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🌏 | Some airlines have a risk of bankruptcy unless they accelerate emission reductions = Report


Some airlines have a risk of bankruptcy if they don't accelerate emission reductions = Report

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Investment giants such as BlackRock, Vanguard Group and State Street are publicly expressing concerns about climate change, pointing out that airlines are also at increased risk of being exposed to the pressure of talkative shareholders. bottom.

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Major investment manager

Black rock

Black rock(BlackRock Inc.,NYSEBLK) Is the largest in the worldasset ManagementIt is a company.The company's assets under management (AUM) exceeded $ 2019 trillion at the end of 7.4.

At the end of 2014, the Sovereign Wealth Foundation (Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute), but 65% of the assets under management of BlackRockInstitutional investorReported to be the origin.


America,Europe,Asia,Australia,Middle EastIt has offices in 24 countries around the world, including, and has more than 11,400 employees (as of 2011). Lawrence Fink is still the leader of Black Rock as of March 2018, but the founder of Black Rock holds the position of major shareholder.World financial crisisHave changed by. Black Rock's performance continued to grow regardless of the global recession. Black Rock Japan has been Chairman Yoshiyuki Izawa since 2015 (formerlyMitsuiRepresentative director, formerJapan Post BankAs president since 2017Hiroyuki AritaHave taken office respectively.

Assets under management include stocks, bonds, cash, alternatives, real estate, and advisory strategies. Its total assets under management amount to about 75% of the world's total GDP ($6 trillion) ($4.6 trillion, or JPY 500 trillion in Japanese yen) (as of 2015). We will provide risk management technology (Aladdin®︎) and advisory services to institutional investors through our independent unit, BlackRock Solutions®. Assets under management as of 2017 were $6.29 trillion.

As of 2007, the control rate of major shareholders isMerrill Lynch(Bank of America34.1%,PNC(Second US Bank24.6%,BarclaysIs 19.9%. Numbers are 2011Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologyRevealed by a survey conducted by[1].. The data of 2007 held by the data bank called Orbis was used there.[Annotation 1].. MajorMulti national companyOf the 43000 companies surveyed, 1318, including Black Rock, were found to control 80% of all companies. As a wholeCross-shareholdingsIs being done.Stewardship codeIt has resulted in big questions about its effectiveness.


Until Orvis 2007

  • 1995  Melon chaebolThe stronghold of PittsburghPNC Financial Services GroupWas acquired by.
  • 1999 Inherited $1080 billion in assets from PNC, went public, and Fink and his partners owned 86% of Black Rock[2].. They weren't millionaires, so it's probable that they acquired some kind of bridge loan.
  • 2000 Internet bubbleProfitable and established BlackRock Solutions® as an independent unit.
  • 2002/9 Duffel Bag OfHedge fund(Cylennius Capital Management) acquired[2].
  • April 2003 Bundling hedge fundsFund of fundsBecame a major shareholder of (HPB Management LLC)[3].
  • 2005/1 Met LifeからState Street・At the acquisition of Research Management (SSRM Holdings Inc.),Mutual fundApproximately $500 billion in assets under management and equity business sales network[2].
  • 2006/10 Merrill Lynch・Investment Managers[Annotation 2]And management integration.Merrill LynchBecame the largest shareholder with a 49.8% stake (34% for PNC), but the impact of BlackRock has shifted to the equity market due to the impact, and in the mutual fundFidelity InvestmentsWas overtaken by[2].

Barclays world settlement

  • 2009/12 BarclaysPLC acquired 100% subsidiary Barclays Global Investors (first in the industry at that time) for $1 billion in cash (including borrowings) and own stock (19.9%).[2].. Index-linked type provided by Barclays Global InvestorsListed investment trust(ETF/Exchange Traded Funds) is the world's top brandI Shares(IShares)” was succeeded by BlackRock Securities. Furthermore, BlackRock Japan and Barclays Global Investors Co., Ltd. merged (BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.)[Annotation 3].
  • 2010/11 Bank of AmericaReceived the stock sale byMizuho Financial GroupAcquired a 2% stake in BlackRock Japan. 2010 PNC also sells BlackRock shares to a large extent (falling 21% control)[2].
  • 2011 Bank of America sold all its own BlackRock shares[2].
  • The sale of its shares by Barclays in 2012 resulted in BlackRock repurchasing its shares and the acquisition of a BlackRock-financed investor, resulting in the restructuring of more than half of its 40 fund managers over the next year. Was[2].
  • October 2015 Euro clearandClear streamDecided to transfer 20 IShares to the international payment network in collaboration with[Annotation 4].. The listed mutual fund market has grown remarkably on a global scale since the previous restructuring.

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