irintel, etc.CervixWhile expandingProstaglandinFormulation (vaginal agent,静脈InsideDrip) To artificially induce labor.In addition, overseas, a method called D & E that uses instruments for mid-term abortion is often used, and WHO alsoLabor painIt is recommended that it should be prioritized over the trigger method.In Japan after the 12th week of pregnancyNotification of stillbirthPregnant women are required to file a stillbirth report.

Late abortion (after 22 weeks gestation-)

Abortion at the request of the pregnant woman is not legally permitted, and for medical reasons it is prompt to save the mother's life.FetusEven if the need for removal arisesPremature birthAfter the time when the newborn baby can survive outside the mother's bodyCaesarean sectionPriority should be given to methods that can rescue the foetation.However, when that is not possible, or when it is determined that the foetation is unlikely to survive by other means, the fetal body may be amputated.頭蓋骨It is also expected that emergency measures such as crushing the vagina and removing it from the birth canal will be taken.Fetal reduction, regenerative surgery, partial abortion (partial-birth abortion), D & X (dilation and extractionIt is called by a name such as "expansion and withdrawal").In an era when medical standards were once low, limbs were caught during delivery.Reciprocal childAnd the fetal head is too bigpelvisThese remedies were sometimes taken when the mother was exhausted and endangered by life.

Abortion fetus

Processing method

Most aborted fetuses less than 12 weeksMedical waste (infectious waste)Stillborn for more than 12 weeksGraveyards and Burial LawPrescribed in "cadaver", Cremated and buried. 2004 (Heisei16 years),Kanagawa横 浜 市Obstetrics and gynecologyGeneral wasteIn response to being searched for on suspicion of disposing of an aborted foetationMinistry of the EnvironmentAnd the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare conducted a questionnaire to each local government regarding the handling of aborted fetuses of less than 12 weeks, whose legal processing regulations were ambiguous, and said, "Even if it is less than 12 weeks.Sanctity of lifeIt is necessary to handle it properly as related to the above, and refer to the case of the local government collecting it in the incinerator separately from the crematorium and other wastes. "[14].

Use of aborted fetal tissue for advanced medicine

ChugokuAnd in the United States, using fetal tissue removed by abortion,Alzheimer's disease,Parkinson's diseaseUsed in research such as treatment of[15][16]..In the United States, legislation is in place for that purpose,Retinitis pigmentosaIn some intractable diseases such asClinical trialIn some cases, the eyesight was restored.However, the group has been criticized when the US medical non-profit organization Planned Parenthood (PPFA) has announced suspicions about organ trade such as "$ 1 to $ 30 per organ". It is reported that it was done[17].

Animal research is being conducted at some universities in Japan[16]..On the other hand, some groups oppose such acts as "leading to the sale of fetuses".In some states in the United States, a referendum was held on the use of abortion fetal tissue.[16], Promoted and banned.Biomakers gatherCaliforniaSo the state budget is being invested in research[16]..Germany explicitly bans such research[16].

in Japan"Human capitalStem cellsA special committee on the ideal way of clinical research using ”has been set up and discussions are underway.[16], 3 years-even if we hold more than 20 meetingsOdawara ratingAs of 2005, only Japan has not reached the conclusion of "approval or ban" in developed countries.[16]..Therefore, even at the Osaka Medical Center, which was the only researcher in Japan.[16], I stopped providing cultures of cells collected from aborted fetuses[16], Further lagging behind developed countries[16].

Already because there are few laws and regulations in ChinaSpinal cordDamage orAmyotrophic lateral sclerosisSuccessful use for (ALS) etc. as a business[16], Patients are flooding from all over the world.Opinions are divided on the effectiveness of treatments being implemented in China[16].

Abortion / abortion in each country

As a country that currently makes abortion illegal for any reasonEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,ホンジュラス,マルタ,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euCan be mentioned. Also,キ リ ス ト 教,IslamOrBuddhismIn many countries with a large number of followersPregnant womanAbortion is allowed only if it causes significant damage to one's life or health[18].



Statistics on abortion in Japan
Ratio of abortion to birth in Japan[19][21]
Number of abortions
Number of birthsAbortion
Abortion rate (%)

JapanThen,Heian periodof"Old and new stories』Already has a description about abortion[22], The most popularEdo PeriodIs[23].

Prior to the institutionalization of abortion, abortion was carried out by the private sector.There were several instructions to ban abortion, but it never stopped, and even some people raised the sign and made abortion a business.[24],Meiji government The1868 (KeioThe first year of the Meiji era) On April 12stWealthy soldiersFor some reason,MidwifePromulgation of a decree prohibiting drug sales and abortion[25].1880 With the old criminal law (Meiji 13)1907 In the current criminal law of (Meiji 40), "AbortionWas enacted.However, it has been hidden since then.[26]In the late Taisho era, a clinic, a pharmaceutical company, and an inn were collusion in Osaka for performing a large-scale abortion operation.[27].

Second World Warrear,RepatriatoramongKorean,Soviet soldiers,Chinese peopleRepeatedly due to etc.rapeAbortion surgery on Japanese women who have undergone (sexual assault)Venereal diseaseTreatment,Fukuoka OfFutsukaichi Recreation CenterMade in[28]..At that time, abortion was illegal (Abortion), But 500 abortion surgeries were performed until the facility was closed.[28].Eugenic protection lawWith the enforcement of, designated doctors nationwide have become able to perform abortion surgery.1947 Futsukaichi Rest Home closed around autumn[28].

1948 years,Eugenic protection lawWas established and abortion was legalized.According to Article 14 of the Eugenics Protection Law,

  1. The person or spouseMental illness-Mental retardation (intellectual disability)-Psychopathy, Hereditary disease or hereditaryMalformationIf you have.
  2. 4 of the person or spouseRelativeWithinBloodWhen the person concerned has a psychosis / mental weakness / psychopathic disorder, hereditary disease or hereditary malformation.
  3. Leprosy disease (the person or spouseLeprosy).

Abortion was also allowed.However, some of these items are based on overt misunderstandings and prejudices about the relationship between illness and heredity.handicappedIf so, it should be eliminated so that it will not be born in this world. " Was done (see below).

In 1996, the Eugenics Protection ActMaternal protection lawIt was revised as.As with the Eugenics Protection Law, designated doctors legally perform abortions.The Maternal Health Act defines abortion as "the artificial discharge of the fetus and its appendages to the outside of the mother's body at a time when the fetus cannot sustain life outside the mother's body." One is set as a legitimate reason for abortion.Those who violate are charged with abortion.

  1. Those whose continued pregnancy or delivery may significantly impair maternal health for physical or financial reasons
  2. Pregnant by adultery or intimidation or while unable to resist or reject

Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Maternal Health Act stipulates that the standard for the time of abortion is "the time when the foetation cannot sustain life outside the mother's body", and is 22 weeks pregnant. Was less than.1976 Previously usually less than 28 weeks, from 19761990 Up to usually less than 24 weeks,1978 The expression was changed to "before 23 weeks of gestation", and the standard period was shortened to less than 1990 weeks due to the improvement of medical standards regarding the viability of premature babies after 22.In addition, regarding the viability in each case, it was also indicated in the appendix and the same day notice from the Chief of the Mental Health Division of the Health and Medical Bureau that the doctor designated by the Maternal Health Act should objectively consider the judgment from a medical point of view. ..

The ratio of abortion to birth was about 1955% in 40.3, but decreased to about 2019% in 15.3.However, since 2017, the proportion of births has increased because the decrease in the number of births is larger than the decrease space for abortion.Generally speaking, abortion has a strong image of unmarried young people, but the percentage of pregnant women who carry out abortion is higher in their 10s than in their 40s. In 2019, it was about 15.3% overall, about 10% in the early 82.3s, about 10% in the late teens, about 61.7% in the early 20s, while about 35.6% in the early 40s and late 21.6s. About 40% have an abortion.On the contrary, the lowest was about 46.8% in the early 30s, followed by about 8.6% in the late 30s.[19][21]..However, in terms of absolute numbers, the majority are in their 20s and 30s due to the large number of pregnant women themselves, and in 2019, they accounted for about 82.3% of the total.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of cases is1955 Approximately 117 million cases1965 Approximately 84 million cases1980 Approximately 60 million cases1990 Approximately 46 million cases1990 eraFrom the second half2001 Is in the midst of an increase in the number of abortions under the age of 30 (especially under the age of 20).2000 Is about 34.2002 Since then, it has decreased2011 Is about 202019 Is about 16[19].

Under the current Japanese law (Maternal Health Act),Prenatal diagnosisAbortion due to being found to be a child with a disability is not recognized as a direct expression, but it is a de facto fetal disability after expanding the name of "economic reason". Abortion is taking place.

As a method of abortion, in addition to a method using an electric suction tube and a manual vacuum suction method, a curettage method is also used. Some obstetricians and gynecologists point out that safe abortion by global standards has not been achieved because oral abortion drugs, which are also designated as WHO essential medicines, are not approved in Japan.[29].

The maximum number of weeks that an abortion is possible is 22 weeks, and the consent form for the abortion requires the consent of the spouse.Even if you are unmarried, there are hospitals that seek the consent of your partner, and men are also responsible for signing the abortion agreement for the woman they are dating.However, this system has been criticized by lawyers because it leads to the current situation where surgery cannot be performed without asking the perpetrators of sexual assault for their consent.[30].AichiA 21-year-old woman who gave birth in a park toilet killed her child without proper medical treatment and put her body in a plastic bag There was a case of abandoning a womanImprisonment3 years,ProbationIt was a five-year decision[31]..In addition, regarding this case, the obstetrics and gynecology department contacted the government even after the abortion period had passed.Specific pregnant womanIt is also pointed out that there is a possibility that administrative support was received as[31].

Furthermore, in June 2020, the "Crime Victim Support Lawyer Forum (VS Forum)" improved the operation of the current situation, saying that unmarried women who became pregnant due to sexual violence were refused abortion surgery by multiple medical institutions. Offer and accept thisJapan Medical Association The2021 May 3To the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "Pregnant women are husbandsDVDamaged etc.婚姻The relationship is virtually broken and about abortionspouseIf it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person, is it okay to understand that the consent of the person is sufficient? "In response to thisJapan Obstetrician and Gynecologist AssociationIt is,14th of the same monthNotify the prefectural obstetrician-gynecologists'association, and determine whether or not the marriage relationship has broken down. It is desirable to check with a third party. "[32]..The policy is to request that the reason for the decision be stated in the medical record.In addition to this trend, in February 2021, the NPO corporation "NPO corporation that supports DV victims"National female shelter net”, A request was submitted to the government to abolish the spouse consent requirement of the Maternal Health Act.[33].

However, if you are unmarried according to Article 14, Paragraph 2 of the Maternal Health Act暴行-IntimidationIf you become pregnant due to surgery, you can only give your consent, and despite the notification of the Japan Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, your father will tell you after the surgery.Civil actionThere are a number of cases in which they are afraid of receiving a spouse and seek the consent of their spouse, which is not necessary.[34]..Therefore, 2021May 9Submitted a request to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare with the signatures of about 14 people to abolish the consent of their spouses under Article 4 of the Maternal Health Act by the "International Safe Abortion Day Japan Project".[34][35].

South Korea

  • Present situation

OnceSouth KoreaThen, Christianity with a large number of domestic believersEvangelicalImpact of[36] andConfucianismFrom a point of view (gender discrimination such as abortion for girls)1953 It was conditionally banned until 2020 due to the abortion law.

2012 May 8ToConstitutional courtBy pregnant womenRight to self-determinationThan the fetusRight to lifeWas given priority, and a constitutional decision on abortion was once issued.However, after the constitutional decision, a woman was charged with violating abortion-related provisions.Obstetrics and gynecologyThe doctor puts it in dangerWomen's rightsIn the wake of appealing to the Constitutional Court that it is limiting2019 May 4Overturned the 2012 constitutional ruling, "A total ban on abortion is unconstitutional, and abortion in the early stages of pregnancy (around 22 weeks) should be tolerated." I handed down the decision.At the same time2020 By the endCriminal lawIf it is not amended2021 Declared to lose effect from January.Of the judges who participated in the referee, three who supported the unconstitutional statement stated that the unconstitutional decision would not cause major confusion because it is rare to be prosecuted for abortion, and until the 1th week of pregnancy. Unconditionally admitted abortion[37][38][39][40]..However, in this ruling, abortion charges remain constitutional and penalties are imposed on non-abortion doctors (Korean doctors, midwives, pharmacists or drug dealers (pharmaceutical distributors)) with the consent of pregnant women.[41].

Due to the influence of this rulingProsecutionIn June 2019, the prosecution established a standard for handling abortion cases, such as prosecution of suspects who had an abortion within 6 weeks of gestation (the prosecution admits the suspicion but does not give it to the court).If it is 12 to 12 weeks gestation, the policy is to suspend prosecution until a new law is prepared, and the punishment will be withheld until before the amendment.[42].

And in October 2020Legal departmentMinistry of Health and WelfareThe amendment draft prepared by was submitted.The content was that it was legalized until the 14th week, legalized from the 15th to the 24th week on the condition of health, social and economic reasons, and prohibited after the 24th week.[41]..However, the deadline set by the Constitutional Court at the end of 2020 was not met.It became ineffective and legalized at the end of 2020[43].

  • Abortion (abolished at the end of 2020)

Abortion law was invalidated in South Korea on January 2021, 1[44].

For abortion law that once existed, aborted women are less than a year oldImprisonmentOr 200 millionウ ォ ンThe following fines were imposed, and doctors who had an abortion with the consent of a pregnant woman were also sentenced to imprisonment with work for not more than 2 years.However, there were five exceptional cases of abortion under the Maternal and Child Health Law.The five were the following cases[37].

  1. The person or spouse is fixedEugenicsTarget orGeneticsTypicalMental disorderOrPhysical illnessIf you have
  2. The person or spouse is fixedEpidemicIf you have a disease
  3. If you become pregnant due to rape or quasi-rape
  4. LegalBetween relatives who cannot marry or between relativesIf you become pregnant with
  5. If continued pregnancy significantly impairs (or may) the health of the mother for medical reasons

Abortion is permitted if either is true and is within 24 weeks of gestation.

However, in reality, it is rare to be prosecuted for abortion, and the number of prosecutions in 2017 was eight.[45].

  • Number of abortions

韓国の中絶件数は、韓国保健社会研究院の推計より、15~44歳の女性の人口1,000人あたりの妊娠中絶件数は、2005年は29.8件(中絶件数:342,433件)、2010年は15.8件(中絶件数:168,738件)、2017年は4.8件(中絶件数:49,764件)であり、減少傾向である。また、2017年に関しては、性経験のある女性のうち10.3%、妊娠したことのある女性のうち19.9%が中絶を経験したことになる[46]..The number of abortions has decreased significantlyContraceptiveImprovement andコ ン ド ー ム,pillUsedcontraceptionIs increasing, the female population is declining,Birth controlIt is believed that the spread of understanding about[38][46]..However, it has been pointed out that the number is three times higher than the estimate by the Korea Institute of Health and Social Sciences because it is before the unconstitutional decision and abortion is illegal except for exceptions, and it is unlikely that the declaration is made honestly. Are[47].


In China, abortion was once virtually banned due to Confucian values,one child policyIt is officially recognized after the enforcement of.Along with this, there were many cases of abortion of fetuses that were found to be girls by sex tests during pregnancy, mainly in rural areas where boys wishing to succeed.Social problems with a biased population compositionIs happening.On the other hand, it is an underground churchHouse churchChristians are resisting the current abortion[48].


IndiaAllows abortion up to 20 weeks gestation[49]..After the 20th week of pregnancy, abortion is permitted only when the mother is at risk of life.[49]In cases such as sexual abuse of minors, abortion after 20 weeks may be permitted by judicial decision.[49].



モロッコIn, abortion is considered taboo and illegal, and aborted women are sentenced to up to two years in prison. NetherlandsWomen's rights groups have operated "abortion boats" to abort Moroccan women abroad in order to circumvent the restrictions of Moroccan law.A ship that aims to abort women in a safe way and save women from the health risks of illegal abortions, but there was a big protest in Morocco.[50]..There are 600-800 illegal abortions per year in Morocco, but only about 200 well-financed women are aborted in a medically appropriate way, which is inappropriate according to WHO statistics. Abortion is said to kill an average of 78 women each year[50].



Romanian Communist PartyIn 1966 under the administrationChow SheskThe administration aims to increase the populationProhibition of abortion and divorceHowever, it became an incentive to cause social problems called "Children of Ceausescu" and "Manhole Children".


EnglandIs legal, and the cost as of 2021 is 50lbIs[51].

アイルランドIn those days when abortion was virtually banned, it was common to travel to England to have an abortion.


CatholicIn Ireland, which is predominantly religious, abortion1983 The constitutional amendment stipulated that abortion was prohibited, and it was virtually prohibited by a law called the "Abortion Prohibition Law."However1992 There was an incident in which a 14-year-old girl who had been raped tried to travel to England to have an abortion operation and was blocked from traveling.The Irish Supreme Court then overturned the travel ban.A referendum then recognized that women have the right to have an abortion surgery abroad and to receive information about abortion services abroad.[52].

after that,A 31-year-old pregnant woman from India, Sabita Harapanabal, died without receiving medically necessary abortion treatmentThe discussion proceeded in the wake of2013 Has enacted a law that allows abortion if there is a risk of threatening maternal safety[53].

Still, not only was rape unacceptable, but between 1983 and 2018, approximately 35 pregnant Irish women traveled to England for abortion.[54], There were 2017 people in 3,019 alone[55].

But,2018 May 5Prohibition of abortionConstitutional Amendment Article 8According to a referendum asking whether or not to abolish, it was decided to be abolished with the approval of about two-thirds.This allowed up to 3 weeks of gestation and abortion up to 2 weeks only if there was a risk of fetal malformations or a serious risk to the health or life of the pregnant woman.[52][54][56][57].

In addition,Northern IrelandIt is,2019 May 10Abortion was lifted and criminal charges were suspended[58].


In Germany, Article 218 of the Penal Code basically prohibits abortion[3], The exemption item is stipulated in Article 218 a1 of the Penal Code[3].

It was enacted by the Federal Parliament in June 1992 under the German Abortion Act.[3]..According to the report, by the 12th week of pregnancy, pregnant women have their own abortion requirements, and abortion is not illegal if treated by an appropriate doctor.However, proof of counseling at a state-approved Pregnancy Conflict Counseling Center is required at least 3 days before the abortion procedure, and it is said that you are obliged to receive consultation on social assistance and advice.[3][59]..There are no restrictions on the reasons for abortion and no male consent is required[3]..The idea is that "if a pregnant woman decides to have an abortion, that decision should ultimately be respected as a conscious act of self-responsibility with due respect for the life of the fetus."[3].

There are twists and turns before reaching this state, and the activities of female activists have a great influence.In West Germany, those who underwent abortion surgery were sentenced to up to five years, and pregnant women who requested them were sentenced to up to one year of freedom or fines.Even pregnancy due to rape could not be aborted, and even planning an abortion was illegal[60].

Therefore, the only option was to have the abortion go to the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, where the abortion is legal, or to find a facility that has an illegal abortion in the country.[60]..These dark abortions are said to occur on the order of tens of thousands per year, and the term "Engelmacherin" was also used to refer to midwives who undertake abortion surgery.[60]..Pregnant women often died from improper abortion surgery[60]..However, in June 1971, the weekly magazine Stern published a photo of the faces of 6 women on the front page entitled "We have an abortion!" And appealed for the revision of Article 28 of the Criminal Code, which banned abortion.Among the 218 women who confessed that they had had an abortion, which was illegal at the time, and posted a photo of their face, among the 28 women who were international starsRomy Schneider, Actress, supermodel, etc. were also included.This performance was also performed in France two months ago andSimone de Beauvoir,Jeanne Moreau,Catherine Deneuve343 women, including celebrities such as, have declared in magazines that they "have had an abortion"[60]..Several people were searched for the performance, but no one was charged.[60]..In July of the same year, the German Ministry of Justice submitted signatures for 7 people calling for the liberalization of abortion.[60]..The mass media also generally leaned toward abortion, and the Social Democratic Party-Liberal Democratic Party coalition government (FDP) at that time partially revised Article 1974 of the Penal Code in 218, and the new Article 1976 came into effect on July 7, 21.[60]..The content at that time was, "If the reason is found by an interview at a public institution, abortion is illegal until the 12th week of pregnancy, and if the reason is based on eugenics and maternal protection or if the victim is a victim of a sexual crime, the abortion is illegal until the 22nd week of pregnancy. I wouldn't do it. "[60].

However, in Germany, Article 218 of the Penal Code has been debated since then, and the Supreme Court of the Federal Constitution in May 1993 interpreted that "the Constitution encourages women to continue pregnancy until childbirth." Shows[3]..In addition, on May 1996, 5, the German Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the criminal law amendment clause, which was passed in the summer of 28 and allowed abortion in principle, was unconstitutional.[61]..This decision had a strong impact on the people, especially the residents of the former East Germany, who had been free to have an abortion.[61]Abortion can be done without risky scraping surgery, centered on female lawmakersMifepristoneIs said to have accelerated the approval of[61][62][63].


Abortion is legal in France[64], Women's rights[64].

On January 1975, 1, abortion was legalized.Giskar DestinOf the presidential administrationSimone WeilA bill to allow abortion, led by the Minister of Health, was passed and legalized the previous year with criticism.This is the first time in a major Catholic country.Part of the reason is that the actresses also supported the rise of the women's liberation movement.[65].

Catholic churches and anti-abortionists advocate for abortion[64].


PortugalLegalized abortion on January 1984, 1, only in cases of "sex crime damage," "fetal malformation," and "maternal danger."[66].


ポーランドWas allowed to have an abortion under the socialist regime[67], A law banned in principle was enforced from 1993 after democratization[67]..90% of the people are said to be Catholic[68][69]..Only some cases are legal, such as rape victims, incest, maternal health risks, and congenital abnormalities of the fetus.[67][68]..As a result, 5 women undergo an illegal and dangerous abortion operation each year, or move abroad to have an abortion.[67][68].

As of 2015, Mifepristone, which is licensed in most European countries, is not licensed[70], Netherlands non-profitPro choiceMifepristone by a group using a dronesmugglingSince 2015, we have been skipping the "Abortion Drone" that will be distributed to women in Poland.[67][68][70].. In October 2016, the ruling party "Law and Justice" attempted to further strengthen the abortion ban bill and limit abortion only to cases where the mother is at risk.[69]..Anti-abortion activists collected 45 signatures, which was the source of the bill's amendment.[69], Opposition movements have occurred in various parts of the country, and the prime minister has also announced worrisome comments, and movements against tightening regulations have spread.[69]..On October 10, the same year, the strengthening bill was rejected by the House of Representatives with a majority of opposition.[69].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

イタリアA small country surrounded by territory and rich in CatholicsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen, in the referendum held on September 2021, 9, the approval for legalization exceeded 26%.[71].


The United States of America

PuritanAbortion is taboo in America, where there are many1900 UntilKentuckyAnti-abortion legislation was enforced in all states except (actually, it was illegal and the risk killed about 1 women annually).[72].. 1973,United States Supreme CourtRoe v. Wade ruled that the ban on abortion was unconstitutional, and the abortion ban law was immediately abolished.

Christianity on the other handReligious rightThere is persistent resistance from the activists shooting and killing doctors who have a late abortion[73][74]Throw, set fire, or explode offensive odors into the hospitalterrorismFrequently[73], Most hospitals employ explosives specialists and are forced to open mail carefully.[73].

Listed the doctor's address, phone number, and car numberSlanderVilla is distributed[73]Intimidated by doctors' families and children[73]As a result, there are cases where the hospital is closed.As a result, the number of facilities conducting abortions is declining, making it difficult for women who wish to have an abortion to access an abortion-enabled environment.

2013 May 3,North DakotaThen,(English editionThe governor signed and passed the abortion ban law.The new law is the strictest in the United States because it does not allow abortion if the pregnancy is due to rape or incest, if there is a risk to maternal health, or if there is a risk of losing the fetal result due to fetal abnormalities. be[75].

TexasIn 2013, the number of abortion-supporting facilities decreased from 41 to 19 due to the enactment of a state law that imposes very strict certification standards on abortion facilities and doctors.[76].2016 In June, the US Supreme Court ruled that the state law was "unreasonable for women to exercise their constitutional rights."[76].

2019 May 5,AlabamaHas passed the strictest abortion regulation law in the United States.The law does not allow abortions other than maternal protection, regardless of the week of pregnancy, and imposes a maximum of 10 years'imprisonment if a doctor attempts an abortion and a maximum of 99 years' imprisonment if an abortion is actually performed. Is able to do[77](However, women who have had an abortion are not liable for criminal charges.)The regulatory law sued the opposition as unconstitutional.Proponents of the law are looking to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision in a court battle in anticipation of the case.[78].. same yearMay 10, The United States Supreme Court has begun hearing over the legality of Louisiana's abortion control law,2020 May 6Issued an unconstitutional judgment[79][80]..The key to this ruling was the conservativesJohn RobertsThe Secretary decided that it was unconstitutional because of the aforementioned 2016 unconstitutional decision in Texas.Conservatives complained about the ruling, saying that Conservative Secretary John Roberts issued a more liberal ruling.[80]..However, although Secretary John Roberts himself is a conservative, the ruling is evaluated as having a tendency to make careful judgments in each case, respect precedents, and avoid establishing new comprehensive norms. , Secretary John Roberts only followed the precedent with careful judgment[81].

Also, from 2018Ohio,Mississippi, Kentucky,Iowa, North Dakota,GeorgiaIn each state of the United States, strict regulatory laws (commonly known as the "heartbeat law") prohibiting abortion were enacted one after another when the heartbeat of the fetal could be confirmed (around the 6th week of pregnancy).[77]..However, five states except Georgia have ruled invalid in the federal district court, and Georgia has been suspended by the federal district court.[82].

Donald Trump OfPresident of the United StatesBehind the enactment of abortion legislation in several states after taking office, he was newly appointed after Trump took office.United States Supreme Court JusticeBecause both are conservatives, the Supreme Court's jury composition will be conservative, and there is a possibility that a judgment in favor of conservatives will be issued in the future.[83].

Also, the number of abortions in the United States isGuttmacher InstituteEstimates2017 There were 86 abortions in Japan, with an abortion rate of 2320% per 15 women aged 44-1,000 years.This was the peak1990 The abortion rate was less than half of the peak of 160 in 1981, as well as about half of the 29.3 million cases.And both values ​​are the lowest since the 1973 "Roe v. Wade" decision.In 2017, about 18% of pregnant women had an abortion (abortionWas excluded) [84][85]..The reason for the further decrease from the peak isIntrauterine device,イ ン プ ラ ン トImprovements andObama Care LawThis has made it easier for insurance companies to cover and contraception.Abortion pillIncreased use,Decrease in fertilityAnd so on[86].

2021 May 9, Texas virtually bans abortions after 6 weeks gestationTexas Heartbeat ActWas enforced[87].


カナダUntil 1988, it was necessary to obtain the approval of the abortion surgery committee in case of abortion.[88]..However, in 1988, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the abortion-related bill was invalid as a violation of women's privacy.[88]..This has made it possible for pregnant women to have an abortion at their discretion.[88].. In the spring of 1989, in an attempt to stop the abortion of his ex-girlfriend, a man filed an abortion injunction, saying that "the foetation also has human rights."QuebecCourt admitted the complaint on the male side (father) and issued an abortion injunction, saying that "the foetation is a person and has human rights under Quebec law."[88]..However, the decision was overturned by the Canadian Supreme Court appealed by the woman (mother).[88].. On August 1989, 8, the Canadian Supreme Court dismissed the men's complaint and allowed women to have an abortion as their free will.[88][Annotation 1]..It was expected that this case would make women's right to abortion more assertive.[88].


BrazilSo, as of 2014, rape victims and life-threatening mothers within the 8th week of pregnancy,AnencephalyAbortion is allowed only in the foetation[89]..Murder charges apply to abortion. Between 2000 and 2008, 130 women were charged with abortion crimes.Strong influence of Catholic church[90].. In 2013, 1523 legal abortions were performed, while 80 women underwent illegal abortion treatment and 19 needed additional treatment due to improper treatment. Is said to have become[91].. In 2013, the Federal Medical Council issued a statement that women should be allowed to choose abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy, which is being deliberated by the Senator's Special Committee on Criminal Law Amendment, but doctors and politics. Opinions are divided even among the houses, and there are many dissenting opinions[91]..Meanwhile, they gathered single mothers to form illegal adoptions and trafficked children internationally.OrphanageIs also caught[92].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Many CatholicsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAbortion is strictly forbidden, and there is a severe penalty of 50 years in prison for violations.[93].. On May 2013, 5, both mother and child were sick (motherSystemic lupus erythematosus,ChildAnencephaly), Even if a child is born, a woman who has been diagnosed as having a high possibility of dying immediately after giving birth has asked the court for an abortion and special permission such as criminal immunity of the doctor who performed the abortion. The request was disapproved and abortion was not allowed.In this case, El Salvador's ministers also requested the court to allow abortion, but the court did not change its ban on abortion.[94]..This woman had a girl on June 2013, 6Caesarean sectionThe girl died a few hours later.The mother is healthy[95].


Many CatholicsパラグアイThen, abortion is not allowed unless the mother is at risk of life. In 2015, a 34-year-old girl weighing 10 kg was raped by her father-in-law and became pregnant, which caused controversy between the government that does not allow abortion and NGOs that appeal for the effects on the mother.[96], Abortion was not found.To avoid the effects of the domestic abortion controversy, the girl was held for a long time in a TV-free facility and gave birth by caesarean section in August 2015.[97].


エクアドルThen, the Catholic influence is deep-rooted, and abortion is strongly opposed.Currently, abortion is only permitted when there is a serious risk to the life of the mother or when a woman with a mental illness is raped.The law has been in effect since 1938, and offenders will be punished with imprisonment for up to two years. In September 2, the capital of EcuadorQuitoDemonstrations are taking place in front of the parliament in Tokyo against the rejection of a bill to ease abortion restrictions on rape victims and incest.[98].

Abortion from a religious perspective

キ リ ス ト 教

ChristianityEarly ChristianityConsistently abortion殺人And blame[99][100].. 『Didache"Do not kill the child by abortion or murder." "Barnabas letter"Don't kill a child by abortion, and don't kill a child born."[101] Abortion is a murder[99].Clement of AlexandriaRecognized the child in the womb as a human[99].TertullianIs "Luke Gospel1:41 and 46, "JeremiahFrom "" 1: 5, it should be proved that the foetation is human and that even an unformed foetation should be recognized as a living being.[99].(I.e. OfTheologianEphraimSentenced the death penalty for those who had committed abortion.314 The Ankara Conference decided not to distinguish between formed and unformed fetuses.Basil of CaesareaSays that an aborted woman must be accused of murder, and the view of abortion that the fetal developmental stage is arbitrarily distinguished and the abortion is allowed according to the stage such as early pregnancy is the love of Christ. Contradicts and rejects the argument of distinguishing between formed and unformed fetuses[99].

However, historically, even in the Christian sphere, the canon law became stricter for abortion from the early modern period to the modern era, and abortion was also secretly carried out secularly.It is said that the motive was to hide immoral sexual intercourse, not to donate or inherit one's property, to maintain sexual attraction, to protect maternal health, etc.[99]..In the Catholic Church, as a response of the Christian church to those who have had these abortionsExcommunicationbecome[102], In ProtestantismChurch disciplineSubject to.sectAs a movement of cooperation beyond2009 January,Orthodox church,Catholic church,EvangelicalLeaderThe United States of AmericaManhattan DeclarationDemands that the sacredness of human life, the dignity of marriage, the freedom of conscience and religion be protected, and that believers be repelled by the oppressive forces.[103].

Catholic church

Catholic churchOf the 1869Pius VIIBook of edicts Apostolicae Sedis Regards abortion as a murder without exception.This is the view that the fetus is a "human" being immediately after fertilization, and the Roman Catholic Church officially rejects other claims. In the 20th century, this view became the teaching of the Catholic Church, and the canon law stipulates the excommunication of abortion workers in the medical field.Furthermore, it was in 21 that the position of the church in the 1965st century was shown.Second Vatican CouncilHere, abortion is a sin in the sense of respecting life from its embryo (Gaudium et Spes), The grounds for prohibiting abortion have deepened not only to conceal the crime of adultery but also to respect life.Also in 1968Paul VIEncyclical "" (Human vitae) Similarly expressed respect for life and opposition to artificial birth control.In these subsequent abortion debates, the claim that the fetus was "human" at the time of the abortion was rejected and continued from the 1970s to the 21st century.Right to lifeThe position of anti-abortion against the background, that is, the fetus is <life> from the moment of conception (fertilization), so its right to survive cannot be violated. If the parent cannot be raised due to various reasons, adopt. As a result, the church has taken the position that children can survive without abortion, and in response to this, many todayProfessional lifeOrganizations are working to abolish abortion[104]..And a Catholic universitySophia UniversityIn April 1991Professional lifeFrom the standpoint ofInternational Life Respect ConferenceWas implemented on April 1991, 4Declaration of human rights of the fetusWas declared[105]..Sexual intercourse unrelated to reproduction has always been condemned.However, there was once a debate within the Catholic Church about abortion in early pregnancy.[104]..It's the 5th centuryア ウ グ ス テ ィ ヌ ス, Medieval theologianThomas Aquinas,Council of VienneIt was a discussion that was[104]..However, these claims have been rejected in today's Roman Catholic Church. Seriously saw the deterioration of Roman morals in 1588Sixtus IVA book that states that abortion and contraception will be excommunicated, which is equivalent to the crime of murder.Effraenatam) Is issued, but three years later in 3Gregory XIIIWas relaxed by.At this time, a memorandum stating that "for cases where murder and a fetus with a soul are not involved, no stricter punishment than canon law and civil law will be imposed" (Sedes Apostolica) Was issued, which was in effect until 1869. Even in the 17th century, there was a position to support the view that the fetus would become a human being after a period of conception, but the church took a strict attitude toward abortion as a cover-up for the crime of adultery.Innocentius XISays abortion is unacceptable even if a pregnant girl faces the murder of her parents who blame it[104].


Protestant TheJean Calvin,Martin LutherSince then, abortion has been regarded as a murder crime, as in the early church. Allow abortion after the late 1960sPro choiceThere is also a (selective) position, and various athletic groups are organized to reflect that view.[106][107].Liberal theology,Feminist theologyIs supposed to take the position of professional choice[108]..On the other hand, conservative Protestants strongly oppose abortion, and their position isProfessional lifeCalled (respect for life), Japan is a professional life organizationPro-Life Japanand so on[109]..Also, in the latter half of the 20th centuryThe United States of AmericaThe debate over the legalization of abortion in Japan focused on evangelicals and fundamentalists.Conservative ChristianityPosition raises this issue as a major issue and insists on professional life (respect for life).[110].


IslamThen abortion is not for the purpose of saving the motherHaramIt is described as (prohibited).Also, in some denominations, the foetationFertilizationIt's still morally evil because I haven't entered the soul within 120 days,Religious lawIt is stated that it will take the position that it is not a haram (prohibition) to be punished by[106][111].


AbortionBuddhistIs the most important commandment inNon-killingTraditional Buddhism opposes abortion to touch[112]..The basis for this is accepted by almost all Buddhist denominationsPedestalIn the scriptures of, all seven cases involving monks in abortion, without exception,Buddha TheSanghaThis is because there is a description that he has concluded that the monk should be expelled from.[112]..More specifically, the beginning of life is sexual activity, female physiology,輪 廻It is said that it is established when the souls of the souls match.From this text, it is considered life when fertilized and becomes an embryo, and it is not possible to destroy it.KillingThe general idea is[112].

Buddhist scholar OfAkira Hirakawa TheAll Japan Buddhist ChurchIn the bulletin of the Buddhist Ahimsa, he expressed the view that "the Buddhist immortality command clearly prohibits the killing of living things and abortion" and "a society in which no one likes abortion, so that does not happen. The conditions should be set. "[113].

WaterBuddhist temples in Japan, where children who died at an early ageSainokawaraEven though he suffers from prison graduatesJizo BosatsuIs based on a medieval legend that is rescued by pouring charity on behalf of parents[114][115].


HinduismIn the main scriptures of, there is a direct description of abortion.Abortion is a deadly sin that kills parents and monkscasteClarifies the position that abortion is a serious violation of Hindu nonkilling, including the loss of[116].


JudaismAlthough has become a religion that values ​​the prosperity of children and offspring from the history of the hardships experienced by the people, it does not consider the fetus to be a perfect human being and therefore shows some understanding of abortion in early pregnancy. Take the opposite position after mid-pregnancy[117].The position of accepting abortion as a woman's option is mainly the position of reformist Jews such as the United States.[Source required].


ZoroastrianismScripturesAvestaChapter 9 15-XNUMX of "" prohibits abortion and the family from having an abortion.A pregnant woman tells the other man that she is pregnant, and then the man tells the woman that she should have an abortion (a person who has a medicinal effect that causes miscarriage), and the woman asks the "old woman" to complete the abortion. Suppose you did.In this case, it is said that the woman, the man, and the person who performed the treatment were all equally guilty.The male side must take care until the child is born, even if the pregnant partner is unmarried[118].

Growing house

JapaneseNew agesystemNew religionIsGrowing houseConsiders abortion as a crime and has promoted a movement to enact the "Abortion Prohibition Law".


Japanese religionShintoHas no guru / scriptureNatural religionAnd like thisCommandmentBecause there is no abortion.

In the god-style Mizuko kuyo, the Buddhist term ""Memorial serviceIs called Mizuchi Reisai, avoiding the use of[119],Japanese mythInHirco(According to the theory that Hiruko himself was a disabled child)[120][121].

Controversy over abortion

Medical bioethical issues

from now onPrenatal diagnosisIt is argued that abortion of a fetus with a congenital anomaly may be the "choice of life" when it is generalized (Persons with disabilities #Japanreference).It is also increasing as a side effect of fertility treatment.Multiple pregnancyIn ", which artificially aborts only some fetusesSelective reductionHow to think about it is also the subject of debate.

When rape damage or contraceptive damage occursEmergency contraceptives(Morning after pill)IUD (Intrauterine Device)Emergency contraception may be performed by post-insertion of.They arePosition to consider the birth of life with the establishment of a fertilized eggPeople accuse them of being a type of abortion[122]..However, the manufacturer claims that the main mechanism of action is suppression of ovulation, and that the fertilized egg inhibitory effect is a secondary effect.

Abortion and mental health

Investigation to deny the impact

As a result of a large multicenter clinical study, depression caused by an unexpected pregnancy, etc.mental healthIt has been found that there is no difference in the effects on childbirth and abortion, and the effect of abortion on mental health has been denied.[123][124][125]..Whether abortion is a psychological burden depends on the woman's original background (living environment, social support, thoughts on abortion).[126][127][128].. 1990, American Psychological Association (American Psychological AssociationAPA) found that abortion rarely had severe psychological consequences, and said it was a stress-like effect that is common in everyday life.[129]..The American Psychological Association conducted an additional study in 2008 and announced that abortion due to the first unexpected pregnancy had no adverse effects on mental health.[123][124]..These high-quality studies have consistently denied a causal link between abortion and mental health, while poor-quality studies have a causal link. I also know that there is a tendency[130].. December 2011, United Kingdom National Mental Health Joint Center (National Collaborating Center for Mental Health) Also, from the available evidence and systematic papers, abortion did not increase the risk of mental-health problems.[125][131]..Despite these amounts of medical knowledge, anti-abortion human rights groups continue to insist on a causal link between abortion and mental health.[132]..This often debated issue is no longer a medical issue, but a matter of ideological political controversy.[133][134]..Some professional life activists advocate the concept of "post-abortion syndrome" (PAS), saying that some people suffer from mental health after an abortion.[135] I did public relations activities[133][136][137], It is only used in the professional life group, and the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association do not recognize its existence as an actual syndrome, and it is not adopted as a disease name in ICD-10 etc.Some doctorsPro choiceActivists say "post-abortion syndrome" is a tactic of pro-life supporters for political purposes[132][138][139][140].. 1987, President of the United StatesRonald ReaganAppointed as Director of Public Health,Elizabeth Coup(Pediatric surgeonProtestantEvangelicalWas an abortionist)[141] Has released a report on the risks of abortion to mental health.This announcement was planned by a person who was assisting Reagan.Law vs. WadeThe purpose was to promote a professional life movement against abortion because of the foundation of[142]..Coup was reluctant, but eventually released more than 250 reports in Congress due to Reagan's anti-abortion policy.These papers were called "coup reports," but before and after parliamentary testimony, coup himself stated that the research report was too poor to withstand statistical examination, and various other issues. Was the content including[143]..Coup admitted that there are real women who develop mental health disorders after abortion, but failed to prove that abortion increases the risk of mental health disorders.Abortion can be a major problem for individual individuals, but from a public health statistical point of view, the risk is very small, Coup said.[126][133][142][144]..A parliamentary committee accused Coup of failing to provide evidence that the abortion was harmful to mental health, and Reagan's attempt was unsuccessful.In his letter to Reagan, Coup argues that the report given was incomplete to prove the impact of abortion on mental health.According to the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the most common feelings women have after an abortion are "feeling of liberation (70%)" and "feeling of satisfaction (36%)."[145].

Survey pointing out the impact

On the other hand, there are many research results in the world that point out the effects on mental health.The United States of AmericaフィンランドAccording to a survey in Japan, aborted women have mental problems and the suicide rate increases after the abortion.[146]..The main psychological reaction isSense of guilt,shame,Anxiety, Helplessness, deep sorrowBlame of conscience, Uncontrollable crying, anger, bitterness, resentment, distrust and betrayal, decreased self-esteem, avoiding things related to babies and small children, abortion experienceFlashback, Nightmares, irregular sleep, depression, sexual dysfunction, poor eating habits, self-harm, broken relationships, thinking about suicide, or a tendency to commit suicide[147]..Especially in the case of teenagers, the impact is large, self-blame,Depression, Social escape,Social withdrawalYou may run into actions such as.Eight weeks after surgery for aborted women, many expressed guilt, with 8%Mental illness36%insomnia31% regret having an abortion and 11% have been prescribed a psychotropic drug by their doctor[148]..A survey of two Canadian states found that 2% of women who had an abortionPsychiatrist3% of women went to[149]..In addition, a sudden mental crisis may occur due to the abortion day or the expected delivery date that has not been reached every year.[150]..In addition, there are cases of abortion due to the threat of parting if not fallen and wanting to retain the opposite sex, but in this case, there is also research that many abortions eventually break the relationship.[151]..Men also have psychological consequences, including disruption of relationships, sexual dysfunction, self-loathing, dangerous behavior, timeless sadness, and helplessness.Sense of guilt, Depressed, prone to anger and violence, etc.[152].

Trafficking with women wishing to have an abortion

In India, for women who come to the hospital hoping for an abortion[153], There was an incident in which hospital staff persuaded the baby to give birth and sold the baby to the black market for trafficking.[153]..It was treated as stillbirth on the documents[153]..Even in Japan, an organization calling itself the "Internet Baby Post" is arranging a special adoption for women who are considering abortion, with the content that "if they give birth, they will support up to 200 million yen."[154]..In some cases, about 120 million yen was actually paid.[154], The company plans to sell 50 billion yen a year with the usage fee of the smartphone app used for matching and the adoption fee of 15 yen at the time of adoption.[154], It has been pointed out that it is human trafficking, and we have received repeated guidance from local governments.

Emergency contraceptive commercialization problem in Japan

Oral abortion drugs are approved in all developed and many developing countries. Since around 2000, it has become widespread in the world, and has been used in the United States, United Kingdom, and so on.スウェーデン,Australia,Kingdom of Thailand,TaiwanApproved in more than 65 countries including India,WHO Essential Drug Model ListIs specified in[155]..In 1988 in the People's Republic of China,チュニジアThen in 2001,アルメニアWas approved in 2007.

An oral abortion drug that does not require surgery and enables less painful abortion has not been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.[156].

Japan avoids pregnancyEmergency contraceptive (after pill)"Norrevo tablets" are not prescribed without a doctor's diagnosis and are expensive at about 15000 yen, so "all women at risk of unintended pregnancy have the right to access emergency contraceptives (after pills). It goes against the World Health Organization's recommendation that there is.[157]..In 2019, the generic drug `` Levonorgestrel Tablets'' was applied and it became possible to prescribe it for about 9000 yen.[158].

From April to July 2020,New coronavirusDuring the nationwide closure of schools to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, junior high and high school students at home who had no school or club activities had the opportunity to have sexual intercourse and became undesired pregnancy or felt uneasy about pregnancy.Cradle of storkJikei Hospital to set up (Kumamoto-shi)'S pregnancy counseling service has received the largest number of consultations from junior and senior high school students.[159].

In response to this situation, discussions on the commercialization of emergency oral contraceptives have increased, but Norio Maeda, Vice Chairman of the Japan Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association, said, "In Japan, we will properly educate young women, including sex education and contraception. There are too few places to be contraceptive. ”“ I'm worried that the easy idea of ​​“then I should use the next one” will flow, ”commented on NHK in July 2020, causing controversy.[160].

In contrast to this,ToyamaSo, the abortion rate for teens has been around 10 in 5 females for the last 6-1000 years.On the other hand, the national average is around 1 people, and in Fukuoka and Okinawa prefectures it is around 6 people. In the 10s, the sex of high school girls was commercialized, and the obstetrician-gynecologist and Toyama City, who had a sense of crisis about the rapid increase in abortion nationwide, cooperated and started a business trip class for sex education in 1990. The result is.Sex education is conducted with the awareness of learning crisis management.[161].

In the United States, the drug can be purchased from vending machines in colleges, while abortion is not a disease in Japan.Free medical careSince the market price is around 15 yen, doctors say that if the environment where emergency contraceptives are easily available becomes widespread, the number of abortions by obstetricians and gynecologists will decrease, resulting in a decrease in clinic income. Some have pointed out the possibility of concern[162]Abortion is a "punishment for sinners" and is also described as "good money by an obstetrician"[163].

On the other hand, some obstetricians and gynecologists say that hospitalization may be possible to prevent abnormal bleeding caused by the use of abortion drugs, and that the income of practitioners may not decrease and the burden on women themselves may increase.[164]..Women themselves decide whether to give birth or not, including the use of small intrauterine contraceptive systems, implants to be placed in the arms, and stickers to be attached to the skin, which are approved worldwide.Reproductive Health UndriedsThe right of "needs to be respected"[165].

The Canadian-based non-profit organization Women on Web (WoW) is also prescribing contraceptives and abortion pills for Japanese women through online medical care, and emails are also available in Japanese.According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, when receiving a prescription through WoW, a doctor's medical certificate and instructions are required based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act (Pharmaceutical Machinery Act) for "individual import" under the system, but foreign doctors Since the prescription also corresponds to this instruction, it is said that there is no problem.However, it has also been reported that if a person other than a doctor designated by the Maternal Protection Law, including the person himself / herself, has an abortion, he / she may be guilty of an abortion under the criminal law.Dr. Rebecca Gompert, the representative of this group, has obliged the Japanese government, which has ratified the Social Rights Code (ICESCR), to secure WHO essential medicines including contraceptives, other contraceptive methods, emergency contraceptives, and abortion medicines. Because of this, Japanese women have the right to use abortion drugs and have stated that they are safe and are used all over the world.The number of women who contacted WoW from Japan and the number of women who received support increased year by year, and from 2011 to 2020, there were a total of 4175 consultations and 2286 contraceptive / abortion drug shipments. rice field[166].

OkayamaTsuyamaIn the case where the body of an infant was found in a septic tank in a housing complex, the Okayama Prefectural Police saidEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euA female student of nationality was arrested on April 4 on suspicion of abandoning her corpse and released on hold, but was re-arrested on suspicion of abortion in May.It was the last offense that I thought I would be able to return to Japan if I was pregnant because I was an apprentice.[167].

However, if she were in Vietnam, the cost of abortion would be less than 500 yen in the early stages of pregnancy and over 1 yen in the middle.It was free in poor areas and remote areas.Still in JapanAbortion, There is a problem of being accused of self-abortion if the pregnant woman herself goes[168].

Institutions and attempts to avoid abortion

Special adoption

Many people who have an abortion are pregnant but cannot get social back-up and lose the confidence to raise a child, leading to an abortion.As a system to protect the life, interests and welfare of children when it is not realistic to raise children due to various circumstances such as the situation of women and the circumstances of pregnancy.Special adoptionThere is a system.This system is common overseas, for example, in the United States, the number of implementations exceeds 12 annually.[169],AppleFoundedSteve JobsAnd movie directorsMichael bayMany celebrities from adopted children[170].

in JapanMiyagiIshinomakiThe doctorNoboru KikutaHowever, the legal framework for adoption was established in the wake of encouraging women who wished to have an abortion to give birth and arranging for a couple without children, and the law was enacted in 1987 (Showa 62).[Annotation 2]Currently, there are many adoption support groups, and many adoptions are carried out regardless of the circumstances or the presence or absence of disabilities.The cost is free, and you can cancel the adoption if you change your mind for a certain period of time after giving birth.[171]..Some support groups provide partial support for childbirth costs[Annotation 3] There are also organizations that provide housing for women who have no place to live.

In Japan, support groups and child guidance centers often play a central role in mediation, and only some medical associations and obstetricians and gynecologists mediate at medical institutions, but in September 2013 ToAnshin Mother and Child Obstetrics and Gynecology Liaison CouncilThe presence of medical institutions as the bearers of special adoption is increasing.The council is a network in which a total of 14 obstetrics and gynecology hospitals and doctors from 20 prefectures participate and work together to engage in special adoption.[172]..In Japan, the awareness of the special adoption system is still low, so in order to raise awareness,Nippon FoundationHas established April 4th as "Adoption Day" and holds an annual awareness-raising event to deepen the understanding and deepening of adoption, as well as making policy recommendations for the enactment of the "Adoption Promotion Law". Is going[173].

For movements to eliminate other abortions and newborn killingsCradle of storkInstallation of (commonly known as baby post) can be mentioned.This is a facility for anonymously picking up newborn babies who cannot be raised due to various reasons and conducting special adoption. In Japan, it is located in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.Medical CorporationOperated by SeiryukaiJikei HospitalIs in operation.For this installation, a similar facility in Germany, Baby Clappe, was referred to.[174].. December 2006, 18,Jikei HospitalSubmits an installation application to Kumamoto City. After receiving permission from Kumamoto City on April 2007, 19, the operation will start on May 4, 8, and at the same time, Jikei Hospital will discuss unexpected pregnancy and the future of the baby. The window "SOS Baby and Mother Pregnancy Counseling" has started operation.

According to a lecture by Taiji Hasuda, the director and doctor of Jikei Hospital held in 2014, the same period from 26 (Heisei 2007) to November 19 (Heisei 2013). Among the cases where the hospital consulted and the users of the cradle, there were about 25 cases where they were adopted or decided to raise their own, and a total of 11 babies were saved from abortion. Was broken[174].

Foster parent system

A system for temporarily raising children up to the age of 18 (until their lives become stable)Foster parent systemThere is.About foster parent systemOrdinanceIs a lotPrefectures,Basic municipalityHas been enacted and can be used if desired.The foster parent system includes foster parents who take children up to the age of 18 and raise them at home until they can return to their homes, and children who have to leave the home for a certain period of time due to their parents' illness, etc. for several days. Short-term foster parents who take care of them for several years, adoptive foster parents who wish to adopt a foster child in the future, and relative foster parents (grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.) who are within the third degree of their child's foster parent (this) If you are a relative who is not obliged to support you, such as your uncle or aunt, you will be provided with a foster parent allowance.)[175]..As a similar system, there is a short stay where the local government takes care of children for a short period of time.


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